Pegg the Donkey goes on an Adventure
How a simple jack ass went on a quest

Pegg the Donkey

My life had been fairly easy until that rainy afternoon in the autumn of 658 CF. I had grown up outside the small fishing village of Endurance on the Northwest coast of Tellus-Aboreah. I was owned by a kindly farmer and his elderly wife who enjoyed baking me treats. They had named me Pegg. I’m not sure why but it was easy to remember. I liked my owners. I had a nice warm stall in the barn and the other animals made for good companions on cold winter nights. The most work I had to do was pull the plow during the planting season and occasionally haul a load in the cart.

That peaceful life changed when the Loud Dwarf arrived with his mangy human friend with the beard, the Smelly One.

The Loud Dwarf

They called themselves Brost and Metelus. Brost was a stout bearded dwarf that spoke loudly and bossed the rest of them around.

Metelus seemed wiser and a strange companion for such a loud dwarf. He smelled like the barn and was dressed in the hides of animals.

The Smelly One

The others seemed out of place. There was a Pretty Lady that smelled good but stayed in the shadows, they called her Dancer.

The Pretty Lady

Dancer seemed to be close with the pretty man that wore frilly shirts. He was called Mordavion. Later, I would be carrying his bags.

The Frilly One

The last human was quiet, he was carrying a walking stick, had a pale complexion and white hair. His name was Malapharius.

The Quiet One

These people had come from the town, but weren’t locals, they were visiting. The Pretty Lady looked worried and nervous.

They all looked like they were going on a long trip but weren’t dressed very warmly for the coming cold.

They spoke to Walerand, my owner, he seemed grateful. I heard them talk of werewolves, missing livestock and even tools. The Smelly One and Loud Dwarf stomped around looking at the barn and around the area near the house. The dwarf bartered for my services and as soon as they had finished with their inspection of the farm they placed the Frilly One’s big bag on me and took me down the road.

We went to the Mogg family farm about a quarter mile down the road. I stayed outside but the Frilly One and the Quiet One went inside. The Pretty Girl and the Loud Dwarf and Smelly Man went to look over this farm too. I saw them looking at the ground around the barn. They stayed a long time at the house. I could smell food. I think they ate. Near dark we headed back up the road to my barn. I thought my troubles might be over.

I was brought back into the barn, home at last! I was wrong. They stayed in the loft, except for the Smelly One that stayed outside. My master was gone. How long would they stay? Some fell asleep.

Later I awoke. I heard shouting and the sounds of fighting outside. They were all running from the loft and out into the yard carrying their weapons.

After the fighting had stopped I was led outside and strapped to the cart. Two dead humans covered in shaggy fur costumes were put in the cart. The Smelly One had a bloody nose. They decided to stay and so I was unstrapped and we all stayed in the barn.

In the morning I had to haul the cart into the the town. We went to see the Sheriff, Wolfheart. They unhooked me from the cart and we stopped by the Black Dragon Inn. I stayed outside with the Smelly One. He seemed upset, he paced back and forth and looked worried. I wonder what is troubling him?

After some time the rest of them came out and headed toward the gate leading out northeast from the town.

We are traveled down the trail that led up into the mountains. I’m carried the Frilly Ones bag again.

Where were these people going? The Smelly One is leading the way. We travelled all day. We passed a camp of loggers and over the Payomet River into the wilds. The weather was good.

We entered the woods that grow along the foothills of the great mountains. The going was slow. The branches scratched at me. The terrain became difficult.

A crashing noise stopped the talking among my new owners. A large angry bear charged out of the brush and headed toward us. Oh, no I was sure it would eat us all!

The people began shooting at the bear. Some charged forward. Then the Quiet One called out and gestured toward the bear and it fell to the ground.

Before they could recover two orcs carrying bows came into the open just down the trail. The orcs looked surprised to see us and not a dead bear. The people charges forward and fires bows at the orcs but it was the Frilly One this time that make the orcs go to sleep.

We went deeper into the forest following the trail of the orcs. I could smell them. The people find the place where the orcs had come from. The Pretty Girl and Smelly Man snuck closer to the opening and went in. The Loud Dwarf went closer to the door. I stayed in the forest next to the Quiet One.

They came back, but soon I’m in the forest alone. I don’t feel safe. They are called to the orcs. Why would they do this? They didn’t seem very smart. An angry orc came to the cave opening. They killed it. More were coming. I wondered if I could find my way home alone. I wondered if they would just leave me in the forest. How could this have happened? I didn’t want to get eaten.

Our Final Days
Abaddon secures his future

So, it would seem my new friends are quite powerful, dispatching the demon and his friends. They’ve also proven to be good hearted, as they have uncovered three monks from the rubble in this room. I can’t be troubled with these menial tasks. The high pitched wailing from the adjoining chamber beckons me. Pressing my ear to the door, the sound fills me with memories.


The monks tell us of a safe haven beyond the door. The large angry one, Brak is his name, again bulls through the unlocked door in a confident strut. I swear, one day that half orc will meet his doom.

In the dim light of this room lies four obelisks boxing in a pyramid topped with a red glass point floating above its flat top. Inside the glass I can make out the source of the screams, whether they are from pleasure or pain I know not. The obelisks appear to have some form of writing upon them, while I am familiar with most languages I cannot decipher these words. Brak and the Knights express concern for the creature in the pyramid, I simply follow the monks up a flight of stairs. Half way up the stairs the features of the stone flagons shift from dingy black stone to an almost alabaster white. The corruption of this place seems to not be able to reach this far.

This new room, The holy of Holy’s as the monks refer to it is a beautifully adorned chamber, with a font of crystal clear water at one edge. The head of this monastic order, I do not recall his name, or simply don’t care too. Provided all of us with refreshing drinks from the font. It’s magical properties becoming immediately apparent as my wounds closed immediately upon drinking it. Glancing about I notice two concealed doors, or maybe the monk told us about them, I don’t recall. I do know we were told that the doors would lead to the altar chamber. A place I’m not looking forward to going, with the Pitfiends in their lava bath just waiting for us. We choose to bed down for the night, I don’t mind I wanted to look at my books anyway and refocus.

The next morning we descend into the pyramid chamber once more. I move across the room when I hear the glass shatter. The wailing stopped in an instant. I turned and saw the now dead man laying upon the flat pyramid surrounded by shards of glass.

The Brute is needed this time, the door across the room will not budge. After some time he manages to force it open. Beyond the room appeared to be a bunk house, with beds and a larder or kitchen all in disarray. Being weary we send the steel ahead of myself and the elf maiden, I secretly hope she falls so that I may have The many trinkets that adorn her slender frame.

Amongst the chaos of this room a low rumbling began until a large, blueish insectoid like creature emerged from beneath the rubble. The maiden referred to this as a Remoraz. The warmongers of the group charged immediately into the fray. I through an ineffective spell and decided it would be better to be heard but not seen. It mattered not as the steel rendered the creature in seconds. After the noise of the battle died down we heard a scuffling and searched the room, finding another monk. Another human whose name I can’t recall.

Suddenly a large cat filled the door, before the barbarian could charge someone or something
cast a wicked spell into the room holding us in place with wicked tentacles. Peering through the door I caught a glimpse of a demoness, wicked and beautiful with her pale skin and red hair, when she cast the fireball into the room I was already in motion, The fool destroyed or weakened most of her own tentacles. The monk, was dead in moments, they’re such a weak race. Saryia, grabbing the enlarged Brak teleported to the woman’s side where he took a swing with his giant ax. Her magic was too great to allow such a primitive to harm her. Seeing my chance I used my wand, what effect it had I know not. Hopefully I destroyed something she holds dear. After a few moments the knights emerged and decimated the cat. The Demoness, not liking her chances I would assume, vanished herself.

With another battle done, and not wanting to waste our own magics we pressed on. The next room held a sight that reminded me of some of the markets in Sigil, in the center of the room stood another black obelisk. On the walls were hung over a score of humans, chained about the chest and under the arms. Some lie motionless while others stirred with what little life they clung too. Across the room, positioned around a vat of what I can only assume was oil, stood three insect like demons. Again my spells were useless, why do I even bother? I should never have left Sigil, I was powerful there, or at least mother was, which is the same thing. The blades made quick work once again.

Now that the killing was done the humanitarians set about releasing those that lived and blessing those that did not. I suppose it wasn’t a bad thing, because as before a cool breeze filled the room, this time bringing with it two doors on the wall, we as it would turn out later had correctly decided these probably led to the lower section of the altar room.

After a brief discussion we decided to return with the survivors to the Holy room. The white flagstone stairs reached further now with almost all the evil being cleansed from this place. We use the font again to regain our composure. I decide that we should use the secret doors and come out at the altar.

We step through the door, I note immediately that the lava is gone. I also notice and before anyone can stop me see and take the second shard of the sword off the bloody altar.

This seems to have upset someone of power as a face appeared above the altar miming a scream, then as it faded two, not one, but two Pitfiends arose from the lower
level. Both wearing a shard about their necks, Sariya quickly casts a spell of speed on everyone, shouting for the holy elf to wait I dart quickly across the creatures chest snatching the shard, I’ve now got two of them for those keeping track, suddenly there was a flash and as I looked back I knew what I would see, the holy one had banished the Pitfiend, I’m beginning to fear these people. Lastly the knights dispatch the final devil after his failed fireball, which didn’t
seem to effect anyone.

Now the group posses four of the five pieces of the sword, and although I remain unseen I’ve been told to relinquish my two shards. After seeing what the cleric did I don’t have much of a choice. Reluctantly I turn them over to Brak.

We’ve scoured the lower level of the monastery but we have yet to locate the fifth shard or Lord Tathos. Using our magical speed, thanks still to Saryia, we quickly search the upper floor of the only remaining tower. The corruption not having reached it’s height or having already retreated, the tower stood empty, except the knowing smell of sulfur, which told me there had been a gate to the lower planes here. Lord Tathos escape route no doubt, the coward.

The fifth piece may have escaped and I know that if I’m caught I’ll be destroyed as thoroughly as all the devils we’ve encountered these last few days, but if Mother were to find out that I had this chance and didn’t capitalize on it, she would hunt me to the edge of the planes and back again and would do worse to me by far than mere death.

Casting an illusion of myself in the room was easy. There I apparently lay in the corner as the group rested one final night in the Holy room. The Cleric awake and alert wouldn’t make this any easier, but being invisible and deathly quiet I made my way across the chamber to the sleeping Paladin’s backpack, slipping my hand in and retrieving the pieces was done in mere seconds followed by a quick teleportation back to Brie.

Now the hard part, I had to hope that I wouldn’t be slain the instant I arrived in mothers presence. Luckily I found her at one of her favorite hunting grounds, The Foxe House. Her smile assured me that not only did she approve of my return, she knew of what I had done. Arms spread in an embrace she took us home, to Sigil, where a young demonling such as myself need not live in fear of those he’s forced to consort with, and where a succubus possessing four shards of the Betrayer’s sword, could rise in power and stature.

The Journal of Fujimoto Nakatori
What evil lurks in the Abbey of Nevron

Year of the Blood Moon, 658 CF 

It was during the time that the humans call Brewfest that I encountered my old friend, Sir Asher de Covelet. He had been traveling with a group that included a large middle aged half-orc called Brak, his grandson Krett de Covelet, a young woodland elf magician named, Sariya, and a curious half-demon creature claiming the surname of Rend.
This band of heroes had set out from Brie under the command of the king himself, Loring Silchester. Loring had commissioned them to quietly journey to the western province of Andevar. Rumors of demonic possessions and mysterious disappearances of villagers had began to cause trouble and the King feared that it could harm the reclamation of the region. The region had a trouble history and as recent as two decades ago was ruled over by none other than my old traveling companion and sworn enemy, Sieboldiana or The Betrayer. Loring had asked that they find the his administrator in the province, Lord Erwin Tathos from the House of Vandal. Tathos had not answered the king’s inquiries nor had any of the messengers sent returned.

Ash and others told me of their travels. They spoke of an encounter with soldiers bearing the House of Vandal and a half-troll like creature near a burned out village. They confirmed rumors of missing villagers and found that the entire town of Montinelle was empty, save for three individuals hiding in the local inn’s basement. Montinelle had once been the site of a great Abbey before the coming of the Betrayer, this new Montinelle was the seat of power in the province and home to Tathos’s keep. The keep like the town was empty, a smoking charred shell from some great fire.

One of the three occupants turned out to be a former guardsman for Tathos, Thorsten. Thorsten told them a tale that I already knew myself, having just journeyed from mountains before meeting Ash and his companions in Andevar. Thorsten was part of an expedition led by Malachi Lethbridge to recover the dread Ebonstone shards from the vault in which they had been placed some twenty years before. Thorsten and the other guards from Andevar took the sword pieces back to their master after breaking the wards at the Great Gates of Urizen. The sword caused many of the soldiers to go insane and attack friends in suicidal rages. The sword ended up having some effect on Tathos himself. Cumulating in an attack on Montinelle and the kidnapping of many of the villagers that survived the initial attack by his men.

I knew all of this before even meeting Sir Asher because I myself had journeyed to Urizen’s stronghold and tracked the sword to Andevar just before meeting Ash on the road. My way had been slowed by a group of men and demons, no doubt sent by Tathos or his master, The Betrayer to stop me.

After we had made our greetings I set out with Ash and his companions.

We came in a short time to the Abbey of Nevron, built on the old trail that ran up to the shrine of the same name. I paused to remember the time when we rescued Loring’s ancestor, Aerial, from Malachi Lethbridge, only to see her be assassinated on the way home. In some ways that event was Sieboldiana’s first step toward madness that would one day over come him in the Egg of Lolth.

We made our way across the grounds of the abbey which consisted of a small tree ringed hill on which the abbey sat. A set of weather stone stairs passed through the trees.

Before arriving at the stairs we did battle with a group of hell spawned hounds that inhabited a ruins and discovered an undead creature of some fallen brother from the abbey. These along with the two lizard dragon crossbreeds we fought on the way to the doors of the Abbey we of no challenge to us.

As we reached the top of the stairs and looked back a curious thing happened. The very landscape itself had begun to shift and the tall fruit trees of the hill became a hellish landscape of endless dusty planes. We could not have planeshifted so easily but indeed we seemed to be in some place other than Andevar. I suspect The Betrayer must be behind off of these happenings.

The shrine had taken on a demonic appearance of dark stone and blacked out stained glassed windows. The great doors leading to the main worship all were both torn from the hinges. We found the interior infested with demon kind and defaced with diabolical writings and scrawl.

The entry way statues of long dead figures of Briean history attacked us and proved a worthy fight. We were forced to destroy them despite feeling as if we were contributing to the foul reek that was upon this once holy site.

The main audience hall was home to a pair of massive winged demon kind that had transformed the floor the chamber into a liquid lava. They teasingly lobbed lava at the magical force shield and mocked us when we flinched. One of these beasts wore the hilt of the Ebonstone sword around his neck on a black chain.

We could not penetrate the great wall of force keeping us from these two and they soon sunk into the lava.

We turned to the right passage and surprised a group of bony, horned devils attempting to burn the holy font in the chamber of all remaining holy water. We dispatched them quickly.

The next chamber contained wreckage from a collapsed wall and tower. The wind moaned here and we could hear far off screams of torment. Atop a pile of rubble the old iron tower bell sat. We uncovered a shard of the sword that had been hidden under the bell, perhaps for safe keeping?
The next chamber that we came to appeared empty but was occupied by a large winged beast brandishing a whip. He took flight and we found that he wan’t alone. His orge-mage allies surprised us all and dealt a serious blow to the party before each being defeated.

At this point we had many injured amongst us but an encouraging cool wind blew through the fallen walls and a hit of blue sky appeared overhead replacing the infernal red of the hellish sky.

What awaited us beyond this point surprised me greatly and it is wonder any of us survived.

The Adventures of Roryn Truesteele II
The Death of the Tiny Giant

It is Arcanthious the 20th, 638 CF.

I’ve been rescued from slavery, pledged one year of service to a youthful knight, died and returned and still I am no closer to finding Naidel.

I have decided to keep a journal in hopes that if I fail someone else my find it it and know of my efforts to recover the sword of my fathers.

I had died. It was lovely.

When I returned I was in a human city close to where my quest began, Brie. Seriously!

I stayed only a short time before beautiful Sariya returned me to the hellish wastes outside the slag heap that was the fortress of King Snurre.

The others were overjoyed to see me.

They had devised a plan. Create a small tunnel sneak into the Queen’s chambers and slay the giants there before attempting to find the king. Sounded better than a second frontal assault.

Renee crafted the small tunnel and scouted the halls as a mouse.

When we were rested we journeyed in and fought the Queen and her servants. She was uglier than her husband, oh Moradin, the orange hair on her head was a sight to behold.

We wished to subdue her for questioning. Kalf had trouble using the flat of his blade. That boy will never learn! I suppose it is good I returned. I used my axe expertly and she was soon flat on her back. From the stories that the beast master told us she apparently enjoys that position…hehe.

When she was roused we bargained with her.

We learned that power behind the alliance was a female drow wizard, Eclavdra.

Queen Frupy agreed to assist if we spared her life. A deal was made.

The Queen explained the map and told us where to find King Snurre.

She gave us her potion of fire giant control she often used on her husband.

Pharris, invisible as usual, agreed to sneak into the throne room where Snurre was waiting in ambush for us and charm him using the potion.

The silver tongued rogue did just that. He had Snurre send his guards away and convinced him to drink a second potion that reduced him in size to that of small child.

Snurre BEFORE potion

Still under sway of the charm. The party and Snurre went to his private chamber for a drink.

Snurre revealed that the drow were coming soon for a meeting and that they had brokered the alliance. He told us that the dark elves had the giants providing slaves and that in exchange for the giant’s cooperation they could sack the city of Alon-Ruhn.

Snurre AFTER Potion

When we had heard enough we killed the tiny king and stole into his treasure chamber. His pet hydra was no match for our steel!

We rummaged through his chests and coffers, took what we could and exited by the front door while the guards were elsewhere.

Scot-free we left the crater and made our way through the mountains confident we had ended the giant menace with the death of Snurre.

The journey would take much time and along the way we encountered a second nature man, Dalvac Xadir. He took us to a grove of big trees, including one that could talk.

I wonder if the talking tree would bleed if I cut it with my axe. If a talking tree falls in an empty forest, does anyone hear it scream?…..

Renee is forced to perform some type of ritual to be part of the tree-man’s circle of animal friends. I spent my time resting on the lawn and dreaming of bearded women paying no attention to all of this silliness.

From the tree-man’s grove it was another five day journey before we came to the human village Mwangale. They greeted us as heroes! Bring on the honey mead!

The Secret of Shield Deflection by Roryn Truesteele II
I told that fool to find the sword!

Me? You want to hear about my life? How did I get here?..certainly ladies..please pass the mead….

I was born in the mountains to the the Clan Stoneshield 125 years or so ago. My grandfather is Roryn Truesteele, one of the greatest dwarves to swing an axe or sword. He journeyed with Horatio Hellpop and was the wielder of the sword Naidel. My father was Draegor Truesteele also a warrior by trade. I have two brothers, I am the oldest..and best looking…for most of my youth I trained as a soldier. I served on the Great Thane’s Guard for years.

I left the mountains of Stonehaven over five years ago in search of my grand-father’s sword, Naidel. I was a young dwarf when my father left my mother and two brothers behind to seek out the Xantheon, a mage, my grand father adventured with in his youth. My grandfather had given the mage a chalice of black stone for safe keeping and now my father wished to return it to the clan storehouse. That was the last I saw of him. It is known that he spent two evenings at the Bay of the Moon Tavern before heading into the Wizard Hills to see Xantheon at his tower, Black Heart Spire.

He departed the Inn one morning and has not been seen since. That was decades ago.

I went South and found Black Heart Spire deserted and overgrown with a tangle of hedge shrubs. If the wizard still laired there I could not find him. Knowing the cowardice of those that employ magic he may have been hiding in some dark corner.

I found clues that pointed southward to the city of Alon-Ruhn and the Great Library. The Great Library was said to be the home of all knowledge known in the civilized world. Humans like to boast of such things and I am doubtful of this claim. It gave me a sliver of hope that I could learn of the whereabouts of Naidel.

With little money I needed to find work. I’m no skilled metal worker but I do have great skill with weapons and so I was hired on with a group of dwarves as a guard. The dwarves were traveling merchants selling bits of this and that to locals. It was an honorable, if not boring way, to live. These dwarves were from the hills, not the mountains, and as such enjoyed the company of humans, elves, and others.

For my part, I find that humans only desire to take what is not theirs and multiply. The do so nearly as fast as the green skinned orcs. There are far to many of them in this world ( in both cases) and they seem pre-occupied with ensuring that they continue to grow in number.

Humans though are more agreeable than the haughty elves and their half-breed off spring. They act as if they don’t desire gold and gems but I know they secretly do! Never trust an elf!

Halflings or Hobbits, I’ve only encountered a few of these types in my travels, they are good for food and ale but useless in a fight. A small dwarf child is more competent with an axe then the best of their “warriors”.

After taking up with the dwarven merchants we traveled South and did a fine business. My purse was full and when we arrived in Alon-Ruhn I planned to take my leave of them and spend some time at the Great Library.

But alas, that was not to be. We were waylaid by giants on the road to Alon-Ruhn. The giants spared us from being dinner and instead enslaved us in their forge. We crafted weapons and armor of all shapes and sizes from those fitting the meanest fire giant to the finest elf.

I saw no means of escape and we were chained even as we slept.

It was then that the boy warrior of Morganti, Kalf Lionheart, rescued us from the slavers. Kalf and his companions slew the giants and set us free. The merchants were given leave but as I was bred a warrior I pledged to serve Kalf Lionheart for one year as repayment for my freedom. My quest for my father’s sword could wait a short time.

I got more than I bargained for in the coming weeks.

Kalf Lionheart, or Krett by birth, is a big strapping Arapeshian lad. His hair is kept in a neat military style cut and he wears an ancient plate mail of fine quality. He can be prideful and a bit arrogant but has a true heart. He has seen some tragic loss in his short years but has yet to come to grips with it all. He was clearly not raised to be a warrior as his sword techniques are far from polished…and as for the polishing of his armor and weapons….he lacks the patience and attention to detail to do it correctly. I understand he had used a young boy as a squire in the months before our meeting and the surfaces scratches in the armor, along with the bent pins show for it. I hope in the year to come I can help him improve his short comings in armor care.

Kalf’s companions include a big brutish half-orc named, Brak. He looks dimwitted and smells worse, but is a powerful fighter whose axe I’ve seen cleave a foe in two.
Then there is Phariss, a prancing little waif of a man. He disappears when the swords are drawn and snatches any gold that can be found in his greedy little hands. In camp if I have trouble falling a sleep I just count the number of times he looks at himself in my polished shield or twirls his pretty cape about. Renee is a shape changer, he wields the power of nature and speaks with animals and plants. I think his mind is a bit addled and have decide to humor him to keep him calm. He is friends with a large bear that often eyed me in camp. His healing berries and nuts are tasty.

I also journeyed with a pair of elves! One was a prattling elf by the name of Maeglin. A wood elf he was also rescued by Kalf and has pledged a year of service. The other is the fairest elf maiden I have set eyes on, Sariya, a mage by trade. I dislike her kind and her profession but I found myself strongly attracted to her slim, taunt, well muscled figure. Moradin save me.

Kalf and the others had come to the Chief Nosra’s steading where I was enslaved because the giants had been attacking nearby villagers. They had promised to rid the jungle of the menace to protect the local villages from more harm. Honor bound to follow Kalf, his quest became mine. Since being rescued from the hill giants dungeons we have journeyed into the cold glaciers high in the mountains and slayed Jarl Grungar of the Frost Giants. While in his frozen lair we learned that Grungar was allied with a fire giant, King Snurre. We left the cold glaciers behind and using some sort of foul magics transported ourselves to a crater atop a smoldering volcano.

We found King Snurre’s lair to be a mound of molten slag barred to us by two great doors.

We attempted a frontal assault. Always smart. It went well at first. The great doors were opened and a sentry discovered before all hell broke loose.

We soon found ourselves surrounded by giants including Snurre himself. Snurre was an ugly bastard, armored over in black plates, huge flaming sword. and a giant mane of red hair. Unlike the Jarl or Chief’s lackeys his giants fought with sound tactics and we were being torn to pieces.

Brak called out Snurre in single combat. What was the fool thinking? He and the King went at each other as the rest of us dealt with his underlings.

It got worse when Snurre called in his fiery hounds. His little yapping dogs breathed fire, dammit!

Snurre used his dogs to cover his retreat. Brak pursued him down a hall before the rest of us could re-group. The big dummy looses his mind during combat and does such foolish things!

But I suppose being half an orc he does well with what the gods have blessed him with. Still the world would be better off with fewer orcs and humans.

As we ran to join the big guy he came running the other way! With the big green guy bleeding all over we decided to make a retreat.

Sir Pharris the Brave had already beat it down the main hall to the outside.

Burdened by heavy armor I couldn’t keep up with the others and soon was being surrounded by charging, angry fire giants. I kept my shield up and ran, boulders bounced off it and I kept focused on the exit tunnel. I could hear Kalf yelling nearby. I could see that sweet Sariya had made it, as well as the beast-master, and Maeglin. Kalf was clear of the exit when the giants closed in. I wouldn’t run like a coward and die with a sword to my back. So I turned to face them.

By Moradin! I would take a few of them with me!

It was then that the beast man , in the shape of an ape this time came in and got in the way. If I needed a berry or help I would have asked!

He grabbed at me and I fumbled my swing and then one of the giants delivers a vicious blow and its all over for me. Darkness and the pin point of light. The winged warrior maidens fetched me up and brought me here to the Realm of Moradin the All Father.

So that is how I got here. Would you pass me another haunch of meat my love? The mead here is..dare I say…heavenly….ahahahahaha…my your beard is fetching…may I comb it for you?

Hey what is going on, why do I feel like I’m being summoned back… Noooo…I told that fool to find the sword….

More Giants, Cold, and Ice Await....
Back to the cave yeti again....

Mirthal 22nd, 638 CF

After waking and my morning prayers to Morganti we ventured back to the cave where we fought the giants last.

Phariss and Sariya once again vanish and scout. ahead into the caves. He finds nothing in his search but Brak and Renee see fresh tracks and so we delve into the caves together to see if we can find what might be lurking in the dark.

In the chamber beyond the guard room with the table we are discovered by four frost giants that have encamped on a high ledge.


The evil giants are to high for me to use my swords and so I attempt to hit them with a few well placed darts. My darts hit the two out of three times but it is the magic of Maeglin, Renee, and Sariya that destroy the giants before they can do much harm.

After dispatching the giants we ventured back out and down the ledge to the cave where we found the rune marked tunnel. This time we take the left hand passage. At the end of the cavern I detect the presence of evil and Phariss scouts ahead to see what it might be.

Moments later he reports back that a pair of frost giants are positioned at the end of the tunnel with one watching the ledge along the rift. The other giant was sleeping in a small cave and Phariss killed him with out alerting his partner.

Brak, Renee, and I attack the frost giant on duty and surprise him. We kill him quickly but before our blades can be sheathed reinforcements arrive from across the ledge in the form of four more foul frost giants! The giants bellow for more to come and crush us and we move to silence these four permanently. The party moves out onto the ledge to better reach them and we put them to the sword.

After the giants are dead we follow the tunnel that they came from deeper into the the rift. We find a group of five stupid hill giants huddled around a small camp fire.


Phariss is blinded by Renee’s magic that causes the hill giants small fire to suddenly burst into flame. The bright gleam covers over everything. Phariss is forced to retreat down the hall. We move to attack and find the giants to be quite a challenge in such a small cavern. Meaglin is nearly killed by a tremendous blow that slams him against the glacier’s wall. When the hill giants are defeated we limp back exhausted and bruised after only a half-mornings worth of exploration.

We sleep in the yeti cave until morning where I call upon Morganti’s blessings and Renee provides use with his healing herbs.

Mirthal 23rd, 638 CF

We march back to the cave where we smelled fire. Phariss scouts ahead and reports that three fire giants are gathering their belongings for a trip. He overhears them discussing the report that they will file with a “King Snurre” about the alliance of giants that is forming for its war on humankind.


Phariss tries to distract them with an illusionary noise of a great dragon but they are unmoved.

We charge forward to attack.


As we close the leader cowardly throws a chair in my direction but I deflect it with my shield. We fight wisely and don’t allow them to get any distance between them and ourselves so they cannot employ missile weapons. None of us are wounded, save for Thor the Cave Bear.

After the fire giants are killed we search the belongings and find a three foot bejeweled silver statue of a rampant bear. The bottom is inscribed “To King Snurre in fealty, Jarl Grungar.”

With this bit of information Phariss uses his crystal ball to seek out an image of King Snurre, but he cannot. He does however succeed in spying on Jarl Grungar.


Grungar is apparently the leader of the frost giants. We observe him going into a well guarded throne room where a group of strange tall blue skinned humanoids seem to be paying tribute to the Jarl.

We decide to exit through the back of the fire giant cave out into the rift. The stairs at the end of rift lead to the bottom. At the base the snow and wind swirl together making it difficult to see just a few feet in front or behind me. We spot some tracks and follow them to an ice dome. The only entrance into the ice dome is a large circular portal.


We cautiously approach it. Inside the dome we can see the remains of humans embedded into the ice. We spot weapons and even a wand and a ring among the frozen fallen. I detect no evil in the ice dome and before we stay long enough to find out what makes its home there we make a hasty retreat.

After some discussion we decide to back track to a tunnel we had previously left un explored. It leads us to a passage that descends down deeper into the glacier. Phariss scouts ahead to see what lays below….

On to the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
Third Update...

Mirthal 15th, 638 CF

Niles Weatherby parts company from us and offers his hospitality if we should ever come to Wexford.

We journey upstairs for a short time and gather some food and drink from the Chief Nosra’s kitchen. After eating and taking a short rest we re-enter the lower level. Our plan is to explore the dungeons and root out any pockets of evil before leaving the Steading.

Our first new discovery is a torture chamber, it is filled with all of the implements of the trade. Phariss takes a gold chain with a fire opal from the chamber.

Suddenly from behind we hear footsteps running quickly away from us. We spot a small group of cowardly bugbears running down the hall. We give chase. Brak lowers his bow and tries to fire a shot, the bow string snaps against his hand and the arrow flies off target. Grumbling to himself Brak tosses his bow to the side and hefts out his two handed axe. Phariss corners a lame bugbear and viciously slashes it with his sword. A black crackling energy surrounds the creature and it begins to scream about being blinded! What kind of weapon does Phariss now wield? I attempt to join the fray but fumble my sword when drawing it forth and before I can regain control the battle is won and the bugbears are slain.

Umurad Amrad the Soul Reaper

Our interest is drawn to Phariss’s new sword. Maeglin looks over the weapon and reads the dwarven runes upon the blade. He tells us that the sword is Umurad Amrad or the Soul Reaper the Dark Blade of Vengeance. He tells us that the blade was forged with the purpose to slay the enemies of dwarves. It was crafted in Stonehaven in ancient times by master weaponsmith, Theothal Trollkiller of the Stoneshield clan. It was passed to many decedents before it was lost by Grim Ironfists while adventuring in the Drifts. It was later possessed by a half-orc king, Varkgorim, who used it to slay his rivals and take charge of his clan, the Blooddrinkers. It was taken from the orcs when a paladin, Sir Gavenus the Mighty, slayed the orc king. The knight kept the sword until he was slain in battle. It was always rumored that the sword was stolen by a thief during the battle’s aftermath. Its fate since then was unknown. Maeglin claims that sword was known to detect gems and other valuables, such as precious metals, and was used to find treasure stolen from the dwarves. A mighty weapon indeed.

Roryn Truesteele II

We continue exploring and find six dwarves chained to forges. We free them. The oldest and largest of the lot gives his name as Roryn Truesteele of the Stoneshield clan, and offers a year of service to me for his and his partner’s freedom. It is a pledge I accept. He tells us of how he and his fellow dwarves were waylaid by the giants near the city of Alon-Ruhn and taken here to work the forges. They had been traveling merchants, dealing in intricate dwarven toys. From the look of the forge they had been busy manufacturing arms and armor of various sizes. Are the giants preparing for war?

Roryn reveals the giants treasure horde, a cunningly hidden floor safe filled with 125 gold ingots. Phariss believes them to be worth 50 gold a piece.

Roryn’s partners arm themselves with weapons from the forge and say their farewells. We tell them the way out. Roryn gathers up some armor and an axe for himself. He is quite blunt in his speech.

Continuing on we find three cells, all filled with orc slaves. The evil creatures beg for freedom but we cannot grant it. The earlier fear that they might join with the orc king, Nambug and cause local problems comes to the surface again. With at least 30 to 50 orcs in the cells we are worried that freeing them would be a mistake. Those that are already free Phariss and Renee execute quickly. The remaining cells we leave locked. Evil creatures should perish.

Traveling down a long hall we encounter a pair of orc guards. They warn us to keep away. Figuring that this must be the orc kingdoms we decide to kill the guards and collapse the tunnel.

We find a chamber with a pool of water, fresh and clear, with a pair of steps descending into it. Renee and Brak explore the pool and find that it has an exit at the bottom that leads to a underground river. The river comes to the surface a mile or so from the Steading at a fresh water pond.

We continue to explore and find a room filled with barrels of strange, earthy wine. Maeglin calls it “underdark wine” and tells us that it is very valuable. Roryn takes some for himself, enjoying a bit of it before we set out again.

Mirthal 16th, 638 CF

Satisfied that the Steading has been cleared of giants and that the orc kingdom was buried behind a collapsed tunnel we return to village after burying the treasure, including the underdark wine in a nearby cave.

Mirthal 17th, 638 CF

We are greeted as heroes by the villagers! I am happy to be able to spend time with Wanji. We meet with Mufedi and inform him of the giants removal from the Steading.

Mirthal 18th to 20th, 638 CF

We return to the Steading and gather skins and hides for warmth. We gather hammer and spikes. Then we unfold the black metal chain, grasp the silver scroll tube and step into the loop.

We are magically transported to a frozen wasteland high in the mountains. The wind blows hard against us and whips the snow about making visibility difficult.


We spot a path through the snow and ice and decide to follow. Our goal is to find this next giant’s lair and put him to the sword as well.

Not far up the snow path we are assaulted by four shaggy haired white furred apes. The apes have a gaze that is strange to behold and can freeze a man in his steps.


They stand no chance against our might and are slayed quickly!

We continue to follow the trail of footsteps until we come to a massive rift in the glaciers surface. The rift stretches out before us, widening at the center before narrowing at the far end.


It is difficult to see down into the first because of the swirling winds that blow up snow. A pair of steep cliff walks straddle both sides of the rift. We journey down the right side and descend about fifty feet below the surface of the glacier. The wind is still dangerously strong and one must be careful as they walk near the edge. The cold penetrates the furs I have layered on myself.

We come to a cave, made completely of ice, the sunlight above penetrates into the ice casting everything with a blue-green hue. No torches are needed as all of the caves are lit in this way. The floors of the rough cavern are covered in a thick layer of old snow, except for a narrow path down the center. The ceiling as two or three men tall and easily large enough to accommodate a giant.


We find more of these weird white fired apes, or yeti. They attack aggressively. Maeglin launches a fire ball that explodes, melting some of cave and killing several at once. The others are dispatched by sword and axe. One of the creatures was wielding a sword that had a purple-blue glow to it. Renee takes this weapon. Maeglin, reads the runes once again and calls it Frostbight, Sword of the North.

We back track up to the top again and down the left side to another ice cave. We encounter seven frost giants!


They attempt to surround us on both sides. A group on one flank alternate attacks, closing with one member to strike with a large axe only to step away and allow his partners to throw huge chunks of ice at us. It was a bloody fight. Brak was seriously wounded, as was I. We were able to defeat them but were all badly injured. We gather up the giants treasure, gold chains, coins and such. Renee and I try to heal those most injured.

We retreat to the yeti cave and Brak moves an ice boulder in front of a small cul-de-sac cave sealing us inside. We plan to rest and attempt to gain entry then.

Mirthal 20th, 638 CF

We heal and rest for a day, Renee provides us with some healing balms and tasty wild berries and nuts. They rejuvenate the soul and heal your physical wounds as well.

We decide to remain along the western side of the rift and explore further down this cliffside. Moving along the wall we spot a mist filled cave. Phariss moves into it to see what may be inside. When he doesn’t return I enter in and slip on a slick sheet of ice. My families sword falls from my hand and nearly slides down a bottomless crack in the ice floor. Thank Morganti!

We move out from the cave and Phariss tells us about an ice cat that he saw in the mist. A second cave not thirty feet away is located on the same plateau and so we decide to journey into it. It is the lair of a pair of two snow leopards. I draw my sword to attack as does Phariss but before we can charge forward Renee befriends the two beasts and then even wrestles with them on the ground. When he comes out of the cave he is dusting off the leopard fur from his cloak. He tells us that cats have told him giants are close by. How does one speak to a cat?

Our search for giants is soon satisfied. When we turn the corner along the cliff path we spot a frost giant guarding a large cave opening. We retreat around the corner. Phariss and Sariya use magics to disappear. They plan to sneak attack the giant before he can alert his friends.

Phariss returns with out Sariya to tell us that he pushed the giant’s axe over the side when the guard went to urinate over the cliff edge.

Suddenly the frost giant guard comes barreling around the corner, unarmed! We make short work of him.

After killing the guard we advance to see two guards at the cave mouth. We charge them in a mad rush. They fall before our blades! We enter the cave and take the right hand passage. Slaying two sleeping guards before being discovered by four giant guards.


While we are fighting the first four giants, four more frost giants join the battle from another chamber.

When the battle finishes the room is filled with fog from the fiery magics unleashed by Maeglin and Renee.

Giants lay dead everywhere.

We recover some rock crystals but little other treasure.

Having cleared this area we move to the last cave on this ledge. It leads to a split passage with tunnels going off to the left and right. The right hand passage is marked with a warning rune. We ignore it and investigate. The tunnel is filled with old undisturbed snow that crunches under our feet. The tunnel comes to a end in a small cave. When we enter the cave the ivory colored snow begins to pulse with a pinkish-red light. It feels as if the very heat is being pulled from my body. As the warmth leaves my body the reddish glow grows in intensity. Sariya drops to the ground. Before anymore of us fall we quickly grab up Sariya and retreat down the tunnel.

We hike back to the yeti cave and quickly barricade ourselves in once again. We rest.

Mirthal 22nd, 638 CF

Renee provides some healing and I do what I can. The talk is centered on wether to stay a second and risk being discovered or to explore in our weakened state.

More giants await and somewhere in the rift is the Jarl of the Frost Giants….


Below the Hill Giant's Steading
Second Update..more to come

Mirthal 14th, 638 CF

We descend the stair case into the lower level of the giant’s keep. The floor of the place is made of smooth polished black stone.

Phariss finds a hidden door near along the wall to the left of the stairs. It opens to a short hall, no more than 30 paces long. The ceilings here, like those above, are towering up to and beyond 20 feet tall.

We spread out and search the chamber. It has several exits from it. The whole place smells of sweat and urine, mixed with a strong sooty smell. The sooty smell no doubt comes from a forge and we can hear hammer and anvil echoing down the halls from the right side of the room.

The rest of chamber has many other halls and large doors to explore.

We must have made to much noise because soon, one of the doors opens and a very large bugbear strides in followed by dozens of others. They attack en masse, swarming around us. They will not stand and fight honorably. The rush me at once and although I am able to cut several down they succeed and pulling me to the ground. I glanced about during the fray…

Phariss moved about quickly using his swords and magic to kill one bugbear after the next.

Sariya soon becomes surrounded but Renee’s new bear companion, Thor, comes to her defense. The cave bear swats bugbears like a man swats a fly.

Brak was more successful in fending off the rush of bugbears and making short work of them with his axe. Renee called forth a wall of flames that scorched the bugbears. 

Eventually I was able to free myself and slay those evil creatures. The room filled with there corpses.

Our chests still heaving, the air still filled with the iron smell of blood and singed hair we found ourselves facing another enemy. A foul one-eyed hill giant, one side of showing a disfiguring scar came into the chamber bellowing. He was flanked by two sharp toothed apes of unusual size. 

Renee uses some druid magic to entrance the apes and holds them in place. Phariss, Brak and I charge the ugly brute and cut him down while his pets are only able to watch.

After the giant is dead we dispatch with two apes.

The bugbears held little wealth only a few gold coins among each of them. Tired and worn we except the healing blessing of Renee’s herbs and balms. 

The decision is made to barricade ourselves in the giants lair. It is rudely furnished with a over sized bed and table. A door at the rear of the lair is left unopened for now.

Our sleep is disturbed twice by a pair of fire giants. We spring upon both of them and slay them easily. After the second battle we decide to move our camp to a more secure location.

We move to the secret passage and close the door behind us, we are finally able to rest.

Mirthal 15th, 638 CF

We explore more of the lower level. I’m able to use the power of Morganti to locate nearby traps! We discovered dozens of orc slaves that had been kept prisoner by the giants. They are grateful for their release. They claim to be fighting in a civil war of sorts with the giants. They leave us to return to their ‘king’.

We return to the giants lair and explore the hall beyond the door in his chamber. It reveals a corridor filled with prison cells.

We find an insane human in the first cell who just babbles and shouts nonsense, the next one houses a merchant named, Miles Weatherby from Wexford.

Miles Weatherby

We free Miles who promises us repayment many times over when we next come to Wexford. 

In the next cell we find a wood elf, badly injured, by the name of Maeglin Moonglum. I heal his wounds and cleanse him of disease. The elf tells us he is from the Great Forbidden Forest and that he came south seeking the council of a powerful druid. He pledges to serve me for one year to repay me for his freedom.

Maeglin Moonglum

Although it is difficult to admit I’m glad for his council in the ways of armor and weapon care. Never having truly been squired myself I have yet to learn many of the ways of knights. 

The next cell was filled with evil and was in itself, empty, so we let it be. I thought for a moment to investigate further but then decided that awakening a latent evil could harm our quest. It is possible that perhaps the evil taint is left over from the long forgotten temple that stood on this ground. I have no wish to awaken an Old One and allow it transport to Tellus-Aboreah.

The last cell contained five orcs, all claiming to be in a war with the giants. The largest of the orcs speaks for the group and tells Renee that they were captured by the giants during a recent battle. The large orc, Oolak Blooddrinker claims to serve King Nambug, some sort of orc “king” from a nearby cavern.

Brak argues they should be free. Others council that it would be unwise to free because of what might happen later. As we are slaying all of the giants and ogres they would have no enemy to suppress their growth. What if they grow large enough to harm the very village we aim to help now? We decide that because of their evil souls they will be left in the cells. If they escape then so be it, if they are unable then that is Morganti’s will. I’m not sure I’ve made the right choice.

Perhaps a swift execution would have been best?

We leave the cells behind and the cries of the orc prisoners for the their freedom.

From the cells we rummage through the fifth of the bugbear warren. It is crude set of chambers filled with worn tables, benches, and cots. The place reeks of a nasty animal stench and it is difficult not to gag because of.

Both Maeglin and Niles are able to find some of their belongings. 

In the ugly one-eyed hill giants treasure we uncover a hidden treasure trove of coins, gem stones and a magic potion of elemental magic.

Maeglin and Sariya find a secret door at the back side of the first hidden passage we found when we came underground.

It leads to a large chamber that appears to house the hill giant’s treasure horde. Seven chests, piles of coins and gemstones fill one corner of the room.

Renee believes it a trap, others of us are less cautious and advance into the room to collect our hard fought reward.

As we collect the jewels and coins a large portcullis opens on the far side of the room and four enraged manticore’s sweep into the chamber. They circle about, roaring terrible roars, and launch a volley of spikes at us.

One of the evil beasts comes at me, I draw forth my Claymore to smite it when my armor seizes up and locks my arm in place after just one hack with the weapon! I struggle with it for the remainder of the battle.

Luckily the rest of the party was more than capable and defeated all the beast. To my amazement Renee enlarges Thor to nearly twice his size, he becomes a towering twenty or more feet tall and his great claws swat the manticores like play-things. When he connects the crack from the impact thunders across the room like a lightning strike. Renee has turned out to be a powerful ally!

After the beasts are slain and I freed from my armor snag we explored their lair.

In the far back wall we find another large horde of treasure, but when Brak goes to move it, we find it to coated with a deadly poison! Worse the jewels we so coveted turn out to be nothing more than cut glass and crystal! 

Our gloom over the false treasure is soon dispelled. We follow a third corridor away from the first false treasure chamber and Maeglin spots a hidden door along the wall.

We enter into a small room, not more than 20 paces wide filled with more treasure! Unlike before we find this treasure to be quite real. Phariss does most of the scouting and for his efforts uncovers a magical blade that he takes for himself!

The most interesting finding though is a weird black chain found in a metal box that can, according to the scroll with it, transport the party to the kingdom of the Frost Giants.

More Giants? Why are they cooperating? Usually racial prejudices keep them apart. The questions become what to do next and also what to do with all of this treasure….

The Second Assault on the Hill Giant's Steading
First Post of Massive Update

Mirthral 9th, 638 CF

The battle was won against the giants, or so we thought. Soon we heard the call of wolves and a strange fog began to roll in covering everything in a thick gray blanket. 

It was then that the wolves came, using the fog to conceal their attacks they tore into are arms and legs. But it was the massive gray skinned giant that had summoned the fog who laid me low with a great blow. It was the last I remembered.

I remember little of what transpired while I lay dead and that which I do recall I keep to myself. Suffice to say I saw my glorious lord, Morganti, in his heavenly place. Before him I fell to my knees and begged forgiveness for all of my unfaithful actions. He instructed me to return to earth and continue my quest for my brother.

I awoke days later in the village, naked, clean shaven, oiled and painted with strange symbols in some sort of white paste. Over me was the village witch doctor, his face wrapped in the misty blue haze of smoke. The young girl with the flower, Wanji, is there with him. She takes me to rest in my tent. She lays with me. 

I find that Sariya has returned Pharris to his original form. 

I find later that I am now married to Wanji. She is wonderful and takes great care of me. 

Mirthral 12th, 638 CF

Rested we leave the village and once again assault the fort of giants.

Mirthral 14th, 638 CF

At the edge of the clearing we wait until night fall. Having scouted the perimeter we decide to enter the grounds through the gate leading to the stable. 

The stable is a great open court yard. No animals are about. We bypass many doors and head across the yard. Opening the door we find a bed chamber occupied by six giantesses that are serving a lounging male giant. The male giant challenges us at once and leaps to his feet. The cowardly women run to cover behind a pair of beds. 

We soon are joined in combat and cut the male down. The females beg us to spare them. We agree to free them if they tell us about the compound. 

A door from the bed chamber is found to house a small group of orc slaves. Brak speaks to them and befriends them. They agree to follow us and fight the giants in exchange for their freedom.

Venturing forth from the bedchamber we come to a wide hall somewhere in the upper works of the giant’s steading. We surprise a lone hill giant guard and vanquish him quickly.

Just past the guard’s corpse we find the entrance to the kitchens. They are filled with ugly giant women busy preparing food and lashing their orc and ogre servants with wooden spoons and rolling pins. Brak tells his orc followers to rally the kitchen orcs to rebel against the kitchen help. 

As we pass into the darkened feasting hall we can hear shouts coming from the kitchen behind us. The great hall is empty. We cross to the other side passing around the long tables and take on two hill giant guards outside the chief’s chamber. Forcing are way by the two guardsmen we enter into the chief’s trophy hall.

The chambers walls are decorated with the triumphs of Chief Nosra. Mounted heads, weapons and armor adore the walls. The room is lit by a large roaring fire. The flickering light shines on a barricade of furniture defended by hill giants, the chief and his wife as well as a large cave bear.

Renee uses his magics to make the fire burst into a bright light. Sariya and Phariss cast spells that disable several of the giants. Although we are able to dispatch the giant guards, the Chief and his Lady both escape down a nearby hall. We give chase to only be confounded by an empty chamber. A secret door perhaps? Nobody is able to spot it right away.

Meanwhile, Renee befriends the cave bear! It stands 12 feet tall and looks as if it could eat any of us for snack. I find a fine shield on the walls of the room. It painted with the crest of the Knights of Galahtine.

A through search of the chamber at the end of the hall finally locates the hidden door. Beyond is a stair case that descends below the giants keep. We descend the stair…..

There Be Giants About...
Fie Fi Fo Fom...

Journal of Kalf Lionheart, Knight of Brie

We appeared back on Tellus-Aboreah at the edge of great swamp. We stood on a high plateau covered with jungle vegetation that looked out across the swamp and to the city of Alon-Ruhn some days away.

Suddenly the peaceful scene was interrupted by two large primitive looking giants that come crashing through the jungle. The giants leapt from the plateau as an angry panther came chasing them from behind. The giants wheeled about and came to a halt to face the hunting cat. The big cat gave a roar and the two of them dropped a pair of oil cloth sacks they were carrying. Then it sprung on one of the giants and at that Brak and I slide down the embankment to join the fight. Was this cat some evil beast?!?! One must be vigilant when angry pussies are about!

We soon found the bags contained humanoids of some type because we could hear shouting coming from within. We joined the great cat and easily slew the two giants.

Sariya had in the meantime had changed herself into a matching hunting cat that Brak was taking some pleasure in petting. I had no such urges.

The great cat soon transforms into a tall white skinned man, clean shaven, compactly muscled, breathing heavily from the fight. He was attractive with a wise face. He was dressed in loose robes of green and white and wore a pair of simple sandals. He appears to be about 30 or 40 winters old. Armed with an old scimitar and long sword. He greeted us and gave the name, Renee LeShaw.

In the bags were two dark skinned primitives. Karwana and Barwoon. Brothers from a nearby village of Mwangale. They had been herding the villages goats when the giants waylaid them. They recognized Renee and referred to him as Oodlawirra. We later learned it meant “white skin”. They seemed to love the man and he appeared to be some sort of protector to the local villages.

 We are then invited to stay in the village and eat with the tribe. We accept the invitation.


On our walk to the village Karwana tells us that giants have become an increasing issue over the last year. A group of them have made a fort on an old temple in the jungle. The temple has an evil reputation among the locals who call it the “dark place” or mynama-otoo. These giants have been raiding the villages and taking animals, supplies and even people. We agree to help Renee cleanse the giants from this fort.

I learn from Renee that it is Mirthral the 7th. Heavens, we were in the hells for 19 days.

We were brought to Mwangale and greeted kindly by the tribesmen. Many dropped to the ground to greet Renee, like he was a member of the nobility or a demi-god of some sort to be worshiped. He seems to have a special connection with these people.

We meet the chief of the village, Mufedi. He greets Renee as a childhood friend, but is easily twice Renee’s age. Mufedi is most gracious to us and offers us a clean dry hut for lodgings and invites us to a feast in our honor. He also tells us of the giants and we agree to help the village rid themselves of them.

Mufedi, Village Chief

I am finally able to bathe and clean my garments. I walk about the village and this young maiden, barely dressed, gives me a lovely tropical flower. I am glad we are helping such a kind and generous people. We enjoy a huge feast and then I sleep as I haven’t in four months.

Mirthral 8th, 638 CF

We set out for the fortress of the giants. Travel all day and camp out in the open. The stars are lovely.

Mirthral 9th, 638 CF

Continue traveling until we reach near the giant fortress. Renee scouts the fortress. Sariya transforms into an owl and flies to the fortress. We wait until night.

The Giant’s Fort

Brak and I wait for the signal from Phariss and Renee. Renee had become a field mouse and snuck under the front door. Phariss had disappeared and climbed the walls to enter the guard tower.

The doors are opened and Brak and I run quickly to join our companions. Blood is everywhere, the throats of the two giant guards have been cut. It sickens me to see. I know they are evil but prefer to kill my opponents in honorable combat not as some sneaking assassin. I would soon have my chance.

Using Renee’s knowledge of the fort’s layout we make for the main feast hall to interrupt the giants dinner and put them to the sword. 

Once the doors are open we realize we may have underestimated the forces arrayed against us. The feast hall is filled with more than two dozen giants. 

We retreat and Renee sprinkles something on the floor that bursts into a wall of flame, just before we close the doors.

We prepare for the giants to come. 


They come in wave after wave. Armed with large clubs and swords, they rush the room and even shove Brak to the side. The room is soon filled with heaps of giant corpses and nearly a half a foot of blood and gore.

But we are all still standing!

Phariss is badly injured but I have charmed a giant that has joined us.

More giants await….


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