More Giants, Cold, and Ice Await....

Back to the cave yeti again....

Mirthal 22nd, 638 CF

After waking and my morning prayers to Morganti we ventured back to the cave where we fought the giants last.

Phariss and Sariya once again vanish and scout. ahead into the caves. He finds nothing in his search but Brak and Renee see fresh tracks and so we delve into the caves together to see if we can find what might be lurking in the dark.

In the chamber beyond the guard room with the table we are discovered by four frost giants that have encamped on a high ledge.


The evil giants are to high for me to use my swords and so I attempt to hit them with a few well placed darts. My darts hit the two out of three times but it is the magic of Maeglin, Renee, and Sariya that destroy the giants before they can do much harm.

After dispatching the giants we ventured back out and down the ledge to the cave where we found the rune marked tunnel. This time we take the left hand passage. At the end of the cavern I detect the presence of evil and Phariss scouts ahead to see what it might be.

Moments later he reports back that a pair of frost giants are positioned at the end of the tunnel with one watching the ledge along the rift. The other giant was sleeping in a small cave and Phariss killed him with out alerting his partner.

Brak, Renee, and I attack the frost giant on duty and surprise him. We kill him quickly but before our blades can be sheathed reinforcements arrive from across the ledge in the form of four more foul frost giants! The giants bellow for more to come and crush us and we move to silence these four permanently. The party moves out onto the ledge to better reach them and we put them to the sword.

After the giants are dead we follow the tunnel that they came from deeper into the the rift. We find a group of five stupid hill giants huddled around a small camp fire.


Phariss is blinded by Renee’s magic that causes the hill giants small fire to suddenly burst into flame. The bright gleam covers over everything. Phariss is forced to retreat down the hall. We move to attack and find the giants to be quite a challenge in such a small cavern. Meaglin is nearly killed by a tremendous blow that slams him against the glacier’s wall. When the hill giants are defeated we limp back exhausted and bruised after only a half-mornings worth of exploration.

We sleep in the yeti cave until morning where I call upon Morganti’s blessings and Renee provides use with his healing herbs.

Mirthal 23rd, 638 CF

We march back to the cave where we smelled fire. Phariss scouts ahead and reports that three fire giants are gathering their belongings for a trip. He overhears them discussing the report that they will file with a “King Snurre” about the alliance of giants that is forming for its war on humankind.


Phariss tries to distract them with an illusionary noise of a great dragon but they are unmoved.

We charge forward to attack.


As we close the leader cowardly throws a chair in my direction but I deflect it with my shield. We fight wisely and don’t allow them to get any distance between them and ourselves so they cannot employ missile weapons. None of us are wounded, save for Thor the Cave Bear.

After the fire giants are killed we search the belongings and find a three foot bejeweled silver statue of a rampant bear. The bottom is inscribed “To King Snurre in fealty, Jarl Grungar.”

With this bit of information Phariss uses his crystal ball to seek out an image of King Snurre, but he cannot. He does however succeed in spying on Jarl Grungar.


Grungar is apparently the leader of the frost giants. We observe him going into a well guarded throne room where a group of strange tall blue skinned humanoids seem to be paying tribute to the Jarl.

We decide to exit through the back of the fire giant cave out into the rift. The stairs at the end of rift lead to the bottom. At the base the snow and wind swirl together making it difficult to see just a few feet in front or behind me. We spot some tracks and follow them to an ice dome. The only entrance into the ice dome is a large circular portal.


We cautiously approach it. Inside the dome we can see the remains of humans embedded into the ice. We spot weapons and even a wand and a ring among the frozen fallen. I detect no evil in the ice dome and before we stay long enough to find out what makes its home there we make a hasty retreat.

After some discussion we decide to back track to a tunnel we had previously left un explored. It leads us to a passage that descends down deeper into the glacier. Phariss scouts ahead to see what lays below….


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