Our Final Days

Abaddon secures his future

So, it would seem my new friends are quite powerful, dispatching the demon and his friends. They’ve also proven to be good hearted, as they have uncovered three monks from the rubble in this room. I can’t be troubled with these menial tasks. The high pitched wailing from the adjoining chamber beckons me. Pressing my ear to the door, the sound fills me with memories.


The monks tell us of a safe haven beyond the door. The large angry one, Brak is his name, again bulls through the unlocked door in a confident strut. I swear, one day that half orc will meet his doom.

In the dim light of this room lies four obelisks boxing in a pyramid topped with a red glass point floating above its flat top. Inside the glass I can make out the source of the screams, whether they are from pleasure or pain I know not. The obelisks appear to have some form of writing upon them, while I am familiar with most languages I cannot decipher these words. Brak and the Knights express concern for the creature in the pyramid, I simply follow the monks up a flight of stairs. Half way up the stairs the features of the stone flagons shift from dingy black stone to an almost alabaster white. The corruption of this place seems to not be able to reach this far.

This new room, The holy of Holy’s as the monks refer to it is a beautifully adorned chamber, with a font of crystal clear water at one edge. The head of this monastic order, I do not recall his name, or simply don’t care too. Provided all of us with refreshing drinks from the font. It’s magical properties becoming immediately apparent as my wounds closed immediately upon drinking it. Glancing about I notice two concealed doors, or maybe the monk told us about them, I don’t recall. I do know we were told that the doors would lead to the altar chamber. A place I’m not looking forward to going, with the Pitfiends in their lava bath just waiting for us. We choose to bed down for the night, I don’t mind I wanted to look at my books anyway and refocus.

The next morning we descend into the pyramid chamber once more. I move across the room when I hear the glass shatter. The wailing stopped in an instant. I turned and saw the now dead man laying upon the flat pyramid surrounded by shards of glass.

The Brute is needed this time, the door across the room will not budge. After some time he manages to force it open. Beyond the room appeared to be a bunk house, with beds and a larder or kitchen all in disarray. Being weary we send the steel ahead of myself and the elf maiden, I secretly hope she falls so that I may have The many trinkets that adorn her slender frame.

Amongst the chaos of this room a low rumbling began until a large, blueish insectoid like creature emerged from beneath the rubble. The maiden referred to this as a Remoraz. The warmongers of the group charged immediately into the fray. I through an ineffective spell and decided it would be better to be heard but not seen. It mattered not as the steel rendered the creature in seconds. After the noise of the battle died down we heard a scuffling and searched the room, finding another monk. Another human whose name I can’t recall.

Suddenly a large cat filled the door, before the barbarian could charge someone or something
cast a wicked spell into the room holding us in place with wicked tentacles. Peering through the door I caught a glimpse of a demoness, wicked and beautiful with her pale skin and red hair, when she cast the fireball into the room I was already in motion, The fool destroyed or weakened most of her own tentacles. The monk, was dead in moments, they’re such a weak race. Saryia, grabbing the enlarged Brak teleported to the woman’s side where he took a swing with his giant ax. Her magic was too great to allow such a primitive to harm her. Seeing my chance I used my wand, what effect it had I know not. Hopefully I destroyed something she holds dear. After a few moments the knights emerged and decimated the cat. The Demoness, not liking her chances I would assume, vanished herself.

With another battle done, and not wanting to waste our own magics we pressed on. The next room held a sight that reminded me of some of the markets in Sigil, in the center of the room stood another black obelisk. On the walls were hung over a score of humans, chained about the chest and under the arms. Some lie motionless while others stirred with what little life they clung too. Across the room, positioned around a vat of what I can only assume was oil, stood three insect like demons. Again my spells were useless, why do I even bother? I should never have left Sigil, I was powerful there, or at least mother was, which is the same thing. The blades made quick work once again.

Now that the killing was done the humanitarians set about releasing those that lived and blessing those that did not. I suppose it wasn’t a bad thing, because as before a cool breeze filled the room, this time bringing with it two doors on the wall, we as it would turn out later had correctly decided these probably led to the lower section of the altar room.

After a brief discussion we decided to return with the survivors to the Holy room. The white flagstone stairs reached further now with almost all the evil being cleansed from this place. We use the font again to regain our composure. I decide that we should use the secret doors and come out at the altar.

We step through the door, I note immediately that the lava is gone. I also notice and before anyone can stop me see and take the second shard of the sword off the bloody altar.

This seems to have upset someone of power as a face appeared above the altar miming a scream, then as it faded two, not one, but two Pitfiends arose from the lower
level. Both wearing a shard about their necks, Sariya quickly casts a spell of speed on everyone, shouting for the holy elf to wait I dart quickly across the creatures chest snatching the shard, I’ve now got two of them for those keeping track, suddenly there was a flash and as I looked back I knew what I would see, the holy one had banished the Pitfiend, I’m beginning to fear these people. Lastly the knights dispatch the final devil after his failed fireball, which didn’t
seem to effect anyone.

Now the group posses four of the five pieces of the sword, and although I remain unseen I’ve been told to relinquish my two shards. After seeing what the cleric did I don’t have much of a choice. Reluctantly I turn them over to Brak.

We’ve scoured the lower level of the monastery but we have yet to locate the fifth shard or Lord Tathos. Using our magical speed, thanks still to Saryia, we quickly search the upper floor of the only remaining tower. The corruption not having reached it’s height or having already retreated, the tower stood empty, except the knowing smell of sulfur, which told me there had been a gate to the lower planes here. Lord Tathos escape route no doubt, the coward.

The fifth piece may have escaped and I know that if I’m caught I’ll be destroyed as thoroughly as all the devils we’ve encountered these last few days, but if Mother were to find out that I had this chance and didn’t capitalize on it, she would hunt me to the edge of the planes and back again and would do worse to me by far than mere death.

Casting an illusion of myself in the room was easy. There I apparently lay in the corner as the group rested one final night in the Holy room. The Cleric awake and alert wouldn’t make this any easier, but being invisible and deathly quiet I made my way across the chamber to the sleeping Paladin’s backpack, slipping my hand in and retrieving the pieces was done in mere seconds followed by a quick teleportation back to Brie.

Now the hard part, I had to hope that I wouldn’t be slain the instant I arrived in mothers presence. Luckily I found her at one of her favorite hunting grounds, The Foxe House. Her smile assured me that not only did she approve of my return, she knew of what I had done. Arms spread in an embrace she took us home, to Sigil, where a young demonling such as myself need not live in fear of those he’s forced to consort with, and where a succubus possessing four shards of the Betrayer’s sword, could rise in power and stature.


TheElderEye TheElderEye

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