Pegg the Donkey goes on an Adventure

How a simple jack ass went on a quest

Pegg the Donkey

My life had been fairly easy until that rainy afternoon in the autumn of 658 CF. I had grown up outside the small fishing village of Endurance on the Northwest coast of Tellus-Aboreah. I was owned by a kindly farmer and his elderly wife who enjoyed baking me treats. They had named me Pegg. I’m not sure why but it was easy to remember. I liked my owners. I had a nice warm stall in the barn and the other animals made for good companions on cold winter nights. The most work I had to do was pull the plow during the planting season and occasionally haul a load in the cart.

That peaceful life changed when the Loud Dwarf arrived with his mangy human friend with the beard, the Smelly One.

The Loud Dwarf

They called themselves Brost and Metelus. Brost was a stout bearded dwarf that spoke loudly and bossed the rest of them around.

Metelus seemed wiser and a strange companion for such a loud dwarf. He smelled like the barn and was dressed in the hides of animals.

The Smelly One

The others seemed out of place. There was a Pretty Lady that smelled good but stayed in the shadows, they called her Dancer.

The Pretty Lady

Dancer seemed to be close with the pretty man that wore frilly shirts. He was called Mordavion. Later, I would be carrying his bags.

The Frilly One

The last human was quiet, he was carrying a walking stick, had a pale complexion and white hair. His name was Malapharius.

The Quiet One

These people had come from the town, but weren’t locals, they were visiting. The Pretty Lady looked worried and nervous.

They all looked like they were going on a long trip but weren’t dressed very warmly for the coming cold.

They spoke to Walerand, my owner, he seemed grateful. I heard them talk of werewolves, missing livestock and even tools. The Smelly One and Loud Dwarf stomped around looking at the barn and around the area near the house. The dwarf bartered for my services and as soon as they had finished with their inspection of the farm they placed the Frilly One’s big bag on me and took me down the road.

We went to the Mogg family farm about a quarter mile down the road. I stayed outside but the Frilly One and the Quiet One went inside. The Pretty Girl and the Loud Dwarf and Smelly Man went to look over this farm too. I saw them looking at the ground around the barn. They stayed a long time at the house. I could smell food. I think they ate. Near dark we headed back up the road to my barn. I thought my troubles might be over.

I was brought back into the barn, home at last! I was wrong. They stayed in the loft, except for the Smelly One that stayed outside. My master was gone. How long would they stay? Some fell asleep.

Later I awoke. I heard shouting and the sounds of fighting outside. They were all running from the loft and out into the yard carrying their weapons.

After the fighting had stopped I was led outside and strapped to the cart. Two dead humans covered in shaggy fur costumes were put in the cart. The Smelly One had a bloody nose. They decided to stay and so I was unstrapped and we all stayed in the barn.

In the morning I had to haul the cart into the the town. We went to see the Sheriff, Wolfheart. They unhooked me from the cart and we stopped by the Black Dragon Inn. I stayed outside with the Smelly One. He seemed upset, he paced back and forth and looked worried. I wonder what is troubling him?

After some time the rest of them came out and headed toward the gate leading out northeast from the town.

We are traveled down the trail that led up into the mountains. I’m carried the Frilly Ones bag again.

Where were these people going? The Smelly One is leading the way. We travelled all day. We passed a camp of loggers and over the Payomet River into the wilds. The weather was good.

We entered the woods that grow along the foothills of the great mountains. The going was slow. The branches scratched at me. The terrain became difficult.

A crashing noise stopped the talking among my new owners. A large angry bear charged out of the brush and headed toward us. Oh, no I was sure it would eat us all!

The people began shooting at the bear. Some charged forward. Then the Quiet One called out and gestured toward the bear and it fell to the ground.

Before they could recover two orcs carrying bows came into the open just down the trail. The orcs looked surprised to see us and not a dead bear. The people charges forward and fires bows at the orcs but it was the Frilly One this time that make the orcs go to sleep.

We went deeper into the forest following the trail of the orcs. I could smell them. The people find the place where the orcs had come from. The Pretty Girl and Smelly Man snuck closer to the opening and went in. The Loud Dwarf went closer to the door. I stayed in the forest next to the Quiet One.

They came back, but soon I’m in the forest alone. I don’t feel safe. They are called to the orcs. Why would they do this? They didn’t seem very smart. An angry orc came to the cave opening. They killed it. More were coming. I wondered if I could find my way home alone. I wondered if they would just leave me in the forest. How could this have happened? I didn’t want to get eaten.


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