The Adventures of Roryn Truesteele II

The Death of the Tiny Giant

It is Arcanthious the 20th, 638 CF.

I’ve been rescued from slavery, pledged one year of service to a youthful knight, died and returned and still I am no closer to finding Naidel.

I have decided to keep a journal in hopes that if I fail someone else my find it it and know of my efforts to recover the sword of my fathers.

I had died. It was lovely.

When I returned I was in a human city close to where my quest began, Brie. Seriously!

I stayed only a short time before beautiful Sariya returned me to the hellish wastes outside the slag heap that was the fortress of King Snurre.

The others were overjoyed to see me.

They had devised a plan. Create a small tunnel sneak into the Queen’s chambers and slay the giants there before attempting to find the king. Sounded better than a second frontal assault.

Renee crafted the small tunnel and scouted the halls as a mouse.

When we were rested we journeyed in and fought the Queen and her servants. She was uglier than her husband, oh Moradin, the orange hair on her head was a sight to behold.

We wished to subdue her for questioning. Kalf had trouble using the flat of his blade. That boy will never learn! I suppose it is good I returned. I used my axe expertly and she was soon flat on her back. From the stories that the beast master told us she apparently enjoys that position…hehe.

When she was roused we bargained with her.

We learned that power behind the alliance was a female drow wizard, Eclavdra.

Queen Frupy agreed to assist if we spared her life. A deal was made.

The Queen explained the map and told us where to find King Snurre.

She gave us her potion of fire giant control she often used on her husband.

Pharris, invisible as usual, agreed to sneak into the throne room where Snurre was waiting in ambush for us and charm him using the potion.

The silver tongued rogue did just that. He had Snurre send his guards away and convinced him to drink a second potion that reduced him in size to that of small child.

Snurre BEFORE potion

Still under sway of the charm. The party and Snurre went to his private chamber for a drink.

Snurre revealed that the drow were coming soon for a meeting and that they had brokered the alliance. He told us that the dark elves had the giants providing slaves and that in exchange for the giant’s cooperation they could sack the city of Alon-Ruhn.

Snurre AFTER Potion

When we had heard enough we killed the tiny king and stole into his treasure chamber. His pet hydra was no match for our steel!

We rummaged through his chests and coffers, took what we could and exited by the front door while the guards were elsewhere.

Scot-free we left the crater and made our way through the mountains confident we had ended the giant menace with the death of Snurre.

The journey would take much time and along the way we encountered a second nature man, Dalvac Xadir. He took us to a grove of big trees, including one that could talk.

I wonder if the talking tree would bleed if I cut it with my axe. If a talking tree falls in an empty forest, does anyone hear it scream?…..

Renee is forced to perform some type of ritual to be part of the tree-man’s circle of animal friends. I spent my time resting on the lawn and dreaming of bearded women paying no attention to all of this silliness.

From the tree-man’s grove it was another five day journey before we came to the human village Mwangale. They greeted us as heroes! Bring on the honey mead!


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