The Second Assault on the Hill Giant's Steading

First Post of Massive Update

Mirthral 9th, 638 CF

The battle was won against the giants, or so we thought. Soon we heard the call of wolves and a strange fog began to roll in covering everything in a thick gray blanket. 

It was then that the wolves came, using the fog to conceal their attacks they tore into are arms and legs. But it was the massive gray skinned giant that had summoned the fog who laid me low with a great blow. It was the last I remembered.

I remember little of what transpired while I lay dead and that which I do recall I keep to myself. Suffice to say I saw my glorious lord, Morganti, in his heavenly place. Before him I fell to my knees and begged forgiveness for all of my unfaithful actions. He instructed me to return to earth and continue my quest for my brother.

I awoke days later in the village, naked, clean shaven, oiled and painted with strange symbols in some sort of white paste. Over me was the village witch doctor, his face wrapped in the misty blue haze of smoke. The young girl with the flower, Wanji, is there with him. She takes me to rest in my tent. She lays with me. 

I find that Sariya has returned Pharris to his original form. 

I find later that I am now married to Wanji. She is wonderful and takes great care of me. 

Mirthral 12th, 638 CF

Rested we leave the village and once again assault the fort of giants.

Mirthral 14th, 638 CF

At the edge of the clearing we wait until night fall. Having scouted the perimeter we decide to enter the grounds through the gate leading to the stable. 

The stable is a great open court yard. No animals are about. We bypass many doors and head across the yard. Opening the door we find a bed chamber occupied by six giantesses that are serving a lounging male giant. The male giant challenges us at once and leaps to his feet. The cowardly women run to cover behind a pair of beds. 

We soon are joined in combat and cut the male down. The females beg us to spare them. We agree to free them if they tell us about the compound. 

A door from the bed chamber is found to house a small group of orc slaves. Brak speaks to them and befriends them. They agree to follow us and fight the giants in exchange for their freedom.

Venturing forth from the bedchamber we come to a wide hall somewhere in the upper works of the giant’s steading. We surprise a lone hill giant guard and vanquish him quickly.

Just past the guard’s corpse we find the entrance to the kitchens. They are filled with ugly giant women busy preparing food and lashing their orc and ogre servants with wooden spoons and rolling pins. Brak tells his orc followers to rally the kitchen orcs to rebel against the kitchen help. 

As we pass into the darkened feasting hall we can hear shouts coming from the kitchen behind us. The great hall is empty. We cross to the other side passing around the long tables and take on two hill giant guards outside the chief’s chamber. Forcing are way by the two guardsmen we enter into the chief’s trophy hall.

The chambers walls are decorated with the triumphs of Chief Nosra. Mounted heads, weapons and armor adore the walls. The room is lit by a large roaring fire. The flickering light shines on a barricade of furniture defended by hill giants, the chief and his wife as well as a large cave bear.

Renee uses his magics to make the fire burst into a bright light. Sariya and Phariss cast spells that disable several of the giants. Although we are able to dispatch the giant guards, the Chief and his Lady both escape down a nearby hall. We give chase to only be confounded by an empty chamber. A secret door perhaps? Nobody is able to spot it right away.

Meanwhile, Renee befriends the cave bear! It stands 12 feet tall and looks as if it could eat any of us for snack. I find a fine shield on the walls of the room. It painted with the crest of the Knights of Galahtine.

A through search of the chamber at the end of the hall finally locates the hidden door. Beyond is a stair case that descends below the giants keep. We descend the stair…..


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