There Be Giants About...

Fie Fi Fo Fom...

Journal of Kalf Lionheart, Knight of Brie

We appeared back on Tellus-Aboreah at the edge of great swamp. We stood on a high plateau covered with jungle vegetation that looked out across the swamp and to the city of Alon-Ruhn some days away.

Suddenly the peaceful scene was interrupted by two large primitive looking giants that come crashing through the jungle. The giants leapt from the plateau as an angry panther came chasing them from behind. The giants wheeled about and came to a halt to face the hunting cat. The big cat gave a roar and the two of them dropped a pair of oil cloth sacks they were carrying. Then it sprung on one of the giants and at that Brak and I slide down the embankment to join the fight. Was this cat some evil beast?!?! One must be vigilant when angry pussies are about!

We soon found the bags contained humanoids of some type because we could hear shouting coming from within. We joined the great cat and easily slew the two giants.

Sariya had in the meantime had changed herself into a matching hunting cat that Brak was taking some pleasure in petting. I had no such urges.

The great cat soon transforms into a tall white skinned man, clean shaven, compactly muscled, breathing heavily from the fight. He was attractive with a wise face. He was dressed in loose robes of green and white and wore a pair of simple sandals. He appears to be about 30 or 40 winters old. Armed with an old scimitar and long sword. He greeted us and gave the name, Renee LeShaw.

In the bags were two dark skinned primitives. Karwana and Barwoon. Brothers from a nearby village of Mwangale. They had been herding the villages goats when the giants waylaid them. They recognized Renee and referred to him as Oodlawirra. We later learned it meant “white skin”. They seemed to love the man and he appeared to be some sort of protector to the local villages.

 We are then invited to stay in the village and eat with the tribe. We accept the invitation.


On our walk to the village Karwana tells us that giants have become an increasing issue over the last year. A group of them have made a fort on an old temple in the jungle. The temple has an evil reputation among the locals who call it the “dark place” or mynama-otoo. These giants have been raiding the villages and taking animals, supplies and even people. We agree to help Renee cleanse the giants from this fort.

I learn from Renee that it is Mirthral the 7th. Heavens, we were in the hells for 19 days.

We were brought to Mwangale and greeted kindly by the tribesmen. Many dropped to the ground to greet Renee, like he was a member of the nobility or a demi-god of some sort to be worshiped. He seems to have a special connection with these people.

We meet the chief of the village, Mufedi. He greets Renee as a childhood friend, but is easily twice Renee’s age. Mufedi is most gracious to us and offers us a clean dry hut for lodgings and invites us to a feast in our honor. He also tells us of the giants and we agree to help the village rid themselves of them.

Mufedi, Village Chief

I am finally able to bathe and clean my garments. I walk about the village and this young maiden, barely dressed, gives me a lovely tropical flower. I am glad we are helping such a kind and generous people. We enjoy a huge feast and then I sleep as I haven’t in four months.

Mirthral 8th, 638 CF

We set out for the fortress of the giants. Travel all day and camp out in the open. The stars are lovely.

Mirthral 9th, 638 CF

Continue traveling until we reach near the giant fortress. Renee scouts the fortress. Sariya transforms into an owl and flies to the fortress. We wait until night.

The Giant’s Fort

Brak and I wait for the signal from Phariss and Renee. Renee had become a field mouse and snuck under the front door. Phariss had disappeared and climbed the walls to enter the guard tower.

The doors are opened and Brak and I run quickly to join our companions. Blood is everywhere, the throats of the two giant guards have been cut. It sickens me to see. I know they are evil but prefer to kill my opponents in honorable combat not as some sneaking assassin. I would soon have my chance.

Using Renee’s knowledge of the fort’s layout we make for the main feast hall to interrupt the giants dinner and put them to the sword. 

Once the doors are open we realize we may have underestimated the forces arrayed against us. The feast hall is filled with more than two dozen giants. 

We retreat and Renee sprinkles something on the floor that bursts into a wall of flame, just before we close the doors.

We prepare for the giants to come. 


They come in wave after wave. Armed with large clubs and swords, they rush the room and even shove Brak to the side. The room is soon filled with heaps of giant corpses and nearly a half a foot of blood and gore.

But we are all still standing!

Phariss is badly injured but I have charmed a giant that has joined us.

More giants await….


TheElderEye TheElderEye

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