Brak Kinslayer

Half-Orc Barbarian


Brak was born into slavery by a human mother who had been raped by her orc captors. His Mother was allowed to bear me because he could be sold later for a handsome profit. He was taught his skills by the other slaves as he grew into young adulthood. He became skilled enough in woodland tracking and survival that his owners used him as a scout. To ensure he would not attempt an escape his mother was held hostage by the tribe. When he returned late from one such mission his mother was murdered in front of him. Brak flew into a rage and killed his father, stole what belongings he could gather and escaped into the forest. One day he will return and face his chief nemesis, Mawg Strong-arm, leader of the orc band of slavers.

Brak’s greatest fear is death by cave-in and the crushing suffocation that will bring before death.

Despite Brak’s massive size he is a poor unarmed fighter. After years of seeing his mother beaten or worse anytime he raised his hands to defend himself he finds it difficult to use them now with out flinching.

Brak Kinslayer

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