Magnus Mott

Former Briean Military Investigator turned Security Expert


Tall distinguished looking Briean. Stands about 6’4". Usually wears a bushy, but trimmed mustache, sometimes with a goatee. Approximately 40 years old. Typically doesn’t wear armor heavier than studded leather. Dresses casual. Usually carries a long sword, short sword and long bow. Will sometimes don a red cape, but other times wears green or browns. Has excellent tracking skills as well as a sixth sense when it comes to “reading people” and their motivations.


Served in the Briean Military as part of their Ranger Corp. Tasked with operations behind enemy lines as well as other intelligence gathering missions. Served during the recent conflicts but has now retired. During the war he befriended an old war hero, Sir Rycard Rend. When he left the military he worked as a security adviser for Rend’s estate while dabbling as freelance trouble shooter for ladies in distress or desperate people. He keeps a close network of friends that sometimes assist him in his freelance operations. He is constantly with out funds, but money doesn’t seem to be his motivation. He resides on the Rend estate in Brie.

Magnus Mott

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