Phariss Rend

Half Elven Thief / Mage


Carries the sword of Damon Darkblade


611 CF Family flees during battle, with Ian Hawkmoor to protect the king.

At the Farewell stone Korin meets Arabeth Toulaine. An elven maiden assisting with the movement.
He falls in love at first sight. Although he is promised to Marry another he abandons his station

Sir Rycard Rend fought in the ensuing 2nd battle of Brie. heartbroken that his son had abandoned him and his mother
he disowned him.

In the ensuing 8 years Korin and Arabeth married and traveled. Choosing a life on the road he used his education and gift of gab
to provide for his wife as a travelling minstrel while she performed acrobatic feats and danced to his songs.

617 CF Arabeth is with child. Korin is performing on the streets of Brie. He has avoided his parents by staying in the cheaper side of town.
When Arabeth goes into labor, Korin without money for a mid-wife, leads his wife to his parents hold. Met at the gate by the captain of the guard,
once his best friend, he is told that his father will not receive him. Explaining that his wife is about to give birth he is told once again to leave immediately.

With nowhere in town to go he does what he can and takes his wife to the woods outside of town where she had always been happy. He attempted to birth the child himself,
what happened was his wife bled out as she gave birth To a healthy baby boy.

For 18 years he traveled with his son and telling him of grand adventures, never telling him of his own life as the son of a Lord of Brie.
He taught him how to make a living in the hardest of conditions. In the summer of his 18th year Phariss lost his father to a thug in a bar room brawl.
Now orphaned he took up his fathers Blue cape and has chosen to travel the countryside and seek out grand adventure and garner fame and wealth.

637 CF We find the young hero a member of a brave band of heroes on quests to strange places and facing mysterious creatures. With a flourish of his cape,
he meets these challenges head on!

Phariss Rend

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