Roryn Truesteele II

Dwarven Fighter and Smith


NPC 2014


Roryn is the grandson of Roryn Truesteele I that adventured with Horatio Hellpop in the early 400s CF. Roryn I wielded Naidel, a long sword of exceptional qualities. He passed it to his son (Roryn II’s father) many years previous and it has been lost. His grandson now searches for both his father and the families lost sword. He hopes to find out about his father’s last days and return the weapon the Stoneshield clan and a place of honor near the Great Forge.

Much like his namesake, Roryn is head strong and opinionated. He cares little for elves of any type, finds most humans to be silly creatures of short life spans and little martial talent. Having never met a halfling he has no opinion of the short folk, but it is likely that he would enjoy their company as long as they were providing ale and hot food. The only good molndai is a dead molndai.

Roryn Truesteele II

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