Gelradrian "Of the Fathers"

Enchanted Bastard Sword

weapon (melee)

Bastard Sword +3 / + 5 Vs. Evil Outsiders

Scores a critical hit on natural 19s & 20s. The sword never shows damage after combat and is always keen, never needing sharpening.

Creates a flaming burst on a successful critical hit with a +1d10 points of damage added to the standard double damage of a critical.

The wielder must roll a successful Save Vs. Death Magic upon landing a successful attack roll. If they succeed the wielder retains his self control, failure results in a maddening rage. The character gains a +2 bonus to hit and a -2 penalty to AC while enraged. Each round or when circumstances dictate the raging character can attempt to control himself. If the character can’t control himself then he will continue to attack the nearest enemy or if no enemies are near, an ally. If the character attacks an ally he should be given additional Saves to control his rage, especially if he is successful landing an attack or if any of his allies attempt to reason with him.


Gelradrian is a massive bastard sword of unique design and size. Forged upon the Anvil of Olya, by Saither Von Vryce, it is said to be indestructible. This has certainly held true through the ages, as men and armor alike have been split apart by the massive blade, and yet it shows no signs of wear whatsoever.

Saither Von Vyrce, father to Uther Von Vryce, grandfather to Dakhalin Yar Vryce, great grand father to Kheldar Ian Vryce, who was father to Jerico Telar Vryce, grandfather to Damien Kilcannon Vryce, set into the pommel his life’s work, a massive stone of hematite, known as the Tyrant’s Orb. The stone was taken from vile overlord, Crux Badabb, after the siege that laid to rest his reign and the oppression of so many innocents underneath his rule. Told by the druid and legendary sword maker, Cedric Willowcrist, that the stone would serve to be a remarkable addition, it was set into the weapon by Saither’s son, Uther. Legend holds that any damage to the sword will be repaired by the stone come morning the next day. It is also told that the stone is the center of the power for the sword.

Damien Kilcannon Vryce wielded the sword as an adventurer and follower of Morganti before retiring to his families land near Ossington. He was interned in his families mausoleum and with no heirs Gelradrian was entombed with him. It was recovered in 636 CF by Loring Silchester II who was granted to the sword by the ghost of Saither Von Vryce.

Loring traveled with the sword to the Imperium Invicta. It disappeared with him and upon his return to Tellus-Aboreah its whereabouts remain unknown.

Gelradrian "Of the Fathers"

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