Escape from the Hells...
The long awaited update

From the Journal of Kalf Lionheart…lost somewhere in the hells..

As we cross Avernus a huge fireball streaks across the sky and slams into the ground before us. I leap in front of Sariya to protect her. I am burned by the flames and Aerandir notices that there is some sort of moving creature, a fire fungus growing in the blast site. It appears to be edible, but we choose to not eat it. We walk, it seems, forever. As tired as I am I cannot fall asleep.

After trying to rest, only the two rogues manage to get some sleep, we set out and soon spot a dust cloud. Our guide, Herfik, informs us we should find cover. We scramble to a crater. I fall on the slick obsidian stone and cut my knee on a jagged piece. We try to hide as a horde of devils pass by. A flying devil spots us and dives to attack. We battle and kill the flying devil.

Later, I try to scry for my brother using Aerandir’s mirror and summon a terrible that nearly kills us all.

We continue traveling until we encounter a ruined village, a wretched creature greets us and we offer food in return for a safe haven. It leads us to a basement of a crumbling building. I am so tired that I finally fall into a fitful sleep.

After resting we depart and leave the ruins behind. I am unsure of the day. It is aways light here in the hells. The first plane glows with a blood red light, though no sun, stars, or moons can be seen. We soon find ourselves the target of a hunt. A single flying devil driving a team of huge wolves comes upon us. We turn to face the beasts rather then flee. When we had slain them the flying devil applauds us and congratulates us on an excellent hunt. He bestows on us five emeralds. Later that day we pass through another blasted town.

We try to rest again and after some have regained their strength we set out. In the distance we can see the River Styx. It does not seem to be real this close. But before we get to it we come upon another ruined city. On the outskirts we encounter a small band of pitiful kobolds that have become lost while seeking their evil god. Phariss is the only one of us moved by their plight to offer assistance.

At the edge of the river we call the boatman, pay our tolls and take passage to the other side.

On the other side more barren plains await. Shortly we spit a group of jelly-like blobs being driven by spiky devils with barbed forks. We avoid them by circling around. We approach a huge crater. Herfik informs us that this the Maggot Pit. A vile devil appears and we most pay 2100 gold pieces for him to fly us across the pit.

He is good to his word and soon we are on the other side and find ourselves standing before the lair to Tiamat herself. Herfik explains that the gate to Dis lays just beyond Tiamat’s cave. First we pass tunnels leading to her consorts and then we come upon a huge set of iron doors. Next to the doors is the Cave of Greed, beckoning us toward it with a golden light that shines down its length. The two rogues disappear and discover later that they have tried to plunder the Cave of Greed. Brak, Farrokh, Sariya, Herfik, and I enter the iron doors and wait for Phariss and Aerendir. They don’t return so Sariya, Farrokh and Herfik head down the tunnel while Brak and I wait. Herfik and Sariya return dragging a lifeless Farrokh. Ah, how terrible he was killed by a poisonous bite from a spider. The spider had ambushed them in he dark hall and fallen upon Sariya, the cleric had died in his attempt to defend her. I decide to save Phariss and Aerandir from whatever fate has befallen them in the Cave of Greed.

I am not sure of the date anymore. Being in hell is beginning to take its toll on me. Lately my mind is addled from the experiences in the Cave of Greed. Phariss and I escaped the cave but Aerendir wouldn’t leave its golden temptations.

We have entered into the second layer of hell. The sky is a smoky green color, the heat unbearable. We are following a white path constructed of skulls. 

Along the path we are bothered a second time by a being that wishes us to steal the “Eye of the Serpent” from Dispater. 

We finally entered the city of Dis. Its strange I can’t actually recall when we entered. It is a crazy here. Terrible devils are whipping lesser devils and wretched beings from our world, supplicants worshipping at their feet. We are led to a strange inn by Herfik. Brak arranges for us to meet with the “King”. 

We spend a few days and then meet up with Aerandir in the tavern. Somehow he escaped from the Cavern of Greed. We discuss trying to steal the Eye of the Serpent and decide that it is to dangerous. We decide that we will seek passage home to Tellus-Aboreah. We return to the King’s lair to ask about his job for passage when Phariss casts a spell to read minds and attracts a horrible devil. We do battle. It was a hard battle and we were gravely wounded but in the end we were victorious. 

We spend a long time speaking with the King and decide not to help steal the Eye. We return to the tavern and spend two days healing. On the second day the tavern and the outsiders district starts to be demolished. We follow the tavern keeper to the Kings abd then we follow the King trying to escape the city. Along the way we save a wretched creature named Rubio that claims to hail from the city of Wessex, we learn little about him before he is killed by a trio of devils.

It was the devils at the gates to Avernus that slayed Rubio and did battle with us. Both Phariss and I are brought down by a powerful poison and Brak is charmed. Sariya breaks the enchantment and she and Brak pay the ransom to allow us passage.

We rest one night in the tunnel between the first and second layers of hell. Progressing through the Lair of Tiamat we arrive at the Maggot Pit. Sariya pays our passage and the devil swindles us. We finally are across and begin the slow walk back to the portal that will take us to Rib Cage. In Rib Cage we meet up with Dermont Rigor and secure our passage back to Tellus-Aboreah and out of the hells!

The Planes of Limbo
No going back....


I tell you that after the battle with the devils we were exhausted and frightened at what we had learned. The winged devil had told us that our way lay beyond the portal into the planes of Hell. I did not wish to go and I could tell that the others felt the same way. The normally brash and daring among us were looking for some other way or reason to not to proceed. 

Instead of resting near the portal and taking the plunge into the hells we wasted energy and time back tracking into the water filled halls of that cursed temple. We found nothing that would help us, only several things that nearly killed us, including a massive slug the size of which I’d never seen before nor since. It was the length of a three of four camel wagons and it hurdled acid globs from its nasty maw. We were able to slay it and avoid being killed by rushing water from other areas of the temple. It was a truly hideous place that Serpent Temple.

Finally our choice was made. We would proceed after some rest into the portal. I do not remember who amongst us first plunged into the portal, my guess would be one of those fool hardy rogues I had the pleasure of traveling with during those years before I came to dictate this testimony. Never did I worry for my safety more then one of those two uttered the words “I’ll scout ahead” or “I’ll be right back” or “lets open it an see”.

The portal emptied us onto a barren mountain range. Nothing but cracked earth and stone, no vegetation in sight. The mountains seemed endless, the sky was a solid crimson red, no stars shone, nor moon or sun. The heat was bearable, like a dry heat from the desert near my ancestral home. We all asked was this Hell? I then remembered my teachings from my time in the temple as a boy. I remembered the lessons where we studied the far off planes and how the teachers would beat us with a cane if we did not memorize the facts correctly. Each word was to be committed to memory. I was never a good student of book knowledge and often suffered cruel beatings at the hands of the teachers. But now, I remembered my lessons! I instructed my heathen companions that this was not hell but a plane of existence that bordered it know as Limbo. I told the others that we would need to find our way to a second portal to arrive in the Hells themselves. How to do that I did not know but we soon learned for ourselves.

The mountains in Limbo were trackless and we stumbled on for a while before orienting ourselves and spotting a strange set of curved mountain peaks. Then we could hear the far off sound of civilization. Kalf told us that it was probably the town of “rib cage” and that he had read about it in a book. I wondered what kind of books was our young holy paladin reading that he would need such knowledge. Surely he should avoid such tomes as they were meant to be read by only those trained in the foul arts of dungeon mastering. I hoped that I could speak with him and counsel him to avoid such tomes in the future as many a young lad had been corrupted by such forbidden knowledge. Alas I never took time and I feared I was partially responsible for times in the future when he lost the way.

What can I say of the town of Rib Cage? A strange place indeed. The building were squat stone structures cut from the gray rock of the mountain range. Everything was laid at straight angles, including the streets. The center of the town housed the dwelling of Lord Paracs, the apparent chief power in town. The populace had erected a iron wall that spanned the valley between the mountains. One had to pass through the gate and pay a fee to enter the town. Black and gold adorned guardsmen watched the walls and patrolled the streets. They could be bribed. The town itself had a market and an inn and if not for the alien horizon or occasional being of fiendish blood might have been mistaken for any town back home in Tellus-Aboreah.

We found out quickly that gold and gem stones are required for travel in this place. Everywhere people expected to be paid. The beings that dwelt in the town worship the wealth of these material things when they should look to Aedon and his lesser servants for true happiness. Greed and avarice led many astray.

The town was also home to a fine steam bath that was popular with travelers and reminded me of our public baths at home. We journeyed to it and found out in order to enter Hell we must have the permission of Lord Paracs. He alone controls the portal. We also learned that he was reluctant to grant passage to those with out official business.

After a close call with some black clad guardsmen we realized the town was to costly and dangerous to remain in long.

We made arrangements to act as a business partner with a local spice merchant, Dermont Rigus, and soon employed a guide, Herfik the Silent, that worked for a local broker named Barius Sharpsplinter. 

Posing as businessmen, no I suppose we were legitimately now partners with Dermont, we gain an audience with Lord Paracs who for yet another “fee” allowed us to use the portal.

The portal was a sickening swirling pillar of light. I brought us to a blasted and barren landscape. A red sky met the wasteland at the horizon with only blasted stone and rock in between. Fireballs streak across the sky, exploding on impact all around. The heat was oppressive, sweat immediately began to pool on my forehead and run down my face. The air was filled with sent of burning stone, acidic ash clouds plumed up from nearby ruins with each step we took.

We were surrounded by a series of ruined buildings. Almost immediately we were stopped by a large winged devil that demanded to know our reason for being here. He looked at our papers and once again we had to pay a fee. I hope we have brought enough wealth to sustain our passage. We left the ranting devil behind and marched out across the plains of Hell following our guide. Herfik explained that our trip would take us through several blasted towns to the River Styx. We would have to cross the river some how and continue on to a place he called the ‘maggot pit’, a breeding ground for the lowest of devils. At this pit we would enter the Cave of Tiamat, the mother of all evil dragons and the spawn of the Great Serpent herself.

Herfik described the trials that awaited and I silently thanked Aedon that I would dwell with him when I was no more. Never had I heard of such troubling things. I cannot speak of them now.

The Forgetten Temple of the Serpent
A Devil of a Time


After the feather serpent departed we made camp in its chamber, barricading the doors to prevent intruders. I provided the healing blessings of Aedon to the injured and we had some rest. 

When we had rested and eaten we followed Phariss to a staircase he had found while scouting around. Halfway down the staircase Aerandir triggered a trap that went unnoticed. A huge steaming granite dragon rolled out at the top of the stairs and belched forth a super heated cloud of steam. How it burned! Before anyone could stop and think the trap was activated a second time. The burning once again, only the infernal heat of the hells has been worse. I had blisters all over my arms and neck but the blisters were nothing compared to what happened to poor Sariya. The frail elf-girl fell on the steps, near death. The party stopped and Phariss located the trap, a trick stair step! Oh that infernal temple! I believed then that our doom was at hand. It seemed that every step we took triggered some deadly trap!

With Sariya near death we paused yet again at the bottom of the steps to wait for me to pray for Merciful Aedon’s blessings. Krett used his power to stabilize poor Sariya with Moganti’s healing power. It is a miracle to see Aedon’s lesser servants provide such grace to their worshipers.

After a day camped at the base of the stairs Sariya was feeling better and the party followed Aerandir down the hall. The sea captain was also skilled at spotting hidden traps and had searched the hall beforehand. It was one of the only times we traveled in through that cursed temple and I felt safe.

Beyond the hall we found a large chamber with a tall buttressed ceiling. The chamber was filled with rubble from the collapsing ceiling. Sun-light filtered into the chamber from a large gap in the ceiling. Long vines hung down to the floor and a group of blue-faced apes hollered at us as we entered. Numerous skeletons could be seen under the rubble as well as several stone doors. Aerandir and Phariss decided to look for lost gold. Phariss complained he needed a piece of jewelry to wear. Such greed and avarice would nearly lead to the deaths of us all. They were driven by lust for gold and did not heed my words of warning to leave as much undisturbed in the temple as possible.

With each piece of debris overturned pieces of the ceiling cascaded down on us. Phariss and Aerandir then moved a large stone together causing a chain reaction that brought large chunks of the ceiling down. An angry serpent the attacked the two of them. Pharris nearly died of the bite, his hand and arm swelling up afterwards. The serpent was killed but his damage was done, Phariss looked doomed. It was only luck that Krett had grabbed a vial somewhere earlier that saved him.

We then traveled to an ash covered chamber filled with broken urns. It was haunted by the fallen spirits that swirled around us but caused no harm.

We left those tormented souls behind and journeyed to a room filled with stuffed cats and a stone statue of a cat-man warrior.

There was an altar and a stone calendar against one wall. The calendar was written in some strange language that Phariss tried to read. As Brak stood guard watching the stone warrior the others inspected the altar and calendar.

 Brak triggered an opening mechanism and was thrown to the ground by the swinging door. Behind the calendar stone was a narrow tunnel descending downwards, the stone inside had been polished to mirror slick surface. It looked dangerous. We decide to investigate the other doors and find that each way has its own doom, either by warrior statues or by floating orbs that explode. After tramping back and forth those fools in the party that wished to brave the slick tunnel convince the rest of us with more sound thinking to go along with them. Oh the folly of those greedy hearts. I prayed that the mighty Aedon over see us in our endeavor. 

The chute proved easy enough to climb when we positioned a rope down it length. At the bottom of the chute was a single corridor that contained three doorways. One was sealed with gold and had a message of warning on it in the same strange tongue we had seen elsewhere. Translated it warned that death lay beyond the portal. Strange brown stains and gashes could be seen in the walls around the door. The other to doors both had strange features. One had an image of a bear holding a disc and the other a well worn floor in front of door marked with the infinity symbol. We cautiously inspected each portal. 

Despite some of our more thrill seeking members we decided to not break the seal to the room of death, instead it was decided to open the door with the well worn stone. After fastening a rope to the door we opened it and found that an empty closet sized chamber was beyond.

Some of our wise members tested the area by tossing in ropes and other items to see if they would trigger some diabolical trap. To my amazement nothing happened. It was then that Phariss entered the chamber and promptly disappeared. My thoughts turned to my studies in magic. Could the portal be some sort of transport or perhaps my rash friend was now disintegrated? I pondered too what sort of destination might the portal bring us. I had heard of portals that transported people through the passage of time or even to the other planes of existence. I prayed that Phariss was not now a dinner for some sinister devil. Perhaps my thoughts foreshadowed what was to come. 

With out to much discussion the others follow until it just myself and the young half-orc. Brak was convinced it was some sort of trap. I wasn’t sure but feared that we’d all end up dead. I tried to convince the big fellow to go in and in the end we left together.

To my relief we were not transported to some demon lords temple but to another hall with in the temple, or at least we thought that was where we were. The stonework looked similar. How I thanked the His Holiness, the Great Aedon the Lightbringer for our good fortune. 

We journeyed down the hall and I was amazed at the frescoes depicting the ancient elven civilization that build this temple that decorated the walls. At the end of the corridor we slowly found ourselves traveling in a flooded hall, the water eventually waist high and brutally cold. Our next sight was one I still treasure for a sweet voice could be heard echoing in the darkness. I had never heard such a voice as this, so light and fair. The voice belonged to the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She lay lounging on the edge of an underwater pool. Her skin shone with a pale light from the mosses that grew in the chamber. My desire for her burned deep and I had to fight the urge to jump into the water and swim to her. When the fair lady caught a glimpse of us, she dove into the pool and disappeared. Oh, how I wanted to follow her into the depths! It was Sariya who brought me round and I was thankful once again to have her as my companion on this endeavor. She often proves to be the most prudent and reliable of our motley band, lightning bolts and slow spells excepted. She guided us, each one enthralled with with sea maiden back out of the water. She then produced her wand of lightning and smote the water several times causing vapors to rise from the surface. Part of my heart wished her to stop but her words of warning were enough for me to keep silent. Atlas, her magics killed the fair maiden who we found floating in the pool. It was difficult to look at her lifeless form and no that her earthly beauty was no more. But if Sariya was correct then the evil of the creature deserved no remorse. I hope that one day when I visit the realms of Aedon to look on a creature as fair as she.

Beyond the pool chamber we wondered a bit, finding a good many areas of the temple flooded before we came to a large chamber lit by a reddish glow from a connecting hall. As we approached the reddish hall a foul smell of brimstone reached my nose. I drew my scimitar and called upon Aedon to bless our stout company in the battle that would surely come. The source of the sulfurous odor was none other than a great devil beast. Scales and wings, horns, and a fiery maw. It wielded a flaming whip and a cruel sword. It spoke and warned us not to come toward the portal. It was a guardian sent by its master, Dispater, Lord of the 2nd Plane of Hell. Lord Dispater had slain the demi-lich and freed his captives and then had taken possession of the Eye of the Serpent. This devil was left as a guardian to a portal to the hells opened by his master to access the demi-lich’s domain. 

No foul abomination of life like this devil should exist on Aedon’s creation! We charged to battle. 

The creature had cracked the floor to access the warmth of the volcano and leaping across the pit was our first obstacle. Krett closed quickly with the devil but was once again struck with fear. His lack of will often lead him to a lack of faith. I promised myself that I would counsel him at my next opportunity. The winged devil then called forth other members of his kind that joined the battle. Brak lay into the winged devil with his great axe and slew the beast with little help from the others. Young Brak was becoming more of an epic hero with each passing moment. I knew then that one day sages would sing of his greatness. 

We fought together well, I called forth the healing arts of Aedon and others concentrated on defeating the enemies. Krett regained his courage and fought well. We bested the devils and I will say that a smile creased my face when it was done. To be in such a company of heroes is second only to the pride I feel as a servant of Aedon.

The portal to the hells was before us. The party grew quiet. Each of us knew what it would mean if we journeyed through the portal. We paused for a moment and decided to find a place to rest before going on.

The Isle of the Serpent
A forgotten isle, a lost city, and a deadly temple await...


It was Greengrass the 10th in the year 638 CF when I met my old friend Osk Stonecrusher in the streets of Brie. The old dwarf had just returned from a quest to the Veronian Mountains where he and his companions slayed a dragon and learned that Krett’s brother, Ashford, had been sold into slavery as a gladiator in Alon Ruhn. 

Osk told me that Krett had suffered much on the quest. Not only did he learn of his brothers fate but his young squire, Kalf, had also been slain. I was saddened to learn of the young boy’s death but knew with in my heart that he was resting with his god, Morganti, for his faithful obedience to him. 

Osk invited me to see the site of his new temple the next day and I promised to come by and see it.

When I arrived at the building site Osk had a pair of strange visitors. One was a tall handsome half-elf, with a dashing demeanor who was armed with a pair of katanas. He went by the name of Aerandir and introduced himself as the captain of the ship, Vengeance. The other stranger was his first mate, a tall, well muscled minotaur, clothed in a white tunic and sandals, as is the custom of the south. He spoke no language of humans or elf, instead he communicated in animal grunts that only the captain could understand. His name was Krator. 

Aerandir explained that he was in search of an Osk Stonecrusher that once journeyed to the mysterious Isle of the Serpent Lords and wondered if my friend, Osk, was somehow related. Apparently the sea captain had found a map and information on how to sail to this island where a very valuable topaz stone was said to be hidden, the Eye of the Serpent. The Eye of the Serpent was said to have been taken from the Mother of All Dragons in the Land Beyond the Rising Sun at the dawn of recorded time. Aerandir was interested in acquiring the stone to a settle a debt he owed. To my fascination both Osk’s turned out to be one in the same. Osk then spun his tale of time traveling two thousand years into the past with Loring Silchester and how he and the others met their ends at the hands of a demi-lich. 

Aerandir was in need of a crew for his ship and Osk arranged for my old companions to come and visit him. His plan was to broker a deal between both sides that would allow Krett and the others to get to Alon Ruhn.

Later in the day Krett, Phariss, Brak, and Sariya arrived at Osk’s temple site. Introductions were made and a bargain was struck. Krett and the others agreed to work onboard the Vengeance and help retrieve the topaz in exchange for transportation to Alon Ruhn.

The party was soon assembled and set sail from Brie on Greengrass the 12th. It is to be a voyage of nearly three months to the Isle of the Serpent. I agreed to go in hopes that I could return to my homeland.

The months aboard the Vengeance allowed us all time to learn about each other and the workings of a sea vessel, but I was glad to see land when we spotted the Isle of the Serpent on Liruana the 8th.

The island itself wasn’t large and its terrain was dominated by a large volcano. The entire island is covered in heavy tropical vegetation. We spot a gigantic bird capturing a elephant and flying off to the horizon.

We circled the island and scout for a good landing spot. Using Aerandir’s map we make for the southern tip of the island. The next day we made our way to shore in small row boats and came to an abandoned village. All that remained were the ruins of huts and a stone tower. As we advanced into the village we were assaulted by three white apes that were quickly dispatched.

An old path led out of the village into the tropical forest. We decided to follow it. According to Aerandir’s map the temple that hides the great stone is in the cauldron of the volcano.

Following the path we encountered all manner of strange tropical beasts making our way to the rim of the cauldron. First was a spider that laired in an abandoned tree, next were strange green skinned pigmies riding giant lizards, but the most dangerous proved to be a many headed serpent beast that came from the deeps and attempted to trample us down. None of the creatures proved a real threat and each one was dispatched with great efficiency with might and magic.

After spending a night camped in an old cave previously occupied by a large snake that we dined on that evening we arrived at the rim of the volcano. Below us was a crumbling city of ancient buildings. With no apparent way to the bottom we walked the rim until we found a tall tree that grew close to the rim. After some discussion the group the best course of action was to leap across to the tree and climb down.

It was a difficult task and one that saw Phariss nearly killed by invisible assailants that shot poisoned darts at us as we climbed to the bottom. Once in the city we began to scout the city. We spotted a few strange inhabitants but made an effort to avoid them. The city was filled with strange noises of beasts and birds.

We journeyed through the streets making our way to the ziggurat that Aerandir believed to house the great stone.

Near an intersection of several streets we were attacked by the strange green pigmies once again, this time Phariss used his magical fire to burn the trees and the pigmies that ran screaming from us. (Showing more intelligence than you would think a primitive pigmy would have). I was reminded of a saying from my home while watching the trees burn “I am become Death, the destroyer of Worlds”. We were a deadly troupe that had yet to meet there match in combat. Oh, the folly of those days before we encountered what lay ahead in the coming years.

We arrived at the ziggurat and journeyed to the top. At the top we had a splendid view of the ancient city. Soon we found a secret passage below the altar stone and journeyed down into the temple.

The first chamber we came to was a warning of what was to come. A great statue of a snarling dragon blocked a hidden tunnel. The only way that it could be moved was through the sacrifice of ones blood. I remember little after this.

When I came to I found myself in a hall deep with the temple. From the stories that the others told to me we had bested several cunning traps designed to keep robbers from the ancient treasures. Phariss was still injured from Sariya’s lighting blast.

We traveled down a narrow hall to a room filled with broken jade. Beyond this chamber we battled a mummified centaur. 

After besting the centaur we nearly all perished after following Aerandir down a shaft that lead to a room filled with a diorama of the lands of the dead. While exploring here Brak fell victim to the room’s magic and forgot who he was and why he was here, a gibbering mass of mouths and claws nearly did him in. When we made our way from he chamber we found a pile of gold sitting in the hall beyond. Heedless of possible dangers the party divided the gold and unleashed a cloud of deadly mold into the air. I pray to Aedon that the mold doesn’t fester in our lungs. We found two hidden doors off from the hall and journeyed into each of them

In the first we found a room of strange mirrors and a pool of golden water. The water temporarily turned items to gold and the mirrors seemed to impart cryptic messages to us. Deciding that the magic of the mirrors should be left alone we inspected the other secret passage.

It brought us to a room that divided the party and put Krett, Aerandir, Brak, and Phariss to a great challenge, or so they said. Moments after the door dropped down it was opened. Pharris looked troubled. Aerandir tossed a jade mask to the ground and Brak looked as if a cold chill had just gone up his spine. One wonders what they have done. I prayed that merciful Aedon protect me on my journey home. 

Honor and Glory
A Treasure horde like no other

From the Journal of Krett DeCovelet, Knight of Brie

Dagdha 28th, 638

We camp after battle with the Fire Giants. I honor Kalf’s first battle by blooding him with fire giant blood, he showed great bravery when he attacked the Hell Hound.

Growfest 1st, 638

We awake to a frosty cold morning. Break camp and head north west on the trail. The mountains are getting steeper and higher. We crossed a ridge and work our way down into a valley. We spot a young man covered in colored furs with green eyes and a rough red beard pulling a sled piled with fur pelts. He goes by the name of Willmark. We parlay with him and he tells us he saw a patrol on the eastern trail.

We continue onwards until the northern trail branches off going high up a mountainside. We head up the steep trail. Brak spots a leather strap protruding from the snow. We investigate. It takes some time but we dig out a frozen horse with packs. The packs contain bread, cheese, hammers, and pitons. Also we discover a note from the missing patrol. It gives an account of there first five days travel in the mountains. It mentions creatures from the southern swamps and a crystal clear lake. They appear to have fallen victim to a turn in the weather.

Hiking to the top of the trail we find lake in the crater of the dormant volcano. Inside the cone it is warm and humid. A tower has fallen and is still leaning against the outer wall of the crater. A drawbridge covered in slippery algae leads out to the broken towe . I cover some of the bridge with sand and then notice at least three giant crocodiles in the lake. Osk attacks one of the crocs with a spiritual axe of his goddess and they swim away. I finish spreading sand on the drawbridge but do not enter into the tower. We make camp. Brak, Kalf and I are on watch for the night.

Growfest 2nd

Kalf doesn’t wake me for my watch. He is gone. We find his dagger on the beach. A path leads up the crater wall to a very large worked stone passage into the volcano. It appears to dwarven or gnomish work. It is immense. No sign of Kalf. Where could the boy be. Can I forgive myself if something has befallen him?

We gather at the camp. Phariss tries to scry and determine his location but only sees a black image. Osk asks an Haela using his augury bones and determines we should go down the tunnel.

We enter the tunnel leaving our horses at the entrance. It is a long smooth hall. A portcullis falls cutting us off from Forg, who plummets into a pit. We quickly realize the tunnel was an illusion as its real nature is revealed. We stand at the end of a rough hewn hall that looks into the blackness of a great cavern. Then the claws and head of a massive red dragon appear. It is nearly two hundred feet in length! In a low voice it rumbles “The snack was delicious last night, I’m glad you came for the main course!”.

A great anger rises in me and I charge forward.

Battle ensues! The ancient dragon belches fire and Sariya is soon near death. Brak, Phariss, and myself deliver a series of powerful blows and cowardly serpent retreats into the darkness to lick its wounds. Forg joins us when Brak throws open the portcullis. We pursue the beast by lowering ourselves into the pit.

The dragon cowers at the far end of the cavern. We charge forward ready to slay the beast or make a noble end. The dragon swipes at us with its large claws, we dodge them as we close. It begins to cast a spell and we foil its attempt.

Phariss has disappeared. Sariya is hobbled but makes for an adjoining cavern to see what is there.

The dragon soon realizes we are not some easy meal to be devoured and makes a run or flight for its sleeping chamber. We chase dragon into its sleeping chamber. As we run down the long cavern into its bed chamber the great beast tries to stop our pursuit with a large boulder. I’m able to leap through to the other side before the boulder seals off the dragon in the safety of its lair. I’m joined by the dwarves, Osk and Forg. Brak is trapped on the other side. It breathes again and kills Forg. I swing and kill the dragon with one final blow. Praise Morganti!

The boulder is moved and the party rejoined.

Still no Kalf! Sariya finds the silver necklace of Kalf’s and we assume the worse. I heal up a little but my spirit is still troubled. What has become of my young squire?

We find another cavern beyond the sleeping chamber with a treasure horde. The scene is one of bewilderment. Never before have I seen such riches. An entire intact merchant ship, the Scorpion, is in the chamber. Torn open the ships contents is spilled out across the cavern’s floor. A pile of coins the size of small hill is crowned with a magnificent gilded carriage. We search through the wreckage of the ship and find the captain’s chambers and his log books. We discover that it was pirate ship captained by Ragon. In his filthy ledgers are his dealings with slavers to the south. In the lists I find proof that my brother Ashford was sold as a slave to Malzik Templeton in Alon-Ruhn. So perhaps he didn’t turn to a life of piracy, should I hope to think that he still lives? 

We spend many days resting and sorting through the dragon’s horde. It is to much to return to civilization and so we decide to take what we can and seal the room with the great boulder.

We have a burial for Kalf and Forg. I still cannot believe the young lad is gone.

Growfest 5th, 638

We travel back down trail and then east to Castleford Keep. We come to side trail that has a cave at the top. Sariya changes into a falcon and reconnoiters. Occupied by a gnome with a long nose and beard, perhaps those that brought Sir Hujer to the High King’s Keep?. We decide to ignore him and continue on and make camp.

Growfest 6th, 638

We come to an old stone bridge that spans a rapid river appears “elven made”. I make little note of it my mind is fixed on the fate of Kalf and the possibility that my brother yet lives. Continue over the bridge and eventually come to statues known as the “Elven sisters”. We camp on the plains.

Growfest 7th, 638

It is “Fools Day”, was I a fool to take on such a charge as Kalf when I myself was still learning? We arrive at Keep Castleford. Its been a sad adventure. First Kalf’s death, Forg slayed by dragon fire and then Ashford sold as a slave. Report to Lord Spenlow, and give briefing of our travel. Are treated with respect by the military.

Greengrass 1st

We set off for Brie. We stay in Great Falls and arrive in Brie on Greengrass the 10th. 

The death of Kalf has made me realize that all the glorious talk of duty, loyalty, honor that I heard growing up was mostly just vanity on the part of my father.  Real honor is not attained by birthright, and is not bestowed from a family name.  Real duty is the responsibility one has for making the world around him a better place for all.  Real loyalty is the sacrifice one makes for his comrades.  Real honor is courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Kalf, the weak, inexperienced peasant boy, showed me more duty, loyalty, and honor than my father ever has.  I will not let his memory pass in vain.

Fire and Ice
What Mysteries Lay in the Snowy Mountains of the North

From the Journal of Krett DeCovelet, Knight of Brie.

Dagdha 22nd, 638 CF

We leave Brie early in the morning, travel all day. Brak, Forg and I each man a four hour watch during the night. What has become of my brother? How did his medal end up in the Northern Mountains? Is he alive? I hope to learn his fate and set my mind at ease/

Dagdha 23rd, 638 CF

We enter the foothills of the Veronian Mountains, traveling all day. The weather is cold. The mountains are capped with snow. The Briean plains to the east roll on endlessly toward the horizon. We spend the evening at the small town of Claresholm. We find a tavern, The Three Stags. It is a pleasant homely inn. I’m accorded the curtsies due a knight. The dwarves are regarded with some suspicion but nothing unkind is said. We eat a good meal and pay for 5 rooms for the evening. The beds are a comfortable change from sleeping upon the cold ground.

Dagdha 24th, 638 CF

Frost on the ground. Mountains to the west loom larger and more imposing. The wind is bitterly cold this far North this early in Spring. We make a small camp after a hard days travel. I spend time instructing young Kalf in the teachings of Morganti and the finer points of brushing a horse down. He seems to enjoy the lecture and is a fast learner.

Dagdha 25th, 638 CF

Late in the day when we arrive at the High King’s Keep. We are introduced to the Sergeant-at-arms Hudd Longbone. Baron Cywyn Bonham invites us to a meeting with him. We stable the horses then go to the main hall to meet with Baron. The Baron tells us that the missing patrol was mapping out a little used path that lead up into the mountains and along the western border with the Arcanian Reich before curving back to the East and ending near a set of old elven statues called the Two Sisters. The patrol was to spend a month along the path watching the Reich and making for Keep Castleford. They never arrived and when Sir Hujer arrived back at the High King’s Keep he was a week overdue. Hujer suffered from physical wounds, frostbite and was badly burned. He was buried at the keep with full honors. The Baron is a generous man and offers his guest chambers to me and his wife’s chambers to Sariya. We both decline the nicety and make camp with the others in the guard barracks. Our beds are simple cots. The rude noises of the common soldiers take some getting use to but after months on the road with Brak and Osk I manage to settle into a good sleep.

Dagdha 26th, 638 CF

Embark on the trail towards the passage between Mount Torch and the Roaring Peak. The Veronian Mountains are home to several active volcanoes whose smokey plumes waft into the air. Occasionally a rumbling can be felt under foot. Forg seems unsettled by these rough surroundings. We spot a majestic giant eagle as it flies overhead. We camp in a draw, an excellent defensible position for the evening, also protected from the cold mountain winds. I find the air here difficult to breath and find myself short of breath. I must not show any discomfort or weakness to the others and so I continue on with out complaint. I do not know how dwarves can stomach living in mountains such as these.

Dagdha 27th, 638 CF

Today we continued along the mountain passage, slowly gaining altitude. Brak spots a switch back and we investigate. All of us find ourselves climbing a short cliff face. I have Kalf remain with the horses. At the top we can see the mountains summit not far from us. We stand along a long ridge that runs the along the spine of the mountain. Here we discover a giant eagle eerie along the mountain ridge. It is unoccupied but two or three large eggs can be seen inside the nest. Realizing that the parent could be close by we decide to retreat down, but not before one of the parents returns. Brak claims to have spoken with the beast, but his Half-Orc imagination often gets the best of him. Forg takes a fall and is injured, he is having difficulty adjusting to life in the wilderness.

We travel back to the main path and continue on. We come to a mountain lake, crystal clear and shimmering like a mirror. We search around the lake following a narrow path to the west. Along the western shore we find an old campsite. Some investigation points to our missing patrol having spent some time here. We find a small cave and make camp for the evening at the edge of the lake. In the middle of the night, Mount Torch erupts nearby. We flee. Carefully we work are way around the lava flow toward higher ground. We make a camp on the high ground that evening and get some restless sleep.

Dagdha 28th, 638 CF

We break camp late and avoid the lava flows that are still cooling. Brak’s barbarian curiosity with things such as the lava will one day get the better of him. I notice him eying the cooling magma and warn him not to touch it. Towards even we come to a three way intersection along the path. The clearing made from the intersecting pathways is filled with a large camp. Five huge bonfires burn and set about are crude pelts and blankets. The camp is home to five massive fire giants, black skin and fiery red beards. They move about the camp making it ready for the evening. On a large roasting spit a giant eagle is cooking. After some discussion we decided we must end this menace. We attack.

All of the giants are killed as are their hell hound pets. We were able to win because of the blessings of Morganti and the magic of Phariss’s haste spell. We take a huge haul of gold, silver and platinum coins and jewels. Praise be Morganti!

The Rat King at last!
The Campaign Takes a Tiny Turn...

Dagdha 11th, 638 CF

The party followed Loring and his guards out of the castle. Loring gathered himself, taking his sword from a castle boy and ordering his horses be brought around. Before leaving the grounds himself he sent his city guards ahead to surround the Hisvit estate.

Eilenna was taken into custody by castle guards and Osk snatches her black medallion away from her before she is hauled to the dungeons.

By the time Loring and the party reach Lord Balrinnim Hisvit’s estate it has been surrounded by city watchmen. Torches blaze in the night sky. The estate is protected by a ten foot high wall that runs around the perimeter of nearly two acres. The house sits towards the middle of the property and is accessed through an iron gate and cobble stone walkway. The house itself is a two story stone structure with a second story cat-walk that wraps around an open air garden below.

Guardsmen had already pulled the gates open and tried to gain entry through the front door only to be blown to small bits by a protective ward left on the door. Loring ignored all the pleas of his guard as well as those from the party to leave the capture of Lord Hisvit to them. He bravely, or perhaps foolishly, proceeded toward the front door.

At the entry hall the party and Loring ascended a pair of stairs and did battle with a metal golem armed with a pair of swords. Crushing blows from the party’s mighty weapons made short work of the automaton.

After gaining entry to the second floor they scoured it looking for Hisvit or clues to his whereabouts. They came up empty handed but did conclude that Loring must have enjoyed his private time with Eilenna considering the mirror found in her bed chamber and his wolfish grin when it was mentioned to him.

Down stairs they quickly found Hisvit’s office and tore it apart, finding a map that matched up with the one from Dolnaz’s lair. While they were studying the map a team of were rats attacked from the darkened adjacent room. The rats attempted to use the room’s furniture pieces as cover but quickly fell to the axe of Brak and the sword’s of Krett.

After dispatching the were rats they came to the estate’s kitchen and root cellar. The cellar was searched and it was discovered that one of the wine barrels was hollow. It concealed a secret passage that led to a hidden basement.

The small basement had two interesting features, one was a stack of grain in burlap sacks and the other – a matching dais of pinkish stone – streaked with black and white. The dais like the one found in Dolnaz’s lair had four small sink like depressions carved onto the surface. But unlike the first this one still had the key to activating a small hidden door nearby. Hisvit’s staff was propped up near a curiously shaped hole in the dais. When the staff was inserted into the key hole a small secret panel slid to the side revealing a passage large enough for only a rat or squirrel to fit through.

While the party debated what they should do next, Phariss found a hidden door behind the sacks of grain. Brak, who had earlier rendered the grain useless by relieving himself on it was forced to move them out of the way.

When the door was opened a second basement chamber was revealed. This one filled with many of the items Balrinnim and his gang had stolen from estate’s across Brie. Osk decided to inspect it before Phariss took everything valuable….

Inside they found a bandoleer of small vials that contained a formula causing the person to shrink to about 3 inches tall. Sariya bravely or perhaps foolishly drank one and melted away to nearly nothing. She was small enough to ride on the back of her squirrel, which she did.

When Osk and Phariss entered the treasure chamber a demonic guardian was summoned to prevent them from doing so. The guardian came in the shape of horned dog that belched fire.

It charged the party and used its flaming breath to seriously burn several members before Brak killed the beast with blows from his mighty axe.

During the fray Sariya and her squirrel had taken to the small tunnel believing they would have little impact on the battle.

The party would follow after the battle was won. Each, except Osk, drank one of the potions and shrank to a small size. Osk used a magical potion of his own to the same effect.

Meeting down the tunnel they regrouped and explored two branches before encountering the Rat King – an undead mass of writhing rat bodies.

The Rat King refused to give up Hisvit but did speak of a hive mind and an organization of rats beneath the city before being slain by the party.

Tiny in stature and surrounded by hungry rats the party decided to retreat back to the basement and seal the passage behind them.

By then the King’s men had begun to search the house and the party retired to some much needed rest in the early morning hours.

Dagdha 12th, 638 CF

The next morning they reported to the castle for breakfast with Loring. Loring thanked the party for saving the city and rewarded each member with a gift. He told Phariss his estate would be tax free for as long as his family owned the property and invited him to join the King’s Warders. He asked Krett to join the ranks of the Knights of Brie. Osk was given a set of dwarven armor forged in Stonehaven, Sariya a lovely silver and diamond necklace, and Brak lifetime membership to the Vault of Oghma.

Loring told them no sign of Lord Hisvit could be found and that the estate would be razed after the investigation.

From that point the days went quickly by, soon it was a week later and life in the city was returning to normal. The Hisvit estate had been razed and Osk granted the land by Loring to construct a temple to Haela. Secretly he and Forg had located Forg’s armor beneath the ruins of the grain warehouse. In thanks for his help Forg gave Osk one of his darksteele axes.

Dagdha 20th, 638 CF

A message arrives from Krett’s father, Ashton, asking him to come to the family estate the next day at noon.

It is then that Krett tells the rest of the party of his brother’s fate and his hand in it.

Dagdha 21st, 638 CF

The party decides to travel with Krett to his father’s estate to offer support at what was to be a difficult meeting. Krett was received by his father’s old major-domo, Hobbs. They found the estate kept shrouded in darkness with furniture covered with tarps and dust. The interior was warmed only by a small fire. Ashton’s reception was as just as cold.

Ashton revealed that Krett’s brother, Ashford’s metal from the Trinidad games had been found by a knight in the mountains north of Brie while on patrol. The knight, Sir Hujer, was near death when a group of deep gnomes brought him back to the High King’s Keep. He babbled about fire and frost before succumbing to death. He had the medal of Ashford with him. It was returned to Brie after the name of “DeCovelet” was recognized.

Ashton informed the party that Loring fears something evil is creeping into Brie from the Arcanian Reich by way of the mountains. Ashton tells Krett that the king desires to find out what happened to Sir Hujer and that he wishes to know how his son’s medal ended up in the mountains of Brie. Krett is given the task and is dismissed.

The Blood Moon Festival
A Night of Poisoned Knives and Betrayal

Dagdha 9th

From the dust covered hallway the party ventured into a large chamber with a vaulted ceiling. Three sets of stairs led up and away from the chamber. Along the southern wall was a raised dais and a plaster covered bricked over archway.

While Forg helped Krett remove his mud caked armor the party scanned the room. They inspected the halls and found that one was filled with debris while the other two ascended upwards.

After Krett had strapped on his plate armor the party inspected the dais and plastered archway. Elven runes decorated the entire surface of the plastered area. Sariya leaned in close to read them..Overlord Yukio, Master of Corruption, Countess Shinjo, Mistress of Death, Baron Akira, the Defiler, Ukita, Prince of Lies, Princess Okano, the Seducer….

When she pushed away the cobwebs to get a better view of the plaster runes five stones that marked the corners and the keystone of the archway began to glow. Sariya deduced that a name could be tapped out onto the glowing stones. The two dwarves and Phariss stepped back as she tapped out Okano on the five glowing stones.

When she was done the plaster cracked and the bricks dropped down into the floor revealing a yawning portal filled with stale air. In the darkness lay a single figure in elven great armor on top of a marble slab. Krett detected evil with in the darkened vault and then advanced forward. Everyone but Sariya followed him into the burial chamber.

The solitary figure rose from the slab as they entered. It wore the armor of a great celestial elf, including a great helm and face mask of leering black demon. It drew a pair of elven blades, one which burst into flame. It then ran up the wall to the ceiling where it launched a flurry of attacks at Krett.

Forg drew forth his broadsword and leapt to the top of the marble slab so he could reach the creature. He was soon joined by Phariss. Brak struck with his large axe and Krett landed several hammering blows with his two blades.

Osk called on Haela to hold the undead creature but it had no effect, however his prayer spell was answered and of much use. Sariya cast a Slow spell, hoping to help the party but instead ended up slowing several members down….

When the vampire was slain the party removed its head and filled it’s mouth with holy water, they also drove a stake into its heart. Then set about plundering the crypt.

Phariss took the vampire’s flaming katana and matching wakizashi. Sariya took the black cloak with silver runes and Forg took some of the armor. The dwarf strapped on the elven mail with plans to replace it soon.

From the crypt the party followed one of the passage ways up and out of the underground, emerging into another crypt. A rusted set of iron rungs led up to a trap door into a family crypt.

The crypt was covered in cobwebs and dust. Interred bodies were all around, shrouded and lifeless. A set of footprints in the dust led to a fresh corpse of a young fair skinned boy.

Bailey Raynar

The companions gathered around and prodded the body, wary after their last encounter. The boys eyes suddenly sprung open and a smile creased his face. He explained that he was not dead and in fact he was quite alive. He introduced himself as Bailey Raynar and explained that he often napped in the crypt because nobody ever disturbed him here. To the horror of the party the boy explained that the crypt belonged to the Elegans family, of which Sieboldiana was a member.

After that news settled in they found out that the boy had recently escaped his keeper, none other than Krett’s grandfather, Sir Asher. It happened just after the battle against the Betrayer’s army last year. Since then he has made his way south trying to stay out of trouble. He showed the party to the door and explained that the city was nearby and that they were in the Cairn Hills just outside the city walls.

He suggested that they use the West Gate to the city and if needed they could bribe a guard by the name of Cyrus there to gain entry.

Fascinated by the map carrying Half-Orc he decided to travel with the party until they neared the city before taking leave and disappearing into the trees off the main road.

Dagdha 10th, 638 CF

At the city gates the party found themselves placed under arrest on charges of murder. Apparently Balrinnim Hisvit’s grain warehouse had burned and several bodies were found inside and the party were the chief suspects in the case.

Deciding that running or fighting was dishonorable they surrendered their weapons and under protest were locked in a cell at the bottom of one of the gate towers.

Phariss avoided capture by disappearing. After making plans with the rest of the party he headed off to his estate to get word to Magnus Mott and Giles Colke that the city and the King were at risk because of Balrinnim Hisvit’s plan to use the Chaos seed.

Phariss found his estate under guard but slipped by unnoticed and found Magnus in his cottage. Magnus agreed to help; promising to get word to Colke as well as the King or one of his officials. Magnus also agreed to look after Kalf.

Phariss left the estate and journeyed back to his imprisoned companions.

In the mean time, the companions had managed to bribe the guard, despite the protest’s of Krett who refused to deal with the dishonest man-at-arms. Instead Krett promised to bring him to justice.

Before the guard could spring them Phariss returned and Sariya’s pet squirrel brought them the jailer’s keys.

When Cyrus had retrieved their weapons Osk used Haela’s powers to turn the stone into a small tunnel which they escaped. Not before Krett grabbed Cyrus and locked him up.

The party dashed into the alley behind the tower and soon disappeared into the Sea Ward streets.

As wanted fugitives they traveled to Ales Foxe’s bordello to seek information and a place to hide from the city watch.

Morgan freeman by point taken

Ales Foxe

Foxe was more than accommodating to Phariss and the others, claiming it was a small gesture to return the long friendship he had shared with Phariss’s grandfather, Sir Rycard.

Foxe agreed to help them sneak into the Castle of Brie during Loring’s mock Blood Moon festival the next evening.

Dagdha 11th, 638 CF

They spend the day preparing for that evening and when it arrives travel to the castle as part of Foxe’s entourage.

When they enter the castle they find the party in full swing. Loring is seen sitting on his throne with his lady, Eileena.

As the party made there way towards Loring, Giles Colke approaches them and asks to speak in private.

They accompany him to a small private chapel on the second floor.

When the door shuts behind them Giles mutters a weak apology as assassins step forth from the shadows with drawn poisoned daggers.

A battle ensues. Osk commands some to stand as iron. Sariya slows a few more and the warriors charge forward. Phariss spins around and faces Giles. Before he can finish the turncoat he is cut down and falls into an unconscious stupor.

The assassins are no match for the party and soon all of them are killed including Giles.

The party hurries from the room and as they draw nearer to Loring, Osk casts a dispel magic spell upon him breaking the charm that had held him enthralled to Eileena.

As the guards close in on the party Loring hears the shouts from his friend Osk and waves them off. Osk points out that Eileena has duped him and that his entire city is a risk.

Eileena attempts to escape but is held by Osk. Loring orders his guard to find Balrinnim Hisvit at once as well as bring him his sword!

Quick its a Trap!
The Party Goes Under the City...will they return?

Dagdha 6th, 638 CF

As the metal juggernaut stepped forward Sariya, Phariss and Osk unleashed magical attacks to no effect. Krett rushed forward summoning the name of Morganti and was soon joined by Brak and Forg.

The whirling chains of the foul golem proved dangerous but no match in the end for the company, nor did the were rats that attacked from behind during the battle. Brak, Krett, and Forg struck the metal beast repeatedly until one blow sliced it in half. 

When a team of were rats came sneaking in from the rear Osk blocked four of them from going any further. Haela’s power held one after the next frozen in place and unable to advance. The other were rats fell victim to Phariss and his Wand of Color Spray.

When the battle was done an argument broke out among the party over what to do with the prisoners. Osk had already killed the were rats he had paralyzed but Phariss and the others had awakened four of them stunned by the Color Spray in order to parlay.

Phariss promised not to have them killed if they cooperated, something Osk was not in agreement with. Forg was in favor of turning them over to the city watch and soon Krett that was convinced this was the best course of action. During the debate they did learn that Dolnazz had recruited the bandits with in the last year to be a part of his gang. The prisoners also told them that Dolnazz answered to others but they didn’t know who. They knew that Dolnazz kept his quarters locked and stored some of the gang’s loot there.

The party gathered up the captives and inspected the rest of the hide out. They found a chamber that was decorated with a black tapestry depicting a silver fang. The chamber also had a map of the sewer tunnels under the High Court Ward of the city. Then they located a a storage hall where they uncovered supplies, including grain marked with the Grain Guild’s seal.

Next they inspected the gang member’s common room. The place was filled with crude beds and tables. Not much of interest was found here.

At the end of the hall they found the door to Dolnazz’s office. It was locked, so Brak used his foot to smash the door down. Inside they searched through the writing table for clues to what was happening in the city. They found several notes and other useful pieces of information. They also discovered a secret door hidden behind a purple curtain. Brak overturned the bed but found nothing. The only door leading out of the chamber was locked. It took the strong shoulder of the paladin to force it open. 

Beyond the door they found the remainder of the gang’s loot as well as a caged squirrel. The loot was mainly made up of loose coin inside chests but they did uncover a jewelry haul as well as a number of large household furnishing. They left the furnishings so they could be returned to the proper owners but took some of the coins and jewels for themselves.

The squirrel took a liking to Sariya when she freed it from the cage. Phariss was wary of the scary beast….

In addition to treasure they found a black chest with a carved skull on the surface. When Brak pulled it open after attempts to pick the lock failed he nearly spilled the contents of a single crystal tube. The crystal tube was stoppered at the end and contained a strange swirling gray sand. The party concluded it was Chaos Seed??. Brak took possession of it. 

After satisfying themselves that all was taken or seen with in the chamber that was of use or value they left and headed for the surface. 

Once back on the streets they turned in the prisoners to the city watch and informed the night watch man that they had uncovered a large cache of stolen goods.

Dagdha 7th, 638 CF

It was the wee hours of the morning when they arrived back at the Rend Estate. They were met by Magnus Mott at the front door. He had just returned from Westport. They held off sleeping for a bit longer so they could fill each other in on what was happening in the city.

Mott left for the Scales of Justice with Brak’s sewer map.

Sleep soon followed for everyone, waking just after noon. 

The party first went together to exchange some coin and gems at the money changer in the market. They found the market nearly empty.

The money changer told them that all the shops had been ordered closed by the High Constable because of the wave of madness that was spreading across the city. 

It was decided that they needed to spring to action and solve this problem.

They split up.

Osk sent word to his friend Loring that the city was in danger and he knew how.

The party traveled to see the Elder Eye together only to find no one home at the Tower of Sorcery.

They then went to the Grain Guild and found out that the initials on the note might belong to a member there, Balrinnim Hisvit. Hisvit operates a grain warehouse by the docks in the Sea Ward.

They headed that direction. When they arrived they met a skinny man with the face of a weasel. He excused himself on the promise he’d return with Hisvit.

The party waited a moment before peaking behind the curtain and seeing the man disappear into the floor.

The party gave chase. They found a pair of stairs descending down into the sewers once again. At the bottom of the stairs they found a swallow pool of water and wooden door. They found a hidden door and avoided a trap that blew glass fragments into the air. They squeezed down a narrow tunnel beyond the hidden door after avoiding the trap and came to a single door.

Beyond the door smoke billowed around a group of armed bandits and sinister cleric who was busy calling upon dark powers. A battle commenced and the foes where vanquished quickly. A single door leads further into the sewers.

The door led into a short hall that ended in a set of old stone stairs, damp with moisture. The stairs led to a door. Krett advanced up to the door and Phariss checked it for tripwires.

The party advanced through the door and encountered a room with a floor made up of the tops of prison cells. Each sell held a crumpled humanoid form laying still on the ground ten feet below. Across the room a Half-Orc named Cimorn called to the companions to retreat or die.

Krett charged the Half-Orc raising the name of Morganti and drawing his swords. The rest of party followed one by one until just Sariya was left at the entrance. The Half-Orc was joined by a team of well concealed archers who fired volleys of arrows at the heroes. Cimorn had a surprise for the party, he ordered the prison cages lowered and soon all the companions found themselves tumbling to the ground.

Then crumbled forms dragged themselves up an attacked revealing themselves to be zombies. The zombies used fists as hard as a tree limbs to unleash severe beatings on the party before being finally being subdued. Osk was unable to turn them and they were highly resistant to damage. Krett slayed many, as did the battle axe of the barbarian. During the battle Sariya was targeted by the archers after she attacked with magical bolts of energy.

Cimorn retreated as the tide of battle began to turn in the parties favor. At the end of the battle, the party was badly wounded and Sariya was left unconscious and near death.

Scouting ahead the party discovered just past the chamber the remaining half-orcs had barricaded part of the hallway with an overturned table and created a defensive wall just inside their quarters. The party charged forward hoping to catch the weasel faced man before he escaped. The Half-Orcs proved easy foes but a crippled, ancient warlock did not as he evoked lightning and magical missiles on Krett and Brak. During the battle the weasel faced man was spotted disappearing into darkness in an adjoining room.

After defeating the wizard they quickly searching the fallen and the two chambers the party pursued the weasel faced man. They located a secret door and passage in the wizard’s chamber that was used by the feeling man. Inside the hidden chamber they found a small coffer and a book of spells. The book was destroyed when it caught fire after a glyph exploded on it when opened.

Not pausing long, the party made their way down the narrow passage, so narrow that some needed to removed armor to fit.

Then they became victims of a cunning trap. A pit was open in the corridor ahead. When Brak jumped across it he vanished into the floor on the other side . Soon Osk followed. And Krett. The confused party eventually deduced that the first pit was an illusion and the real pit was just beyond, hidden from view by a second illusion.

Just before trying to jump the pit Phariss found a trap door down to a skiff that followed the current down stream. Forg refused to travel on the water and so Krett stayed behind with the dwarf as the rest of the party scouted ahead on the skiff. The skiff’s guide line was chewed apart by rats and the boat went floating out of control. The party was able to make a rough landing on a rotted dock before going over a waterfall.

They were soon joined by Krett that came to investigate when the guide line was cut.

From the dock they passed down a corridor that led to a large cavern with the water fall they spotted on the river. They also saw the weasel faced man and others running into a cavern.

Giving chase they lost the trail when a hooded figure with a snout threw a series of portcullis down before disappearing around a corner.

The portcullis slowed the party and then the floor opened up under them sending them dropping into darkness.

The drop deposited them in a rapid underground river where several members nearly drowned. Pulling themselves up on a nearby beach they set up a small came near a whirlpool. They would rest for several days.

Dagdha 8th-9th, 638 CF

During that time Forg braved the water and dragged himself up on shore to rejoin the party.

After a much needed rest the party set out to find its way back to the surface.

First, they crawled threw a rat warren filled with giant rodents that tried several times to assault the party. The warren led to a hall of some ancient origin, cut of a white stone, aged, cracked and stained with time. Through the ceiling a waste pipe trickled sewage that spilled down into the middle of the hall and into a deep chasm.

With few other options the party decided to crawl up the sewage pipe. Krett led the way. The pipe came to an end in a mud filled cistern. With only room to crawl Krett searched about, half buried in mud and slime. Pulling up a large flail he discovered that one side of the cistern has a wall of exposed bricks, smashing through those revealed a dusty, dry hall. Still deep beneath a city in chaos will the party reach the city in time to save it from madness?

The Sewers Await....
What is the large metal creature that stands before us?
Dagdha 5th, 638 CF

In the aftermath of the battle with the were-rat thugs the city watch arrived and began to investigate. They rounded up the characters after finding them in the bloody alley filled with the bodies of the slain thieves.

Fearing what might happen Sariya journeyed up stairs into the second story of the tailor shop and hide in a wardrobe cabinet.

Outside the party, except for Osk, cooperated with the watch as they asked questions and looked over the scene of the battle. Osk grew more and more impatient and soon found himself under arrest, along with Brak, who was cooperating, was arrested as well.

That left Forg and Phariss with the watch who soon concluded that the companions were telling the truth. They let them go and upon finding out the Osk was friends with the King, dispatched a rider to the jail to see that Osk was set free.

Forg and Phariss found Sariya in the tailor shop and learned from the guard outside that one of the bandits was Dolnaz, a local trouble maker. Apparently these thugs were not part of the thieves guild in Brie, the Brother of the Black Hart, though two appeared to be former members. Dolnaz and his gang were independents that worked out of a dilapidated building in the Cutthroat alley neighborhood of the Sea Ward.

Forg, Sariya, and Phariss retrieve Osk and Brak from the city jail and head back to the Rend Estate to confer with Krett.

Dagdha 6th, 638 CF

The entire party journey’s to the Sea Ward to visit Ales Foxe, owner of the Foxe House, a local bordello. Foxe tells them that he and Rycard Rend were friends and helped each other rise to the top of their respective organizations. Rend used Foxe as a contact in the city while working for the King’s Warders. Foxe had just recently given Rend information about a shipment of Chaos Seed that entered into the city aboard the Red Scorn, a sailing ship with the power to travel to other planes. Chaos Seed was rumored to only come from the dusty fields of the Abyss and was known to cause madness in men. The ship’s captain was a man named Vexx.

Cot bp black pearlfigurehead
The Red Scorn

The party decides to pay Vexx a visit and heads to the docks where they find him in the Pirate’s Eye Patch. He takes them to his ship, a large three masted galleon with a strange worn red paint and an angelic female mast head. He tells the party that his ship is hired to those that can pay with no questions ask. He reluctantly gives the party the name of the man that he delivered the seed to, one Dolnaz Vlashsnik, a rogue that operates out of the Cutthroat alley neighborhood.

It seems that fate is leading the party to Cutthroat alley. The party leaves the docks and spends the day preparing to venture to the alley that evening to look for Dolnaz’s hideout in an abandoned building, rumored to be a warehouse.

Arthur   the warrior king by tiobolasdoro
Brother Marcus of Morganti

Krett spends time at the Temple of Morganti discussing private matters with Brother Marcus.

They pick up newly silvered weapons at dusk and head towards Cuttthroat alley.
Arriving after dark at the alley they snoop around the shadowy alleys and back streets, moving silently as possible in the gloom.

When a drunk happens to exit a local dive bar they latch onto the old coot and pay him handsomely to show them Dolnez’s head quarters. The old drunk leads them to a cul-de-sac with an abandoned tenement building at the far end. The building is boarded up and is in a heavy state of decay. Doubting the old man they decide to check the place out before turning him loose. Brak kicks in the front door and releases a pit trap that he and Sariya fall into. Neither is killed but both are wounded.

The interior of the tenement house is filled was debris from the walls and ceilings. Stairs lead to and second floor, but the party chooses to follow a rude path through the rubble with Brak leading the way. Brak is struck by a scything blade as he enters into a long hall. He angrily rips the trap from its gears and tosses it to the side.

The party is convinced that they are in the right place, despite it not being a warehouse. Perhaps the warehouse lays hidden somewhere else on the property.

The search through the rubble uncovers several more traps as well as a nest of giant rats that storm out and attack the party. Brak and Sariya quickly kill and drive off the rats before they can infect anyone with a diseased bite.

At the back of the tenement house the party finds a pair of cellar stairs descending to a lower level. Krett triggers a spear trap as he walked down the stairs, but soon he and the rest of the party are at the bottom.

A search reveals a hidden door along the brick wall that opened up into the sewers beneath the city. The only way to proceed is to walk along the edge of a narrow ledge, while the sewage sweeps by carried by the current.

The sewers
The Sewers of Brie

After gathering themselves to gather and forming up ranks the party cautiously travels down the ledge.

At the far end of the first tunnel, just as it bends to the left the party is attacked by a strange tentacled beast that is hidden in the sewer water. The creature lashes out with its long tentacles and pull them into its maw.

Moscow underground tunnels 6
The Creature lay just at the bend…

A battle ensues. Brak is picked up by the beast and tossed about before Sariya rescues him by enlarging the half orc. The party rains done blows on the creature soon defeating it.

The party spends a great deal of time searching all of the sewage tunnels, including what appeared to be an abandoned storage area.

After traveling all through the tunnels they discovered another secret door that lead to and interior set of passages.

A clanking noise drew the parties attention to a massive metal clockwork creature armed with long barbed chains.


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