A Murder Most Foul
Rain...Rats...and Raving Mad..

Dagdha 3rd, 638 CF

After escaping the Westport the party recuperated from the tower expedition on the Black Talon. The ship was heading northward along the coast toward the city of Brie. It was to be a short trip according to the Captain, Guy Rialle, who estimated a late night arrival on the 4th.

Most of the company took to ship life well, spending time on deck or resting in their quarters. Forg, however, did not. He grumbled and fussed while making his way to the hold where his ale was stored. He then set about consuming it in large quantities until he passed out.

Dagdha 4th, 638 CF

The entire crew was roused when the alarm was sounded that a ship had been spotted following the Black Talon.

It was decided that because they were not in Arapeshian waters the Talon would continue on with out slowing. All morning the second ship gained on them. It was an Arapeshian War Galley and it was using rowers to move itself closer and closer to the Black Talon.

It was the Heart of Oak under the command of Augustus Brodis.

Rialle and the party decided to not go asking for a fight and let the Arapeshian come along side and send over a landing party.

Rialle and the party soon realized that the Arapesh were hunting for them. Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a group of non-humans leaving the scene of the tower destruction and the harbor master reported a ship left quickly close to midnight with out any warning.

Osk, Rialle, and Augustus went to the captain’s chambers to inspect the log books. Relations between the Arapesh and Osk grew more tense with each passing moment…)one wonders why the party allows the 9 Charisma Dwarf to be a spokesperson…ever..). It was obvious to Rialle and Osk that the Arapesh meant to arrest any “fugitives” they found as well as take any “contraband”. Before Augustus could order his men to do so, Rialle slipped behind him and sprang a sneak attack on him. Osk then quickly reacted and used the power’s of Haela to paralyze Augustus like a piece of rigid iron.

Osk then ran out of the cabin and cut the rope connecting the two ships and a battle commenced. Crossbow bolts rained down on both sides and each crew exchanged ballista fire. The Black Talon began taking on water. Dozens of sailors on both sides were cut down. Brak bravely grabbed hold of the slack line that connected the ships and swung over to the Heart of Oak. He punched a swath of destruction threw the hapless crew on his way to the helm. Sariya and Osk used spells to harm and paralysis the attackers. By the time Brak had made his way to the First Mate at the helm the battle was close to over. Several vicious jabs from the Half-Orc later they remaining crew surrendered.

The Heart of Oak was scuttled and burned. The remaining Arapeshian crew was placed on a pair of life boats and told to row.

With repairs made to the hull and the Black Talon finished the trip to Brie.

Once in Brie the party each went there separate ways.

Forg went to visit his father’s smithy.

Krett went to see his father, Sariya decided to come along.

Osk took Phariss and Brak to see his old friend, the King.

Farrokh went in search of missionaries from his order.

They decided to meet later at the Hilt and the Hammer.

Forg found that one of his adopted brothers had inherited his father’s smithy after Taelon decided retire at the new year. He learned that his father was living on a cottage at the Hawksmoor estate in the hills above Brie.

Krett was turned away at the gate to his father’s estate, his gate man relaying a message from Ashton that “he didn’t wish to see his lesser son until his true heir returned, and that the sight of Krett only reminded him of everything he had lost.” If Krett was hurt he didn’t say and Sariya kept what she saw to herself. Krett would only tell the others that his father did not have time to see him.

Osk, Phariss, and Brak enjoyed a fine breakfast with Loring in the Great Hall of the Castle. Osk and the King reminisced and Loring invited Osk and his friends to a festival he was hosting at the castle on the night of the Blood Moon. Although Osk enjoyed seeing his old friend he found the King pre-occupied with the many duties of his station.

Later the reunited party,( minus Farrokh, where the devil was he??) decided to first see the Elder Eye but only after enjoying a meal at the Hilt and the Hammer. Forg’s old friend and tutor, Dormga Battlehammer treated the party to authentic dwarven dasbarbacue.

Dormga Battlehammer

While walking through the city they noticed a group of rats choking a sewer drain filled with slime and run off.

At the Tower of Sorcery they meet with the Elder Eye. The wizard thanked them for their mighty efforts at the Tower before they discussed the oracle’s answer. The answer troubled him and he decided to call a conclave to discuss the matter before anything should be done, also pointing out that sometimes prophesies and oracle’s must me studied to arrive at the proper answer. It may be that Sieboldiana can remain imprisoned and the ebonstone be destroyed. For now he reassured the party that the three shards we safely hidden away.

Tower of high sorcery ii
Tower of Sorcery in Brie

The party left the tower and decided to collect on Phariss’s inheritance. Along the way they witnessed a horrific attack. Two men came from a darkened alley covered with blood and fought in the street right before them, one literally trying to eat the other. Brak pulled them apart and the city watch was called. It disturbed everyone, even Osk.

Giles Colke

At the Scales of Justice, Phariss found that he had inherited not one but two pieces of property. One in the city and a second along the coast. But of even greater importance he learned something of his family. A middle aged, balding gentlemen named Giles Colke introduced himself as a friend of Phariss’s grandfather, Sir Rycard Rend. Giles told him that his grandfather had served many years in the King’s Warders, a secretive group that kept an eye out for things happening in the kingdom, both in the city and in the country side. They answered directly to the king himself. Phariss learned from Giles that his grandfather’s death was sudden and suspicious, that just a day before being found dead he had told his friend that he had learned something disturbing from one of his contacts in the city. Rend hoped to get an audience with the King. Giles offered his assistance and confided that he and Magnus hoped the presence of Rycard’s heir would pressure the constables to look into the death.

100px tretorri rende
Stone Column at Rend Estate Entrance

With this news the group traveled to Phariss’s estate in the city. They found it in the High Court Ward, nestled among other large estates. It had perhaps 3 to 6 acres of walled property, dominated by a two story stone house as well as several out buildings including a cottage. There they met Drober, the groundsman and supervisor for the property. He gave them a tour and filled in as many details as he could. They met the housekeeper, Alanya too.

Medieval butler 300x283

Along with learning that indeed Phariss was “rich”,( at least in land and old furniture and wall hangings) that their was some reason to suspect foul play. Rend had been found dead in his den, laid out on his sofa after enjoying his usual night cap and book. One of his servants, Edwan Kyne, had disappeared the same morning he was found, and supposedly was with a woman when he slipped away. In Edwan’s room they found a women’s platinum earring in the shape of a fang behind the wardrobe in a rat hole. Phariss found a note in his office with the name Ales Foxe scribbled on it and Sariya found a book on his shelf that was bookmarked to a section on the Abyss.

Forg left the party for the evening and ventured up into the hills to see his father.
Farrouk still hadn’t returned.

The party decided to sleep on it. Osk and some others stayed at the inn while Phariss stayed at his estate.

Dagdha 5th, 638 CF

The next morning the party journeyed down to the Sea Ward, minus Forg who was away with his father and minus Farrouk who hadn’t shown up. On the way through the market they witnessed a fight break out between commoners that had to be broken up by the watch.

Osk, Phariss, and Brak found the Blue Dragon and sent word through the bar keep that they wanted to speak with Giles. They also heard some tales of the rats being especially bad this year.

Sariya and Krett (Kalf was back at the estate working on his Morganti mantra) hoped to find out some information about was going on in the city and perhaps even find a contact in the underground. You couldn’t have asked for a less skilled pair for a mission that required combing the underbelly of a large city, Sariya the naive wood elf and Krett with his shining breastplate emblazoned with a knighthood’s heraldry. Despite their inexperience they did speak with a fruit vendor who claimed to be part of the thieves gui….errr…Brotherhood… and gave them the name of Ales Foxe, who ran a local brothel, the Foxe House.

Together once again at the estate they put their clues together. Forg arrived back from visiting his father and shopping in the market with dogs he hoped to train.

Phariss questioned Drober about Edwan and found that the boy’s father owned a tailor shop near the docks. They also learned that Edwan liked to play cards and drink at a local tavern called the Laughing Cock.

Giles came by and encouraged Phariss to find Edwan while promising to look into himself.

The party set out for Edwan’s father’s shop with plans to go to the Foxe House afterwards. They convinced the paladin to stay behind, fearing his reaction at the house of prostitution.

They found the tailor shop locked and closed despite every other business being open at that hour. The decided to go around to the alley and force their way inside. Phariss opened the locked door with a few magical words and a wave of his hand.

Inside they found Edwan and his father dead from apparent poisoning, three pewter goblets were nearby and the table showed signs of wine being spilled.

Brak went outside to call the watch. The watch didn’t come but a group of armed thugs did. Eight men dressed in leather jerkins and armed with swords, hoods drawn up came down the alley in both directions. Brak was unarmed but attacked with his fists. Osk once again brought down the wrath of Haela on them, paralyzing six of them in two separate attacks. It was good that his goddess answered his call because these were not mere brigands, they were were-creatures. Once the battle commenced each of them transformed before the party into hulking rats. Normal weapons seemed to be useless against them, only Forg’s broadsword seemed to bite into their tough fur hides.

Soon the alley and the party was drenched in blood and eight bodies lay strewn about…hearts still pounding in chests the party looks around to see if it is over…or could others be waiting to pounce…..

The Tower of the Elephant
Lions, Spiders, and Snakes! OH MY!

Isis 28th, 638 CF

The city gates closed as dusk fell on the City of Westport. After ten days of hard traveling the companions had arrived at the city exhausted and hopeful that they soon would finish their quest to see the oracle.
The streets were emptying and shops were mainly closed as they journeyed down the main highway away from the gate. The buildings on either side loomed over the cobblestone streets. The rows of houses were all connected to each other with an occasional dark alley in between. Many of the building’s front facades were dominated by large windows that displayed trade goods to be had for the right price. Brak was fascinated with one such shop that had books and maps on display. The illiterate barbarian seemed to mark its location after a staring in wonder for a moment before turning back to the party.

Lamplighters were busy and small pockets of locals whisked by on their way home as the party searched for a place to rest.

They spotted a small tavern “The Hungry Sage”. It was part of a long row of houses only a few blocks from the gate. The small crowd gathered inside and out made it appear like a popular stop. Osk objected to staying in any “fairy, elf loving, magic, place” and so the weary party pressed on in search of the “Haft & Hammer” that was recommended by the Captain of the Guard, Isobel Cynewyn. Osk grabbed a young boy running home for dinner and paid him a gold piece to have him show the party the way to the Haft & Hammer.

The young freckled faced boy took them towards the empty market square through the temple district with its spires and golden domed temples and shrines. The market was all but deserted when they passed through. A few vendors were still packing up their unsold wares, everything from fruits, goats, and weapons could be seen.

From the empty market square the young escort showed them up into the North Hills district of the city that was filled with expansive private estates. Each estate boasted walls, gates, and well manicured lawns. The estates themselves were large two and three story stone structures. As with the lower parts of the city all was quiet here except for the odd guard patrol or carriage that sped by hurrying from business in town. Looming behind the North Hills district behind imposing stone walls was the Baron’s keep. Towers soared to the sky and flags whipped in the early spring wind along the parapets. The keep stood at the highest point in the city and had an eagle’s eye view of the sprawling metropolis. It was said by the citizens of Westport that Baron Megnew was a fair administrator of the city, regardless of his reputation, he appeared to live well.

The Haft and Hammer was found amongst these sprawling estates and was nothing like any tavern the party had visited before. Just after the young boy departed with his gold piece the party was assisted by a cadre of stable hands that whisked the horses and ponies off for care. The inn itself looked like one of the estates that it bordered, a large three story stone structure with an open central courtyard and balconies along the upper floors.

The interior was just as fine. The lower floors were made of stone and were covered with ornate rugs, a sweeping stair case led to the upper floors that wrapped around and looked down on the main dining area. The entire chamber was well lit by chandeliers and fireplaces. The tables and chairs were polished and well cared for and in them sat a refined clientele. Men wore hose, frilly shirts, and fine leather boots. The ladies were dressed in silken ball gowns. The chamber was filled with music from a trio of bards that strummed out a lovely melody. Into this chamber came “our heroes”, mud splattered, unshaven, dirty, and smelling of the long road. If their appearance didn’t frighten the diners Osk no doubt did when he began shouting loudly about finding a “whore” for the evening. The appalled majordomo tried to quietly get the entire lot up to rooms and baths quietly and with the help of the paladin he somewhat succeeded.

Sariya mortified over the Osk’s display spent her time on her suite’s balcony looking at the stars and wondering how she came to travel with a pair of dwarves and a hodgepodge of humans from across the realm. She would have been even more horrified to have seen a semi-clothed Osk, wearing only his thigh length tunic walking back down into the dining area to inquire on getting some female help for his bath, and although he employed his “inside voice” as instructed by Krett when asking about delicate matters he still caused most of the remaining customers to pass out or leave.

After Osk had bathed he and fellow dwarf, Forg, found a table in the deserted dining hall and shared ale and information about the Darksteele clan and Forg’s upbringing in Brie.

Krett saw that his new squire, Kalf, was outfitted in proper clothing before instructing him on the best way to maintain weapons and armor as well as the benefits following a god like Morganti.

Phariss used his time to speak with the bards and learned that the Tower of the Elephant was located in the temple district and was rumored to have been built in a single night over 300 year ago. He also learned that the wizard, Telemachus, saw no-one and was rumored to be more demon than man.

Dagdha 1st, 638 CF

The next morning the party set out for the market, each person had a list of items they sought. When they arrived at the market square the found it filled with people, thousands, probably over ten thousand. In the center of the square looming down over the sea of humanity (and dwarf-kind) was a statue to the Arapeshian Emperor, Christopher the Great.

Upon arriving in the square the party found a money changer, a skinny man with a rat like face named Amelio Buccini, who for a small fortune exchanged their coins and gems for whatever they desired.

Amelio Buccini

After seeing to the money each party member headed off in different directions.

Krett and his squire looked for some basic supplies and a horse for Kalf. Sariya sought out an alchemy shop. Forg hoped to find a pair of war dogs to train. Brak found the map dealer and purchased a large volume of fairly recent maps of Tellus-Aboreah as well as selling his old plate armor for a more loose fitting breastplate. Phariss and Osk looked for weapons and armor before as the locals called “the great flash” took place.

Impulsive as usual Osk handed a gold wand with a sapphire tip to Phariss and told him to say “drumlar” (which happened to be the command word). Osk confessed that he did know what it would do but that it was “illusion magic”. Phariss pointed the wand out to the crowd and spoke the word. A twenty foot multi-colored cone shot out of the wand and stunned a half dozen passers by and caused a panic among all of the nearby shoppers. Soon the city guards came running and Osk was in custody, moments before Phariss slipped into the shadows.

Osk spent the rest of the day at the Scales of Justice, first in a holding cell and then being brought forth before a magistrate. He was fined and an official edict was issued against his future use of magic with in the city.

The day wasn’t completely wasted for the dwarf, he did make contact with an old drunk in the holding cell named Buryal that claimed to know how to get into the Elephant Tower.


Osk arranged to meet Buryal that night at a tavern near the docks called the Broken Coin.

When Sariya was finished shopping she journeyed up to the Tower of the Elephant and attempted to gain entry by knocking on the front gate, but found that wizard did not take visitors.

Krett and Kalf also journeyed by the Tower as they went towards the Temple of Morganti. While walking up to the temple district they passed the caravan yard and witnessed a massive Makkah caravan circling about with a Molndai caravan. A crowd had gathered to watch and the two of them did the same. Afterwards they spent time at the temple were Krett paid his tithe and spoke with a cleric. They heard more tales about Telemachus and his tower. Rumors of flying demons above the tower at night and monstrous roars from behind the limestone walls.

Late in the day Brak, Sariya, Farrouk and Forg had helped move the parties belongings to a rented estate in the North Hills. It was perfect for providing more privacy. Brak took to sleeping outside under the stars.

That evening the party discussed strategy and Brak, Phariss, and Osk departed to meet Buryal at the Broken Coin.

Inns 2012

The Broken Coin was a dive bar in a seedy section of town, close to the docks its customers consisted of sailors, cutthroats and drunks. The trio found Buryal, already drinking, in a dark corner. The old rogue offered a deal to the party. If they helped him steal a valuable poison, green lotus, from the Makkah caravan he would tell them how to get inside the tower. The party was unsure of dealing with him and with such a deadly poison. After a quick discussion outside they decided to charm Buryal with potion slipped into his drinking cup in hopes of getting the information out of him without making a bargain to turn over the poison to him.

The charm was successful and Buryal spun a tail of hatchways and lions and how to use the green lotus to their advantage. Buryal also warned that the caravan would be leaving in the morning and the opportunity to steal the poison was short.

It was decided that Phariss would go alone to the caravan yard and steal the poison. They planned in secret not telling Krett or his squire. When Forg found out he objected saying that the poison should be handled by the city guard not them. Forg was ignored and Phariss left near midnight traveling through back alleys under the cover of a moonless night.

When he arrived in the caravan yard the Makkah had pulled there wagons into a tight circle and placed the largest of them in the center. It was the one Buryal had claimed held the poison. Phariss cast invisibility on himself and made his way silently across the open yard to the outside of the wagon circle. He spotted two or three guards milling about and the dim light of a few small fires, but nothing else. He made his way around to the back side of the caravans and slipped through towards the center. He found the ladder on the side of the central caravan and climbed it quickly. At the top he found a hatchway in the roof, locked. He looked it over quickly for traps and then tried to slide the latch back. To his horror it the metal scrapped loudly as it was slipped out. The sentries on duty stopped their discussion and one cautiously approached the central wagon. The guard seemed afraid to get to close. He gave a quick glance and then went back to his friends. Phariss slowly let out his breath and decided to peek inside. First he threw a steak he had brought with inside, hoping that if some beast was below it would enjoy that snack instead of him. The steak landed with a wet thwacking noise. Phariss didn’t like that. He peered inside and saw the single largest snake he’d ever come across. The massive serpent was wrapped around the a small chest placed at the center of the large wagon. Thankfully it was still asleep. Realizing it was up to him he slowly let himself down and quietly landed in the center of the wagon. He scooped up the small chest and then sprang to the wall over the sleeping serpent. With no rope at all he scaled the wagon walls to the porthole above and into the night air. He didn’t pause long and soon was making his way back to the estate.

Later, Phariss would recall that he had forgotten to throw the latch on the wagon and in the days to come a massive snake was known to terrorize Westport….

Back at the estate Phariss opened the small chest and revealed a small pouch of woven gold thread. Inside powdered green lotus. After risking his life retrieving it Phariss turned the poison over to Krett. Krett consulted Sariya who informed him that if it was immersed in water the poison would be destroyed. Krett quickly disposed of it.

The rest of the evening was spent planning their assault on the tower. It was decided that they would scale the walls and slip under the cover of the trees. To keep the rumored lions at bay Osk would cast a protective spell. Once they were close enough to the tower Sariya would use her rope skills to throw a grappling hook to the top. They would scale the walls and enter into the tower from above.

Dagdha 2nd, 638 CF

The next day was spent gathering the necessary supplies for the assault and preparing to leave town quickly afterwards.

Against Forg’s wishes it was decided that the quickest and safest way out of town in the middle of the night would be to slip out on a boat through the harbor. Osk and Phariss journeyed to the docks and found a ship captain willing to ask no questions and get them and all of their goods out of Westport.

When the two of the returned to the estate they found that Brak had spent part of the day practicing with his axe and new breastplate amongst the manicured trees and gardens of the estate. Many of the trees were little more than stumps.

Also waiting for Phariss outside the gate was a distinguished man, tall over 6 feet, think mustache wearing a leather jerkin and a flowing reddish cape. He introduced himself as Magnus Mott the executor of Phariss’s grandfathers will, Sir Rycard Rend of Brie.

Magnus Mott

He informed Phariss that his grandfather had passed away and that he had been searching for him for sometime when he heard word that he was on the road to Westport through a friend at the Bay of the Moon Tavern. He presented Phariss with an official writ and instructed him to see the magistrate in Brie for the deeds to his inheritance which included an estate in the city as well as one in the country side. Thunderstruck at the realization he had family Phariss was uncommonly quiet and soon was left wishing he had asked more of the stranger before he departed.

The party readied for a quick exit from Westport sending Kalf with their belongings to the ship.

When night fell the made their way quietly through the streets to the tower. After pacing it off they climbed the outer wall. Krett was the first up and warned the others of glass that had been left along the top of the wall. Everyone managed to get to the top. Phariss found out the hard way that glass was also scattered along the base of the wall.

Once inside the outer circle they noted that the trees has wind chimes hanging from them and water fountains could be seen to either side through the trees. The inner wall was covered over with vines and would be easier to climb. Before the party could climb the second wall a pair of sentries came through the woods. They never encountered the party, Osk instead cast Hold Person on them both and then the party bound and gagged them.

The inner wall proved more difficult to cross over than originally thought. The vines were sentient and thrashed out thorny tendrils when the party approached. Forg was struck and quickly cut himself free with his broadsword. The party then attacked the bushes with the ferocity of angry gardeners. In the middle of thrashing the plants Sariya quaffed a sip of an oily potion and belched fire on the last plant.

The shouts of other guards could be heard as the fire smoldered and spread. The party climbed over the newly cleared part of the wall and into the inner courtyard.

Inside the inner wall Osk cast his protection from cats spell. He did so just in time because soon the party was surrounded by six angry lions. The lions were unable to breach the magic protecting the party as they made their way across the inner courtyard to the base of the tower. The tower was encrusted gemstones over its entire surface and sparkled in the moonlight. With one amazing throw Sariya flung the rope up to the top of the tower where it held tight. One by one the party scaled the wall. Before the second member was to the top a gong was sounded and soldiers could be heard assembling.

Before the soldiers could reach them all of the party was at the top of the tower.

At the top they found the tower held more riches then they could ever had imagined. The walls were covered in priceless stones and the doors made of solid gold.

The top of the tower held but one entrance. Outside the golden door the party found the skeletal remains of a man who had tried to enter into the tower. He has weathered to bones. They did find a rope under him that burned the paladin when he tried to lift it from the ground. But they had little time to theorize on why as the gong below reminded them that time was short.

Pulling open the door they found a room filled with jewels. Osk entered into the chamber and was pounced upon by a gigantic spider. Osk evaded the spider and Brak’s mighty thews soon cleaved it in two.

The jewels were captivating. Osk couldn’t resist and snatched up a few priceless necklaces. Phariss’s face glowed with the thought of all that loot. But they had no time. The party pressed on through the door to the stairs. The gong was louder now.

They hustled down to the floor below and entered into a large domed chamber. In the chamber they found the alien oracle. The being was like nothing they had seen. A mans body, of large proportions with the head of an elephant, or at least what appeared to be an elephant.

Yag-Kosha, the Oracle

It spoke to them. It could not see. Tears filled its vacant eyes. It spoke of a long life on a star far off. It said it was called Yag-Kosha. It claimed it once was worshiped by humans long ago but for the last 300 years it had been a slave to Telemachus. The wizard had used it to build this tower and do many unthinkable things. It made a bargain with the party. It would give answer to their questions if they would pull forth its heart and drain the blood over an immense red gemstone before presenting the stone to Telemachus. It only hoped for the freedom of death. He warned the party to get away quickly afterwards.

The party agreed and gave the oracle the question. The oracle thought for a moment and then said “The ebonstone may only be destroyed by journeying beyond mortal realm to the land of death. There the one who wielded it must be freed and the stone ground beneath his feet.” The oracle claimed there was no other way.

With the question answered Brak cut forth his heart and the party took it below to the chamber the oracle told them Telemachus could be found in a deep sleep. As they hurried down the stairs the foundation of the tower groaned. They found Telemachus asleep in his chamber. They called his named as instructed and placed the stone before him. The wizard tried to rise from his sofa but was unable to do so. Slowly his youthful appearance faded and he slowly crumbled to dust aging 300 years in only a few moments. With the death of the oracle its work was undone and just as Telemachus crumbled to dust, so to would the tower. The party made all haste and was still running when the tower came crashing down in a heap of debris.

They didn’t stop to even look back. They found the ship ready and Guy Rialle welcomed them on board the Black Talon as his crew made ready to leave.

Guy Rialle, Captain of the Black Talon

Soon the sails were up and oars pulled the boat out into the harbor. They watched the city fall away as the ship made its way out to sea. They weren’t around to see the shapeless form that emerged from the rubble and fled into the night sky.

Next stop Brie……
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The Long and Winding Road
My god, will WE EVER GET THERE?!?!

Isis 18th, 638 CF

With the Ebonstone Sword before them the party and the ElderEye discussed what to do with the remains of the baneful weapon. They were soon joined by Fujimoto Nakatori.

The impromptu council decided that the ElderEye would take the three broken shards of the sword with him to the Tower of High Sorcery in Brie. There he would call a conclave of the council members and choose two of his most trusted friends to take two of the three shards to a safe hiding place. He would keep the third. The hope was that by scattering the shards it would make it more difficult for those seeking the sword to find it.

The council also decided to seek a way to destroy the sword or banish it from Tellus-Aboreah. With no known method of accomplishing either task Fujimoto volunteered to journey to Westport to see an alien oracle kept by a secretive wizard, Telemachus. It was rumored that the oracle knew of such matters since it was said to have come from the stars itself. The party offered to assist Fujimoto in his journey.

Isis 19th – 22nd, 638 CF

The party left on their journey taking a circuitous route to the road leading to Westport. Along the way the party encountered two groups seeking the sword, one an undead knight of the Betrayer and the second a pair of Arapeshian mystics.

The mystics used mind powers, trickery, and murder to try and uncover the whereabouts of the sword. They murdered a traveling farmer so they could travel under the guise of a pair of commoners and trick the party into a parlay. Although the disguise worked the party offered little information. Later that day the murdered farmer and his family were spotted far of the road. It didn’t take long for the party to guess what had happened to them. Several party members made a vain attempt at tracking the mystics down but came up only with the abandoned wagon and lots of questions.

The Arapeshian duo shadowed the party to an old elven way station before being discovered by the party.

Some of the party traveled the Dream Road with Fujimoto to the Plane of Dreams. There they learned that the alien oracle was housed near the top of Telemachus’s tower in Westport as well as the location of the hidden Arapeshian mystics just outside the way station.

Isis 23rd, 638 CF

Fujimoto decided that he would travel north to Brie and try to confuse their followers. The party agreed to follow through with the journey to Westport. He advised them to make for the Bay of the Moon Tavern and then follow the road to Westport.

After Fujimoto departed Phariss slipped out of the way station to spy on the two hidden mystics. He witnessed them quickly packing in an attempt to follow Fujimoto. Phariss sprung to attack them when their attention was turned away. He quickly slayed the man but the female put up a vicious defense before surrendering. Phariss was joined by the other party members who set about questioning the captive. She identified herself only as Denore. She confessed to murdering the farmer and his family with her partner, claiming it was necessary to completing their mission. She was defiant and didn’t heed the warnings against trying to read the minds of the party. After a single warning and continued defiance Brak broke her neck with a powerful head punch.

Forg was visibly disturbed at the execution of the prisoner and voiced his opinion to the others.

From the way station they made for the Bay of the Moon Tavern, soon finding it and taking refuge within its safe confines.

At the Inn the party encounters Otis once again. He explained that he was still searching for Telly and had heard that the cutpurse has made his way to Westport.

Isis 24th, 638 CF

While at the Inn Forg traded his horse and cart for a pony and the party made arrangements to journey the following morning.

Isis 25th, 638 CF

Brak found Loring Silchester’s lost sword, Gelradrian, off the forest path.Gelradrian2

The party let an Arapeshian patrol go by while taking cover at the edge of the forest.

As dusk approached the party encounters Abdul and his sons traveling caravan of trade goods. The do business with the Makkah and decided to make camp with him and his family.

The camp fire attracts a traveling dwarf, Osk Stonecrusher, on his way to Westport as well.
Osk is an older dwarf with a long braided red beard. He wears the holy symbol of Haela Bright-Axe, dwarven goddess of luck and battle. He freely shares stories, advice, and ale with the others. Apparently, Osk has returned from some sort of magical prison or purgatory after journeying with Loring Silchester during the Imperium Invicta nearly two years ago. His memory seems a bit clouded and his story doesn’t make complete sense.

Isis 26th, 638 CF

After breaking camp the party set out again, Osk joining them on the way to Westport. While taking a break at “The Haven”, a small roadside tavern, they learn that a group of bandits has been operating along the road, led by a man named Arnor.

Just after mid-day they come upon a pair of young teenage boys traveling to Westport, Pal and Kalf. The two young boys convinced the party to allow them to tag along.

The party passed through the village of Ombrelle with plans to camp closer to dusk. Before making camp the party was attacked by Arnor and his bandits. After an intense battle the bandits were killed or driven off into the woods.

Osk witnessing Gelradrian in action once more and remembering the difficulties that the sword created for Loring the dwarf paralyzed the half-orc with magic and ran off with the sword. After wrestling with Krett, Brak pursued Osk in a mad rage before calming down and realizing that the sword posed a danger to him and perhaps it was best to leave it be…for now.

Osk returned with out the sword but was seen by Krett and Brak exiting the forests of the Wizard Hills.

When the party gathered together at the battle site they decided to find the trail of the bandits and follow it into the woods. The way was confusing and it felt like the trees actively discouraged the party from traveling deeper into the wood.

While traveling Phariss decided to drop back and lurk about after hearing or seeing something behind the party. It nearly cost him his life when he was attacked by a massive purplish and green stripped hunting cat. The giant cat nearly tore Phariss’s head off before the rogue blinded him with a flash of magical light and sent him bounding off into the night.

The party was able to locate the bandits base of operations and sprung upon them. The battle was fierce, the bandits employed two hill giant guards, but in the end they were defeated and the party recovered treasure and the loot taken from travelers along the road.

Isis 27th, 638 CF

The party left the goods behind hoping to turn over the location to the authorities in Westport so they could be returned to the proper owners. They spent the evening in Garthalton at the Frosty Tankard before setting out in the morning for the last leg of the journey to Westport.

Isis 28th, 638 CF

The party arrived at Westport and claimed the bounties for Arnor and his bandits. Weary from travel they find the nearest inn for some well needed rest. 10 days on the road had taken its toll.

A Black Dragon and A Blacker Sword
What destiny awaits the new heroes?

Deep Winter 10th, 638 CF

As Forg charged forward into the dimly lit hall the rest of party joined him. Some members stayed in the shadows and others joined the dwarf in his frontal assault on the formless voice that emanated from behind the shadowy pillars. As the team arrived at the far end they found it empty, only to be surprised moments later by a small dwarf that appeared behind them.

The dwarf was no bigger than a hobbit child, gray skinned with sunken features, he called himself Ghared. He wore an apron that was partially covered by a wispy gray beard. When the party moved to attack a large net fell on top of them and hindered their movement allowing Ghared to parlay with the company.

Ghared informed the party that they could go no farther into the hall because his people had claimed the forge beyond the double doors as their own. Ghared explained that the forge of legendary weaponsmith, Durgeddin the Black lay beyond and none should have it with out a fight. The two sides soon found themselves at an impasse. The majority of the party wanted only to find the three holy items of Dumanthion so their quest could be at an end. Forg, however, laid claim to the bladeworks as a descendent of Durrigedin the Black. Ghared agreed to fetch his master in hopes of negotiating at peaceful resolution.

The companions were left in the hall to discuss strategies while they waited for the Ghared to return with his master.

Soon enough he returned and brought with Snurrevin, a dark dwarf of large stature dressed in robes with a pet rat that appeared to whisper into the master’s ear.

It was apparent that the dark dwarves had paid a steep price in securing the forge and would not willingly part with it. A deal was struck that the dark dwarves would show the party where to find the three holy items they sought in exchange for leaving them alone.

The party agreed and sent Brak, Phariss, and Krett with the dark dwarves to locate the three holy items. They were blindfolded for their trip through the bladeworks and taken into a large cavern that had a river spilling over the side into a deep chasm. A foul odor wafted up from below and though Krett could detect no evil it was apparent to all that it was a wicked hole and no good would be found at the bottom. Across the cavern, out of reach, because of the chasm that divided it the party spotted a stone door, a ledge and an old metal ladder.

The dark dwarves informed the party that the holy items they sought were given to the beast that lived at the bottom of the hole as part of the payment for their use of the forge. The beast was described as a massive black scaled serpent…the realization that a dragon, even a young one…waited at the bottom sent shivers through many of the party.

Brak, Phariss, and Krett were led back to the pillared hall and the dark dwarves sealed themselves inside the forge leaving the party to make a decision on how to proceed. While in the hall they discovered a hidden passage that led to a small square room guarded by a single dark dwarf sentry. The party attacked the sentry, and easily slayed him, but a another dark dwarf escaped through a second hidden passage. The party gave chase but lost the trail. However they did emerged on the other side of the chasm near the metal ladder descending down.

Phariss sprung over the side, while the party debated the best course of action, and floated down into the darkness. The rest of the companions soon followed and they found themselves at the bottom of the dark hole. The water above crashed down into a pool that flowed northward out of the cavern and into the underground. The noise of the waterfall was deafening and concealed the parties movements. All along the edge of the water large reptilian footprints could be seen going into the water.

The party formed up a marching order and slowly went north, all the time expecting a dragon to appear. What they found instead were a pair of old dwarf stone bridges that spanned the underground river, a metal ladder going to the surface, and very large lake.

The last bridge collapsed making travel difficult but eventually the party found themselves on a gravel beach at the edge of the underground lake. They could see no treasure trove containing the holy items they sought but soon the dragon’s head broke the surface and attacked.

The cunning beast stayed submerged below the neck making melee attacks difficult. Brak and Krett bounded out on some stepping stones to attempt an attack. The dragon drew up and blasted a stream of acid in the direction of Brak and Forg. Brak sidestepped most of the blast but Forg was struck and went down. Farrokh and Sariya both tried to help the dying dwarf. The cleric bound his wounds and Sariya tried to find a useful potion in Brak’s pack. Meanwhile Phariss had plunged himself into the water and made for a small island on the far side of the lake. He had spotted what he hoped was a glint of gold and the location of the three holy items. Krett had lept onto the dragon’s back and embedded his sword into the beast. He soon found himself riding the beast out into the lake where he was tossed off. The dragon quickly moved away from the bulk of the warriors and made for the backside of party where some of the unarmored members were stationed. When the dragon came ashore it flung the now flying Sariya to the side after she had dropped a cloak over it’s eyes. Brak struck from behind and soon the great beast was dead.

Phariss located the dragon’s treasure and the three items of Dumanthion. After a long day of battle the party made camp on the dragon’s isle.

After spending several days resting and returning Forg back to health the party journeyed to the surface.

Deep Winter 20th, 638 CF

From the surface they made their way back to South Hill to check on the progress of Farrokh’s temple and stash some of the loot they had acquired from the dragon’s hoard.

Isis 6th, 638 CF

The journey to the Temple of Dumanthion was uneventful and everyone was relieved to have finally completed the quest finishing that chapter of their story.

Isis 15th, 638 CF

The companions decided to stick together for now and see Krett off to the Stone of Farwell. They welcomed traveling under the stars.

Isis 17th, 638 CF

On the second day out from South Hill they spotted a pair of horsemen that appeared to be shadowing them. When they confronted the strangers the horsemen left saying nothing, but were soon spotted again off in the distance.

Isis 18th, 638 CF

On the following day as they neared the old elven temple they were met by Taro Miyazawa on the road. The noble elf with silvery hair, pale skin, and amber eyes guided them the last leg of the journey.

This last part took them down into a flooded valley with a rocky hill thrust from the center. Crossing the valley lake on barges they followed a narrow path up the rocky hill that wrapped around the hill, slowly spiraling upwards to the flat peak. At the top a scattered set of ruins could be seen with one central building.

Stone of farewell cover by kerembeyit d2yauyh

Within the central building the party came face to face with the Elder Eye, head of the wizard’s Conclave in Tellus-Aboreah. Krett presented the package he was tasked with delivering to the Elder Eye and took a seat around a large stone table with the others.

The Elder Eye carefully unwrapped the package revealing a broken sword of some dark metal. As the wizard folded back the thin layer of lead covering the dark sword the magical lamps in the room dimmed and it felt as very air grew heavy….it was the Ebonstone Sword….the sword of the Betrayer.

The ringing of Hammer and Anvil echo in the distance...
Many secret and dark places await in the Ruins of Thoromir

Deep Winter the 10th, 638 CF

After forcing their way past the orc guards the party found themselves inside the ancient dwarven ruins of Thoromir.

The walls were both of worked and unworked stone. After exploring a large chamber filled with trade goods the party discovered a corridor of worked stone as well as a small stone well. Before they could explore the chambers beyond the storage cavern Sariya broke down and cried. She received little sympathy from the dwarves. Brak was even more sure now that she needed protection. With the party watching she marched back to the chasm and found the orc she had slayed earlier. While standing over the dead orc she cut her hair with her knife and laid some of it on the fallen orc.

Once Sariya had gathered herself the party headed away from the chamber and spotted a small stone well in a darkened natural cavern. While investigating the well the party heard orcish voices followed by the growls and snarls of some large animal. They charged down the cavern and into battle to find four orc guards with a chained brown bear. The clash of arms brought forth a massive ogre from his chamber who proclaimed himself the “Great Ulfe”. He brought two wolves and a pair of gigantic weapons into battle including a double headed axe and a club the size of tree limb.

A battle ensued and the orcs, ogre, and bear were all slain.

After the battle the hallway was explored including the empty chambers. Some small pieces of treasure were found but little else.

As the party explored the worked stone corridor Forg spotted a stonework trap at the end of the hallway. A cunningly hidden stone slab was discovered and then set off with a barrell. The dwarven statue at the end belched forth a noxious cloud into the hall but the party had moved to a safe distance and was unaffected.

While the air cleared the party journeyed back to the well. They explored a series of natural caverns that led to a pair of secret doors that swiveled on a central axis. The secret passage brought the party to a room filled with skulls hung from the ceiling.

The foul chamber was the home an ugly orc shaman who demanded to know who would disturb her before commanding her guards to attack.

The battle with the orc guards was easy but the shaman proved a bit more difficult. She was unable to cast her magic upon the party but she did move agilely about the chamber while hurling flasks of explosive fire. It was then that Brak was burned and flew into a terrible rage smashing nearby skulls with his waving arms. He grabbed hold of the shaman and strangled the life out of her. The other party members had to pry his hands from her neck but not before he had squeezed it loose from her neck. A search of her chamber turned up a few useful items.

The shaman’s chamber led to a large dwarven hall of worked stone. The opposite end had a tall stone door carved to look like an angry dwarf. Blackened bones of several corpses lay about the floor in front of the dwarf door. A pair of natural stone stairs led down.

While searching the chamber Phariss spotted a rusted iron barred gate and decided to pick the lock. The rest of the party examined the room making a good deal of noise that attracted a small group of angry stirges. The stirges swooped down on the party. The battle was won easily and the stirges destroyed.

Phariss was unable to pick the lock and the iron bars were torn from the hinges. The noise attracted another swarm of stirges that were easily dispatched.

Forg and Krog decided to open the stone dwarf door. Ignoring signs that a trap might be present that opened the door and unleashed a torrent of liquid flame upon them. Krog collapsed in a smoldering heap of flesh and bone. Forg was badly burned but lived.

After unleashing the fire trap the party was more cautious with opening the door. The dwarf door proved to conceal nothing more than the trap mechanism itself.

With no earth available to bury Krog properly the party, led by Krett, said a few words about the dwarf and dropped him into the deep chasm near the rope bridge. His tomb would be the natural rock deep beneath the earth.

Satisfied that nothing remained within the upper halls the party descended down the natural stairs past a small underground stream and into a large natural cavern cut by the stream. The party was once again attacked by stirges that swarmed down on the lantern light.

Once the stirges were driven off the party crossed the large cavern, waded the small stream, and entered into an immense glittering cavern. Surrounding the party were ancient dwarven tombs. They left the tombs undisturbed. Before finding a pair of natural stairs that led down to the lower half of the glittering cavern the party repelled over the edge with a rope and grappling hook.

Below the shelf that held the dwarven tombs the party found themselves beneath a sparkling field of mineral deposits imbedded in the surrounding stone. They followed the left most wall stopping to investigate another shelf above the ground floor. It proved empty and they continued onward until they came to a iron door set in the side of the cavern wall.

The door was decorated with a silver hammer and anvil set in the middle of the door. With a great effort the door was pulled open. A darkened stair led from the door down into an eight sided chamber with a pair of doors and three tall dwarven statues. The statues depicted heavily armored dwarves. A hidden door was found and a long stair ascending upwards. The party marched up the stairs and swung open the door. A booming voice suddenly barked in an unknown language loud enough to alert anyone beyond the door.

Before the party was a vast chamber, a great dwarven hall, lined with tall pillars. At one end on a raised dais was a throne. The hall was lit by sputtering torches. From somewhere beyond the pillars, at the far end came an unfriendly voice that warned the party to travel no farther. Heedless of any danger Forg charged forward into the chamber…..

Wagons and Warriors
Onto the Ruins of Thoromir

Sometime in Frosthaven…

Chests were still heaving from battle when a grim creature stepped forth from the darkened mirror. The creature stood nearly 8 feet tall. Its well muscled body naked accept for a small loin cloth. Its flesh was the color of death, pale white and with sickly pink blotches. Sutures zig zagged across the body where body parts had been sewn together. Its bizarre form animated by some foul magic. The insane creature flew into a rage and attacked the party. Weapons passed through its magically enhanced form with no effect. It rained blows from its mighty fists down on the party. Forg’s black metal axe dealt damage as did the sword of Damian Darkblade. Soon the great beast was beaten and collapsed into a heap of flesh.

The party decided that it was better to take a risk and journey through the mirror then wait to be assaulted by another foul creature.

The mirror portal led them to another level of the tower. The tower room was filled with laboratory equipment. Braziers burned with nauseating incense. Bizarre liquids moved through glass tubes burping multicolored steam puffs from unusually shape containers. Hanging from the short ceiling were four man-sized brass cages. Two of them contained village children, the third child was unconscious and laid out on a table with strange tubes connected to his arms.

Soon the party was under attack from the drow wizard. Both sides refused to retreat and were soon joined in battle. The drow cast many spells that called on the power of fire and illusion. In the middle of the battle when the tide had turned against him the drow conjured a fiery swirling ball of flame and ignited the chemicals on the table along with nearby tapestries. The room quickly filled with foul choking smoke making breathing and sight difficult. At last the drow fell. Even before his last breath the party had begun a hasty retreat with the children.

Outside the tower the party made quickly for the river barge as the tower blew itself apart weakening the cavern overhead. Rowing swiftly the party made it to the river as the cavern behind collapsed.

Deepwinter 4th, 638 cf

The party arrived in the town of South Hill as heroes. They had made the journey quickly overland from the underground river and were glad to spend a night resting on a comfortable bed. Staying for free in the Iron Buckle Inn and being treated to as much free drink and food as they could consume the party quickly regained its fighting strength.

One morning soon after arriving back a tall platinum blonde Arapeshian knight rode up to the Inn on a great steed. He was well armed carrying a large claymore sword strapped across his back. He wore the armor of a Knight of Galahtine, though he looked to young to be a full member of the order.

Krett de covelet2

The young knight’s path eventually crossed that of the party. He smelled sweet, almost feminine, but his manly bearing dispelled any notions that he was any less of a man. He introduced himself as Krett DeCovelet.

After hearing the parties tales of rescuing the small children with no thought of reward he asked to accompany them on their quest to the dwarven ruins of Thorgrim. His offer was accepted and soon the party and Krett had procured provisions for the journey and set out.

Deepwinter 10th, 638 cf

Travel was slow though since Forg insisted on riding on a wagon the entire way. The party passed through some small dwarven mining settlements on their way into the Drifts toward the ruins. The weather was cool but not harsh and no rain fell on the journey. In short time they spotted the hill with its crown of ruins atop of it.

Tlos ruins turkey
Shortly after spotting the hill they found the old dwarf road and followed it up to the peak passing by a set of dwarven stairs that appeared to lead into the hill side. Krett had felt the presence of evil nearby giving everyone a cause to be careful.

At the top of the great hill, perhaps 1,000 or more feet, above the surrounding area they found they could see for miles. To the west, the fringes of the Crystal Mist lake could be seen and to the East, the dwarven mining villages and the mud splattered roads.

The dwarven ruins lay before them, a tumble of weathered stone, twisted trees and small gnarled shrubs. The wind whistled by and a chill could be felt in the air. A tendril of smoke was spotted across the ruins and the party decided to make a path toward it to see if something was alive in this desolate place.

Building ruins at top of hill

Forg hung back with the wagon and horses as the others made their way through the rubble on foot.

The smoke appeared to come from a makeshift chimney made from some of the fallen stone blocks. Staring down into the stack only revealed that it went down into the hill itself.

The party discussed climbing down the chimney to see what was there but decided instead to head back to the stairs.

Back at the well worn stairs they slowly crept down the first flight keeping an eye out for what ever evil Krett had detected. The keen eyed party members spotted arrow slits high up along the wall to the left of the stair. A loud grinding noise was heard down the stair, it was followed by a thunderous clap that vibrated the stone under the parties feet.
The party hesitated watching for a sudden attack, none came and so they went on.
The stair descended down into the hillside following a series of landings deeper into the darkness. The last landing turned back into the hill and led down a short set of steps to a dwarven door, made of stone, nearly unbreakable. Above the door the party spotted more arrow slits. They hoped that the slits were were unmanned by sentries or no longer held a trap.

With no keyhole visible the party decided to force the door open. It was hard won but soon the dwarven door gave way and the party entered into the ancient dwarven stronghold of Thoromir.

Immediately they were under attack. Pig faced orcs armed with battle axes and wearing grubby scale mail blocked the entry into the wide hall. The hall itself was split by a wide chasm, the other side only assessable by a moss covered semi-rotten rope bridge.

The party made quick work of the badly trained sentries and advanced into the room only to be greeted with bow fire from guards stationed on the opposite side of the hall. The orcish bowmen were better trained then the door guards and took up cover behind the pillars. They still didn’t last long but one of them was able to escape.

Valuable time was spent by the party trying to secure a grappling hook to the other side to make crossing the rotted bridge safer. Before they were able to do so more orcs returned bringing with them an immense orc with giant tusks and a hulking form. Pharis quickly sprinted across the rope bridge heedless of the danger. His brilliant blue cape swirling about him. He held the line and the orc reinforcements were unable to close in on the bridge and cut the pylons holding it in place. Brak drew forth his impressive bow and provided covering fire. Sariya unleashed both magical and mundane bolts at one orc cutting him down as he took cover behind a pillar. Krett leapt into action and foolishly or perhaps gallantly ran across the rope bridge in full armor rocketing himself over the stumbling dwarf. His charge brought him into the melee and he took his position beside Pharis. Pharis then hurled his light spell at the colossal orc captain and blinded him. With their captain blinded the other orcs fell quickly and the party easily dispatched the leader as well.

With the sentries all dead the party threw open the doors and journeyed deeper into the dwarven ruins…

The deeper they delved the stanger it got..

Sometime in Frosthaven, 637 CF

The Dark Dwarves and their pets were defeated by the party, only one escaped running wildly away with an axe imbedded in his shoulder.

The party freed the dark dwarves’s slave, an older Mountain Dwarf named Krog Stoneshield.


Krog agreed to show the party the way to the Underground Tower.

After setting out the party stumbled upon an old camp in the center of one cavern. The camp was filled with the skeletal remains of several humans and a dwarf. A search of the remains turned up a few useful items including a small red leather book that Sariya placed in her pack for later study.

The party traveled through the caverns and passed through a lair of some beast, following narrow passage down to the edge of the underground river. The party could find no way to continue and were wary of the large amphibian eyes that watched them from the water so they turned back.

It was then they encountered two trolls. The battle was hard won and made worse when Otis used his magic bag to pull forth a skunk that sprayed the trolls and several party members before being slain.

Afterwards the party bedded down near a rope bridge that crossed the river. It was then that they decided to test potions. Several were identified before Forg sampled one that caused him to begin to act randomly. He attempted to wander off and was chased down by the others.

It was then that the party met the talking toads of the river. The toad spoke only in the thoughts of some of the party members. The toads offered to take them to surface by way of the river. They knew they needed a powerful cleric to cure the dwarf of his madness.

Instead of heading to the surface they decided that the closest help probably could be found in the nearby Dark Dwarf city. Krog knew the way and so the party set out for the settlement.

The dark dwarf city, Motsignorr, lay even deeper in the earth and was surrounded by carved stone walls. The city was shaped from several intersecting caverns with towers and buildings carved from the natural stone. In the center of the city stood an imposing clock tower visible from all parts of the city.

The party bluffed there way past the guards under the guise of being tradesmen.

The city was filled with the different underdark races as well as those from the surface. Otis quickly disappeared into the crowd and stayed gone for most of the groups stay in the city.

The party picked up some necessary supplies but more importantly found a cleric of Dumanthion, Rocknor Firebrand, willing to help Forg. Rocknor agreed to call upon his god in exchange for the party agreeing to quest.

After Rocknor cured Forg’s addled mind the party departed the city and led by Krog headed for the psionic toads. The toads gladly ferried the party downstream to the underground lake.

There at the center of the underground lake stood a all stone tower that stretched from a small island to the ceiling of the high cavern. The party was soon spotted by a sentry, a gargoyle, that swept down and attacked the toad riders. Farrokh cast a spell that sent the gargoyle temporarily spinning out of control. The pause in battle gave the party enough time to make it to the small island.

The rushed the guardhouse and did battle with the Derro sentries while the gargoyle closed in behind. After a tense battle all the enemies were slain and the party found themselves in the bottom most level of the tower staring back at themselves in a large darkened mirror…

Fungi Caverns and Clockwork dogs
Strange things wait in the dark caverns...

Sometime in Frosthaven, 637 cf.

Deep beneath the earth the party delves underground in search of three village children hoping to find them before it is to late.

After awakening the Stone Guardian the party journeyed through a pair of large bronze doors and down a steep natural stair before arriving in fungus filled caverns. The caverns hung low and almost every inch of it was covered in fungus of many kinds. The caverns were naturally lit by vines with glowing violet polyps.

At the bottom of the stairway the Stone Guardian waited and it sprang to attack when the party entered the cavern. Its mighty fists bent armor and its stone hide dulled many blades. The battle looked hopeless and the party began to make a tactical exit from the battlefield through an adjoining cavern. It was then in a flash of brilliance that Farrokh saved the day. He instructed the others to use his rope to bind the Stone Guardians legs to slow it down and distract it from attacking. The plan worked and allowed the party to pummel the Stone Guardian with blows before it could break free.

During the melee the party stumbled across a lovely wood elf maiden, apparently lost in the caverns below while gathering spell ingredients for her master. She seemed relived to find some surface dwellers that could help her find her way out of the caverns. It was so that Sariya Ellifarius joined the ranks of the party.

From the battle with the Stone Guardian the party traveled together down many twisting corridors covered with spiderwebs and fungus. Finally coming upon a long hall of worked stone. In the center of the hall a stone basin was filled with a black viscous liquid. A misty portal was carved along a wall.

The black ichor attacked the party and chased them from the chamber. After regrouping the party was able to destroy it with flame and oil but nor before Phariss, Otis, and Brak all went missing.

The three of them were found resting in a peaceful cavern overcome by the enchantments placed on it.

Daringly, they decided to use the misty portal after finding a key that transformed the misty to a greenish color.

The portal took them to a large cavern with tall mushroom “trees” and a neatly kept fungus garden with paths that ran between them. The cavern was cut by an underground river that entered the cavern by way of a waterfall. Near the waterfall stood a small stone two story building with an active chimney and waterwheel.

The party found that the stone building was actually an outpost run by a gnome , Glink, his wife and two clockwork servants. The stay at the Inn proved restful if not informative. The party discovered that a drow elf (possibly the one they seek) lives down the river in a large cavern with an underground tower.

Unable to convince the dwarf that creating mushroom boats to float down the river was a good idea they decided to find their way by cavern.

Leaving the mushroom forest behind they journeyed up into a worked stone hall that hid many deadly traps and a small hidden cache of treasure. The treasure itself was guarded by a strange creature that disguised itself as a chest.

From the hall the party found the mine of a group of Grey Dwarves. The initial parlay did not go well and swords were drawn…

Into the Depths of the Earth
Dark caverns and ancient ruins await...

Sometime in Frosthaven, 637 CF…

The delve into the Orc lair leads the party to a feast hall beyond a large smoke filled forge. From the empty beds found in the barracks it appeared that all of the orcs were either working the forge or feasting in the hall. The hall was lit by several roaring fires and set with large tables and benches. There the party encountered the orc chieftain, Maksym Bloodskull. Unable to dispatch with the door guards before one of them alerted the others with a gong. The battle turned into a large affair – with many orcs and even an ogre falling in combat. When the battle was done the party found the lair empty. Otis Everfull was badly wounded and so the party rested before continuing on.

Just before the battle commenced Brak had spotted a dark elf and two pale dwarves escaping with the three village children. After resting, the party followed the trail out of the lair and into caverns below it.

The cavern came out on a narrow ledge with only a old rope bridge spanning the chas. When the party attempted to cross the bridge small dog creatures peppered them with arrows from a ledge on the other side while one of the strange pale dwarves blocked the way.

The party soon defeated the dog men and the pale dwarf. Afterwards they gained entry to an ancient ruins on the far side of the chasm. The party avoided several traps before surprising a group of dog men. They took one prisoner and it confirmed that the drow had come this way. The party enlisted the dog mans help and followed him deeper into the earth.

A spider soon kill the dog man and left the party following the trail on their own. Coming to a hall filled with statues, each with gemstone eyes, the party paused and Phariss found that he could not resist the urge to pluck two green jade stones from a large obsidian statue.

Removing the gems awakened a great stone guardian that now hunts for the party….

The Forest Awaits...
Sometime in Frosthaven, 637 CF

Much time has passed since the last entry. Since then much has happened. The party was able to defeat the beastmen and the death cult. Agor rewarded them well for the artifacts they returned from the ruins and was especially pleased with a sealed scroll. He told the party to “find him in Brie at the Pirate’s Eye Patch if they were ever in need of work”.

After several days of recuperating at the Bay of the Moon Inn they were betrayed by Telly and his companions the warrior, Epicaste, and the whining mage, Ivo. Telly made off with nearly all the group’s wealth as the others slept one night.

Brak, Farrokh, and Forg all gave chase hoping to catch the “little bastard” just after first light. Tthe trail led into the hills north of the Inn. Several weeks were spent tracking him and along the way they met a traveling Bard named Pharis and a halfling from the Shire, named Otis(coincidentally— he was also looking for Telly).

The trail of Telly led the party, now numbering five to the mining town of South Hill, nestled just below the Forbidden Forest towards the southern end of the The Drifts. There they lost the trail when winter arrived in the form of heavy snow fall.

They took up residence at the Iron Buckle Inn in South Hill hoping for the snow to melt enough that they could continue their search.

On the second night at the Inn while they were dining on roasted pheasant, spiced potatoes, and ale the town was attacked by a group of Orcs that carried off several children into the hills.

After doing battle with orcs the party ran off into the night with few supplies hoping to rescue the kidnapped children.

The trail was easy for Brak to follow because of the snow. The orc trail led them right into the Forbidden Forest. After entering the forest the party encountered a giant humanoid with a single eye along with a group of poorly trained orc guards.

Eventually they tracked the orcs to a ruined tower. There Otis killed a sleeping orge and discovered a shaft leading down.

The shaft had a simple rope ladder leading down into the ground. At the bottom they found themselves in a mine shaft. Missing the trip wire they were lucky to escape a sliding block.

At the end of the mine shaft they came to an underground network of old worked stone halls. Soon they were battling more orcs as they hoped to find the children before it is to late.


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