From Frozen to Flaming Halls
Companions are forged by Sword and Spell.
29th of the Wilting, 637 CF

After pulling Brak from the pit the party investigated the double doors. They led to a room that was unnaturally cold and decorated with crude paintings of winter scenes.

Advancing into the room Brak triggered a trap when he placed a torch in an empty sconce on the wall. The trap caused the floor to tip to a 45’ angle and both Telly and Brak slide down into a dark opening before the floor sealed itself again.

The others quickly figured out how to trigger the floor and joined their companions at the bottom. The party found themselves in a long hallway that stretched off in one direction. Like the room above it was unnaturally cold, even having frost on the walls and floor. Cautiously they advanced down the corridor toward a chamber at the end.

Up ahead their lantern light shined on what appeared to be a snow drift…underground. By the time they reached the end of the corridor several inches of snow and ice were under their feet

The frozen chamber hide a pair of ice encased warriors. One male, the other female. The two figures wore armor of the long forgotten Kingdom of Thanos, which disappeared over a millennia before.

After some debate the party decided that they should free them and give the bodies proper burial. Telly and Brak argued that the armor and weapons should be used while Farrokh and Forg thought otherwise.

Once freed they decided to carry the bodies up and outside of the ruins for burial. When they were free of the frigid rooms the female warrior sprang to life. Bewildered she held the party at sword point until she was confident that they were friends.

The party found out that she was Epicaste, a warrior from Thanos, frozen by a Beastman shaman along with her brother during their attack on the palace over 1,000 years ago. She vows to avenge her brother and travel with the companions. Although she cannot speak the Common tongue she has been an able companion.Epicaste

The party made camp in the ruins above and in the morning held funeral rites for Epicaste’s brother, Danaus.

30th of the Wilting, 637 CF

The party now journeyed back into the ruins and re-traced their steps to the unnaturally frozen chamber, dispatching a group of gnolls at the guard post along the way. They crossed the chamber this time, avoiding the torch sconce, and then traveled down a long hall that lead to a large natural cavern.

The cavern was filled the sounds of rushing water from an underground river. The ceiling was filled with stalactites and the dripping from the moist ceiling. The humid underground chamber was covered in darkness as the party set out to explore it. West from the door they came upon a series of crude shacks constructed of river wood and canvas. Before they could investigate the shacks closely they were attack by a group of lizard men from the river. At the same time a lizard man shaman revealed himself from the the shacks with a guttural shout. The battle was LONGGG and hard fought. The party seemed to be plagued by ill luck as they fell victim to a spell that held Farrokh and Epicaste. Telly turned up a few items of interest but otherwise the shacks were a dead end and the party turned around and headed eastward.

In the eastern cavern they were attacked by creatures disguised as stalactites. To avoid the creatures they ran fast through the stone forest. On the otherside they found an abandoned cottage of a mummified halfling. The cottage was a strange place and turned up a scroll that no-one could read.

Beyond the cottage the river split and made going any further impossible because the Forg refused to cross the river.

Heading back they had decided to enter the rune carved door on the first level but before heading there they went to investigate a cavern that they had early passed by. In that cavern they encountered a small group of gnolls guarding a lost temple of the Thanos people.

Outside the temple they spotted a marble statue worn with time but with an inscription that Epicaste could read. When she read the words the party was healed!

They soon spotted a hidden door behind a layer of plaster. Chipping it away they uncovered a straight hall that led to a circular room that housed a demon, wings outstretched, made of black stone. The demon statue had a large pair of amber eyes that glowed with a fiery yellow color. Telly with out much hesitation climbed to the top of the statue and proceeded to pry them out. That was when he notice that a shaft was cut in the ceiling above the demon idol. After getting the gems he scaled the inside of the shaft to the top.

Above the circular room he found himself in an immense hall, perhaps once used for worship of the demon idol, for when he stepped away from the shaft the room was lit with a fire as bright as dragon’s breath. While the fire was burning the demon idol ascended the shaft but some unseen method and then after entering the hall above let out a mocking laughter.

When the fire died away the idol sunk back down into the circular chamber and Telly soon followed. He convinced the others to climb up with him and in doing so they too got to see the fiery demon’s entrance. Unfortunately they lost most of their rope and now find themselves trapped in the old worship hall.

Tales of Tellus-Aboreah
The Adventure Begins....

*27th of The Wilting, 637 cf *

Our campaign begins at the end of the year 637.

Five strangers all travel the road to Brie.

A halfling, Telly Greenbottle, seeking adventure and escape from those look for him.

A half-orc, Brak, seeking freedom and the training necessary to have his revenge.

Farooq, a holy man from the desert lands far to the south, seeking converts to his religion.

Forg, a young dwarf, seeking to make a name for himself and uncover his hidden past.

Lastly, Ivo, a cowardly wizard who travels to Brie for training, or so he says.

Each of the strangers is bushwhacked in the early evening after falling prey to an inviting fire off the side of the road. The fire turned out to be a ruse set up by a small team of giants who made off with the strangers into the hills after binding them with rope. The five strangers were rescued by a group of Celestial elves riding toward the forest and the Eternal City.

The strangers soon found themselves left under the moonlit sky. They decided it was safer to remain together and made a camp near some trees on a snow covered hill. After spending some time introducing themselves they bedded down for the evening. The rest was only interrupted once, by wolves coming to gnaw on the giant corpses.

28th of the Wilting, 637 cf

The next morning the party of strangers journeyed down from the hills following the directions given by the elves. First they came to a small lake. Brak unsuccessfully tried to take down a deer, but frightened it off before he could get a good shot. His only arrow fell far short of the animal.

From the lake they found a trail and followed it down to the road leading to Brie. They were able to arrive at the Bay of the Moon tavern at dusk. At the tavern the strangers took a table together and ordered heaps of food and drink. Ivo paid for the meals and drink. It was while they were eating that they were approached by a portly balding gentlemen wearing gold belt and signet ring on his pinky finger. AgorThe large man spoke in soft voice and announced himself as Agor Smithsson the local mayor of a….“town”. Agor was seeking adventurers willing to help his small village defeat a “death cult”. He offered a small sum. Suspicious, the companions pressed him for more information…his story seemed to have “holes” and it was eventually learned that it was not a “poor village” but a “mining company” that needed help in clearing the “death cult” so they could establish a “silver mine”. The companions decided to accept the offer (however skeptical they were) and journey together with Agor the next morning. Before meeting Agor the next morning they did some investigation around the tavern discovering that the ‘death cult’ is an ancient legend and that ‘beastmen’ are rumored to be in the hills hording great wealth in the old ruins. It was also mentioned that a ‘sword of great power’ was lost in the ruins. Some of the party begin to speculate that perhaps the ‘death cult’ was a red herring and Agor and his ‘mining company’ have other plans for them. In any case the lure of a handsome profit was to much for the five rather poor individuals to refuse and so the decided to meet Agor in the morning.

29th of the Wilting, 637 cf

After signing a contract and purchasing supplies they journeyed up the site of ‘ruins’ that Agor said were the lair of the ‘death cult’. The ruins sat on top a a low hill, that had been cleared many centuries before. On the hill top ancient structures could be seen through twisted wind blown trees. Before the party could investigate the details they were ambushed by 6 humanoids, gnolls, armed with swords and spears. After defeating the humanoids in a quick battle they searched the hill top, finding a tablet written in dwarven and two staircases descending down into the hill.

One staircase lead down a steep stair to a dangerous looking rope bridge.

The other staircase lead to a large chamber filled with bats and guano. A search revealed three passages leading off into darkened halls.

The shortest passage held a surprise at the back end, a gelatinous cube. It nearly duped the halfling and half-orc. Once the party discovered the creature they made short work of it.

The passage to the right lead down a twisting corridor. The uncovered a plaster covered hidden door. The door had an inscription on it warning against entering it. The party decided to pass by and continue down the hall.

Telly missed the pressure plate in the hall and unleashed a pair of spears, one of which gravely wounded him. Farooq called apon his god, Aedon, to heal the halfling.

Just after springing the trap they were sprung upon by a group of gnoll guardsmen shouting “in the name of the minotaur king!!!”

The gnolls rushed in and were quickly dispatched. Three lost their nerve and turn an ran. The party pursued them to a guardroom where they were the remaining gnolls were slaughtered.

With the gnolls gone the party continued down the hall that now had a downward slope. The passage brought them deep underground to a massive cavern that they crossed quickly. A gnoll guardsmen is spotted and killed from close range. As the party closed in on the dead guardsmen Brak stumbled into garbage filled pit. His fall was minor and he was pulled quickly up again. Before the party stands a pair of stout wooden doors.


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