Tag: City of Brie


  • Castle Brie

    The castle is set behind two 30 foot high stone walls. The whole area is set on a small hill overlooking the city and the barrow mounds. There are two gates into the castle. One is used for the military and the other for all other business. The gates …

  • Blacken House

    The estate has a high walled stone fence surrounding a green landscape filled with beautiful trees and plants year round. An iron gate is the front entrance with cobblestone pathway that leads to the main entrance. The house has three stories and is …

  • Grand Market

    Large open aired market in the center of the city where anything and anyone can be found for the right price.

  • Grand Treasury

    This is another grand building with tall pillars and massive stone steps leading into a grand foyer with polished floors and a high domed ceiling. People can have their valuables can be locked away for safe keeping in exchange for a fee (usually 5% of …

  • Pirate's Eye Patch

    The tavern is a seedy dive in the docks district. It is frequented by rogues, pirates, and those of similar like. It has a reputation for black market deals and prostitution. It is a squat wooden building that serves watered down ale and poor food. It …

  • Knights of Brie Headquarters

    This is the headquarters of the knighthood. It is a small walled keep with a central tower looking over the walls. The knights are the elite warriors of the Gran March’s military forces. 

  • Scales of Justice

    The building is a heavily fortified structure. It houses the Briean guardsmen, city judicial offices and courts as well as the jail and dungeons of the Sheriff. The dungeons are under the main building and accessed by a long descending hall. The main …

  • Temple of Mercion

    The temple is located in the People’s Ward close to the Sea Ward. It is a low key temple, with no fancy adornments. It is well kept with a modest flower garden. The building is of plain stone and has an open aired central worship area.

  • Temple of Morganti

    The temple has massive marble pillars out front leading to the stone steps up into the interior. The interior is a large open space and lined with marble statues of the the greatest heroes of Morganti.

  • Tower of Sorcery

    The tower is surrounded by a wooded park. The grounds are closed to the public and the fence appears to have no gate. A force field of magic also keeps everyone with wings out.

  • Vault of Oghma

    This is the largest store house of information in the north. Its collection of books, tomes, scrolls is relatively new when compared to the libraries found in older Arapesh or elven cities. The vault is not public, but private and by appointment only. …