Brandobaris is the master of adventure and misadventure. The moral lesson of many of his journeys and scrapes is that its better not to dash off unprepared into danger; but Brandobaris is an agreeable, friendly rascal. In myth, he always manages to escape from the awful situations he finds himself in.

Brandobaris concerns himself with the affairs of hobbit adventurers, who he sees almost as proxy versions of himself. He is ever mischievous, and concerns himself with the behavior of hobbits rather than their formal alignments.

Brandobaris is always on the lookout for a worthy risk and challenge for his avatar to face. Omens take the form of footprint marks, and objects disappearing from (or appearing in) one’s pockets.

Brandobaris’ avatar appears as a cheeky-faced young hobbit dressed in smart leather jerkin, silk blouse and cotton pants.

Brandobaris’ priesthood are active adventurers. They are expected to take significant risks during their adventures. Stealth and subtlety is expected of the priests at all times.


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