Creation Myth

In the Void there was Aedon the Lightbringer, the Keeper of the Flame Eternal. In the lifeless realm he tended the divine fire alone, sharing its beauty with no one but himself. Of what race or being or how exactly it came to be that he guarded the sacred flame all is forgotten or unknown. It has been suggested by great scholars that perhaps he came from beyond the Void eons before.

As he watched the flame an idea sprung into being and it burned like the very fire he watched. The idea flourished in his mind and spread to every part of his being. Soon the idea took form and was forever set in motion. He gathered to him the greatest of heavenly spirits, the Alar, and to each showed them his idea, or The Vision. Aedon showed them all, from beginning to end. These fourteen Alar were; Telperion, Belenus, Crom, Dagdha, Mitra, Silvanus, Amaterasu, Melkor, Ulmo, Moradin, Isis, Oghma, Bragi, and Varda. Each was awed in their own way by the majesty of the Vision and in Aedon for creating such a thing of beauty. It was a perfect idea unmarred by any evil.

After showing each the Vision, it was taken away to the dismay of all gathered. Then Aedon instructed them each separately on how they could bring about the creation of the Vision and make it real. With Aedon’s help each added there voice to the chorus that sung in harmony weaving the Flame Eternal into something real. It was during the Creation that the first imperfections to the Vision were forged, for Melkor wished to have the Vision all to his own.

Tellus-Aboreah was shaped into being and made whole by the eternal flame, but already the perfect vision was marred and imperfect. The imperfections would one day bring an end to the vision and forever extinguish the eternal flame. Aedon watched with joy and then sadness as his Vision came into being. He cast out Melkor and those lesser Alar that followed him, casting them out across the abyss and into the hells. Melkor swore to take revenge against Aedon and the other Alar by working to destroy the Vision they had created.

Crom shaped the land, forming the mountains, valleys, and plains. He fought Ulmo for conquest of the green earth, the Lord of the Seas attempted to cover the world in water. Belenus spread the first stars in the sky and created them in the likeness of the Alar. He fashioned three moons for each mode of thought in the universe, good, neutrality, and evil. The Mistress of the Moons, Varda Elentari, was given the task of shepherding the trio across the sky.

Dagdha, the Great Shepherd, brought the beasts and birds to walk the land while his wife, Mitra, planted the first forests and plains. There son, Silvanus, was given Lordship over the forests, it is he who awakened the Ents to help in in his task.

Telperion first passed over the land below after eons of only starlight, heralding the beginning of the First People, the elves. The elves become the the Children of the Sunrise, and came to revere and love Telperion’s wife, Amaterasu. It was from these first people that Melkor created the first orcs and goblinoids, seducing some, corrupting others, or torturing them into submission.

Isis gave magic to the elves and all those that walked Tellus-Aboreah, giving it freely without restrictions.

Oghma walked the land when it first began as an elderly scholar. He taught the first elves to speak, later would instruct the dwarves on runes, and help the races of the world write the first histories. His brother, Bragi, traveled with him and taught the people the first song, music, and poetry.

Hanali was an elf maiden, born at the beginning of time that was so pure and beautiful that the Alar took her up and brought her to dwell in the Timeless Halls. They marveled at her beauty and grace and soon she became revered by the People of Tellus-Aboreah.

Ulmo so loved the sea he left the Timeless Halls and made his kingdom deep beneath the waves. There Ulmo created life filling his domain with both great danger and majesty. He also wrought a son from the power of a hurricane, named him Morrigan, Lord of Destruction, and set him upon the land to battle his rival Crom.

Moradin, the Smith, Lord of the Anvil had watched the Children of Sunset with envy for years, he took it upon himself to fashion a race of his own, so against the wishes of Aedon he forged the hobbits, which displeased him and so he tossed the lifeless clay shells aside. He next forged the dwarves in his own image, choosing the finest metals and ores that could be mined. With great sweeps of his hammer he shaped fine mithral and iron to make the dwarf-fathers, later to join him in the Timeless Halls as the Gods and Goddesses of the Dwarven Pantheon. When he breathed life into the creations to cool them next to the forge, Aedon knew of his misdeed and came at once to find him. It was there that a bargain was struck, Moradin could forge his race and place them on Tellus-Aboreah, but that they must be made imperfect, with faults of greed, hate, and lust. His first creations, so perfect must forever remain with him in the Halls. So it was that the dwarves awakened deep beneath the earth near the roots of the great mountains and fought there way through the humanoids to the surface and became the People of Stone. Moradin’s people gave him the name of “The Soul Forger” and both dwarves and craftsmen of every race revere him.

Yondalla, the Protector and Good Mother was born in the Timeless Halls to Dagdha and Mitra, she was given charge over those to be later called “Yondalla’s Children”, the hobbits, whom the Alar had pitied and given life too. These small people were quietly placed on Tellus-Aboreah were they could till the same earth from they had been crafted. Yondalla spread them like seeds over the lands they still inhabit.

Aedon had crafted the elves as immortal, and no race new death in the first years of Tellus-Aboreah, but with the crowding of races, the strife, squabbling, and war led to the creation of a lustful god, called from beyond the Timeless Halls by the aura of strife that emanated from the new world, he was Ares, god of war, lust and killing. He brought with him the Unbeing, death, or Nubius, Lord of Hades.

Nubius built a realm in Hades, erecting great gates on the River Styx. It is said that all mortals must pass either to his realm or the Halls of Mandos to await the end of the world, where those of good heart will be brought to the Timeless Halls and those of evil hearts cast down forever into the pits of Hell.

The Lords of Hell and Hades made war on the good races of Tellus-Aboreah, there humanoid armies marching under the leadership of Ares. To counter the tides of evil, Aedon crafted Anhur, god of war and wisdom. Anhur soon became locked in battle with Ares and they have remained so since, and forever will unto the end of the world.

As the powers of darkness grew stronger and fear, war, and murder gripped the lands the Alar grew troubled. Unable to defeat the Dark Ones in battle they created a land from a part of the Timeless Halls itself. It was a land of great beauty, a near perfect realm, just beyond the rising sun. They called it “The Land Beyond The Rising Sun” , or the Garden. They sent word to the elves that they should leave Tellus-Aboreah and travel across the sea to this new land where they could be free from death and the troubles of the mortal land. Not all of the elves answered the call taking great white ships over the horizon to The Land Beyond the Rising Sun. Others that remained behind took refuge in the forests, becoming the wood and wild elves of Tellus-Aboreah. Those that made the journey lived without death in The Land Beyond the Rising Sun until the Great Sundering.

In the lands Beyond the Rising Sun the elves lived and loved, and wrought many great works. There were many houses, the greatest of which were the Celestial Elves. The least were the Aborean elves. These unfortunate elves were the servants of the great houses. It was through this servitude that the enemy was able to come to The Land Beyond the Rising Sun. The Aborean elves conspired to betray their elven brothers and earn revenge for their treatment.

For long ages the elves fought for survival keeping the temptations of the Evil Ones away. The Garden was their home and they weren’t going to give it up. But the Enemy was patient, and so soon dissension among the elves led to open war and blood shed among the houses. The weaker houses were crushed under the might of the stronger and war tore the land apart. It was then that Amaterasu came to the houses of Celestial elves and warned them of the destruction that was to come and so they escaped before Aedon smote the whole of the Garden, taking up those elves still there and reshaping them into a mortal form, short of life and flawed with many vices, the Humans. The People of the Sunset were placed on Tellus-Aboreah and the Garden was torn from world and was made unreachable for all but the Celestial Elves who may learn the secret rites and pass into the realm, it is said not ever to return. In the realm they will once again me free from death. The elves believe that when the last elf leaves Tellus-Aboreah then it will come to an end.

The only other survivors from the reshaping of The Garden were a small group of Aborean elves that narrowly escaped the tumult when they murdered several crews of Celestial elves and made off with the boats before being drawn into a fight with the other elves. Before they could be caught they had escaped over the horizon, but they would one day return to the tales of Tellus-Aboreah.

When the Celestial Elves arrived on the shores of Tellus-Aboreah they found that the brothers they left behind had been fighting an unceasing war against the orcs and goblins of Melkor. Many great heroes such as Corellon Larethian who led his people in the fight against the orcs and there Balrog champion, Gruumsh. Gruumsh was a great captain in the hellish armies serving Melkor when he was dispatched to win the war on Tellus-Aboreah. He would have succeeded but for the prowess of Corellon who drove him back to the hells and maimed him while doing so. The wood elves had forgotten many of the old gods and adopted a new pantheon with many of these early heroes has deities, Corellon stands as its leader.

Aedon shaped the Humans in likeness of Dagdha and Mitra and placed them in the plains that lay empty an in ruin from the ravages of war. He made so they would spread quickly and gave them great ambition. From the Void came Alar to help show the races the right and true path, and to combat the rising tide of evil. These new, young gods and goddesses were Forseti (god of Justice), Mercion (goddess of Healing), Heimdall (god of Guardianship), and Morganti (god of Loyalty and Obedience).

The Celestial Elves that had returned began to use the Wood Elves and Supau in the same way that they had forced the Aboreans into servitude, those that rebelled became the Wild Elves of the Forest.

All of the people await the end of times that is prophesied to come with the Verdict of Fates, when either Ares or Anhur fall in battle and the world comes to an end. As the elves now slowly leave Tellus-Aboreah, learned sages believe that the time draws near when the last elf will be gone and those on Tellus-Aboreah and Mandos will be judged.
Only one Alar has met an end joining the Unbeing; Melkor was murdered by his own apprentice, Asmodeus, who proclaimed himself Lord of the Nine Hells. Those who once served his master now serve him.

Many mortals have joined the pantheon of gods over the eons, some great heroes, others villains, but only one has stolen divinity. Sieboldiana is the youngest god, having stolen his divine essence from Nubius, who housed the divine spark of Melkor. It is said that part of Melkor lives on inside the twisted mage of betrayal.

Creation Myth

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