Haela Bright-Axe

Clerical Raiment: Armor of any sort can be worn, but chain mail preferred. A helm is always worn. For ceremonial purposes, armor or plain robes of steel are worn, with an over cloak of scarlet, with crimson footwear.

Sacrifice/Propitiation: The blood of the worshipper and that of enemies of the dwarves is commonly offered to Haela.

Ethos and Current Aims: Priestesses of Haela wander throughout the Realms, aiding dwarves in battle. They wander because no priestess knows where or when she will be needed-they rely upon Haela’s guiding hand to position them as necessary.

Priestesses of Haela aid beleaguered dwarves (and known allies and companions of dwarves) against creatures of all sorts, by healing, casting spells, and fighting alongside them. Their objectives are to achieve victory for the dwarvish side and to allow the maximum possible number of dwarves to survive. The priestesses wish also to make all dwarves comfortable with their own skills in combat to Haela’s worshippers, battle skills are needed to guide the hands of all dwarves if the Deep Folk are to survive.

Priests of Haela are always heavily armed, and are often skilled at weapon and armor repair. They freely give away the weapons they carry to dwarves in need, always keeping at least one weapon for themselves, although it may be well hidden. They practice throwing weapons in a variety of ways, such as onto ledges to cut ropes, and to land upright, points buried in turf, beside those needing them.

The senior priestesses of Haela teach their juniors much concerning tactics, secrets and hints for fighting specific monsters, and knowledge of their habits, lairs, and weaknesses.
All individuals or groups aided by a priestess of Haela are expected to pay for the aid with a spare weapon that the priestess can give to some other needy band. Failing that, a shield, pair of gauntlets, or other armor or useful gear can be substituted. It is considered bad form to give the priestess back a weapon she just gave you.

Temples of Haela are caves or underground rooms, sometimes in old, abandoned holds or in the cellars of human ruins. They are also typically storehouses of food, small smithies, and armories crammed with odd weapons and armor. Her temples are never guarded by fewer than a dozen priestesses (more often, 1d4 + 16 are in residence). There is always an explosive trap set somewhere in such a temple: if the dwarves are slain or forced out, no enemy of the dwarves will get the store of weapons without taking heavy losses.

She can be seen in the night sky as the “Battle Axe of Haela”.

Haela Bright-Axe

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