Tellus-Aboreah has seen many great civilizations appear, grow powerful, and then wane. This chapter details the written history of the continent. Tellus-Aboreah is now almost exclusively ruled by humans, who have spread to nearly every corner of the known realm. In the past several groups of elves held domain and now most human cities are built on the ruins of ancient elven cities. The landscape is also dotted with abandoned strongholds and long lost dungeons where these ancient races once dwelt. Recorded history begins at least 10,000 years before the current campaigns. The farther back the dates the more generalized they are since many are taken from oral histories.

As recorded by the historian Johanes Braun of Wessex

The terms “Before Common Founding (BCF) and Common Founding (CF) are Arapesh in origin but are now widely used by other cultures and races. The “Common Founding” is marked as the first year the Arapesh held control of a piece of the main land. This system is the default that is used for all dates but not the only one, for example the dwarves are known to use “dwarven reckoning”.

Before 10,000 BCF
*Elves harness metal and magic and begin to spread from their ancestral forest (The Celestial Forest/The Great Forbidden Forest).
*The head of the Ieyusu Clan was chosen as the Elven Emperor

9,900 BCF
*The Elven Soul Gems were created by a conclave of elven mages.

9,950 BCF
*Elves first met the dwarves, initially hostile towards them.
*Dwarves had mastered the art of metal and stone craft.
*Hobbiton was declared the official capital of the Shire, and a great feast was held to celebrate the event.

9,940 BCF
*Elves met the primitive Supau that lived in tribal nomadic clans, Elves enslaved “uncivilized” humans and used them for hard labor.

9,935 BCF
*Elves met the Molndai barbarians from the North. They also tried to enslave them but the vast elven army was slaughtered by the Molndai during the Battle of the Frozen Wastes. The Elves were insulted and surprised by their defeat and decided to go to war with the Molndai.
*At this same time war also erupted between the Elves and Dwarves (incl. Gnomes) over territorial disputes.

9,933 BCF
*Elves encountered the Hobbit Shire. The Elves were impressed by the Hobbits advanced culture and were weary after many Molndai defeats, instead of conquering the Shire they became trading partners.
*Soon a lively trade of metal goods and elven hardwood was being sold to the Shire in return for many foodstuffs and intricate decorative items that the Hobbits are now famous for.

*The first war between the Molndai and the Elves officially ended with the Molndai as victors. But hostilities were soon renewed – but with no formal declaration from either side.

8,456 BCF
*The Elves waged almost constant war with the Molndai and Dwarves, vastly depleting all sides
*The Gnomes, cousins of the Dwarves, left the Eastern Mountains for the Gilamesh Forest and the Sea Scape Mountains in the west. The Gnomes informed their cousins that the constant warfare was too much and they wished to be left out of the madness. The Dwarves since have shunned all Gnomes as cowards and traitors.
*The Supau remained enslaved and began to loose much of there culture.

6,743 BCF
*The Dwarves and Molndai declared war on each other over mountain territory.

6,700 BCF
*The dwarf Blackstarr adventured with his companions across the realms.

6,689 BCF
*The Dwarves forced the Molndai to surrender at the battle of Widow Rock. The battle ended the costly war between them. The Molndai vowed revenge.
*The twelve heroes from the battle were given the title of Thane and were allowed to build mountain fortresses of their own.

6,439 BCF
*Stonehaven is founded in the Misty Greys, a mountain chain in the northeast; the twelve Thanes united there and created the fabled Halls of Stonehaven.

6,416 BCF
*The Dwarves forged a new metal known as Darksteele, stronger than the mightiest steel or adamantine. They began to plan to equip their army with it. The metal’s creator Farin Darksteele is made the thirteenth Thane of Stonehaven.

6,413 BCF
*Fearing Dwarven armies with Darksteele weapons and armor the Molndai attacked the dwarves in the spring before they could equip many of their warriors with the new Darksteele. The metals creator Farin Darksteele was killed during the last battle and his head removed. The Molndai didn’t give quarter when the Dwarves sued for it on the battlefield. Instead the Molndai slaughtered every last Dwarf while they shouted the Molndai word for revenge. After killing each dwarf they urinated on the dead bodies and allowed their dogs to gnaw on the bones. The battle enraged the Dwarves and still today they hold hatred in their hearts against the Molndai. Because of the loss of Farin Darksteele his secret formula for creating Darksteele was lost with him.

*Although he had many apprentices none of them were able to create it again A famous dwarven legend claims that because of the battle the Dwarves took a great dislike to the number 13, they felt it was unlucky and partly had caused their great loss. They had 13 Thanes. The battle was fought on the 13th day of the year 1313 dr (dwarven reckoning). Because of this dwarves are known today to avoid using or being associated with the unlucky number 13.

6,400 BCF
*Six of the Thanes, tired of losing warriors and money to the war with the Molndai, left the Halls of Stonehaven for the south and the hills known as the Drifts. The dwarves that remained behind banished them from the Halls and abandoned their strongholds.

6,356 BCF
*The Elves declared war on the Dwarves of the Drifts over territory.

6,328 BCF
*The Dwarves triumphed once more against the Molndai at the Battle of Grayson Peak.

6,327 BCF
*The Beginning of the Second Golden Age of Stonehaven.

6,210 BCF
*Because of the war with elves the dwarves living in the Drifts are forced to abandoned their farms and live underground in the hills. The Elves laughed and called them “Hill” Dwarves. The war raged on for many years.

5,890 BCF
*The dwarves of Stonehaven moved armies toward the Drifts in an alliance with the Hill Dwarves. The tide of battle turned as the 13 clans reunited a weak pact.

5,820 BCF
*With the long war turning against them the Elves enlisted the help of the Molndai in their war with the Dwarves. They also bribed two of the Hill Dwarf clans into betraying their own people for magical powers.

5,799 BCF
*The combination of trickery and added muscle was too much for the united dwarves. The Dwarves of Stonehaven were eventually forced back into the Mountains and the Hill Dwarves were forced to do hard labor for the Elves in their own fields. The two clans of Hill Dwarves that betrayed there own were given the Elven magic, but it proved to be too much for them and they were perverted into Deep Dwarves. With both twisted spirits and bodies the dwarves fled the upper reaches of the world and descended to the Underdark.
It was during this time the Elves take to calling the Dwarves of Stonehaven “Mountain Dwarves” and the Dwarves of the Drifts “Hill Dwarves”. The names both become common to use by all races.
*This also marked the end of the Second Golden Age of Stonehaven.
During the winter months, still recovering from the war with the elves and enraged at the Molndai attacks, the Mountain Dwarves launched a costly war with against the Volstagg and his people.

5,472 BCF
*The “War of the Centuries” between the Molndai and The Mountain Dwarves came to an end after 327 years of battle.
*During the war the dwarves lost precious territory to the barbarians.

5,467 BCF
*The Elven Empire had spread to the foothills of the Misty Grey Mountains. Sensing that the dwarves would be weak after centuries of constant battle the Elves attacked the very Halls of Stonehaven hoping to conquer the Mountain Dwarves as they had defeated the hill dwarves. The Mountain Dwarves fought ferociously in defense of their kingdom. That same year the Hill Dwarves rose up and launched a war at the Elves.

4,726 BCF
*After many more years of conflict the Elves are defeated by the Mountain Dwarves who were able to turn the elves back into their forests. The Hill Dwarves were able to gain their freedom although during the war the elves wiped out a complete clan leaving the Hill Dwarves with only three.

4,399 BCF
*A bloody uprising along the coast by the Supau led to a brutal crackdown by the governing elves.

3,731 BCF
*The Great Elven General Hiro Fujiwara led a force behind the enchanted forest of Ravenswood and renewed the conflict between the Mountain Dwarves and Elves.

3,649 BCF
*The Molndai unified under one king, the Volstagg, and built a capital at Grimstad.

3,609 BCF
*Having built a mighty fortress the new Volstagg began to look for a war to fight and found one with the Dwarves.

2,412 BCF
*The Rebellion of Wood Elves within the Elven capital caused a chain reaction that lead to another rebellion on the coast by the Supau. The Elves were forced to withdraw from their long war with the Mountain Dwarves.

2,236 BCF
*After having enemies on both the east and west the Dwarves were forced to give up in their fight against the Molndai. The Molndai quickly took as much land and mountain territory as possible. It was during this time the dwarves realized that the Molndai far out numbered them; they feared what the future would bring.

1,845 BCF
*The Elven Civil War ended with the Wood Elves being beaten badly in the last decades of the war. The Elven War Council took up the idea of conquest once again.

1,645 BCF
*Conclave of Sorcery is formed for the study of arcane arts.

1,445 BCF
*The Elven Soul Domination was created by the Arch Mage Iggwilv. She was later sealed in her caverns of Tsojcanth along with the gem.

1,000 BCF
*Elven Civilization had claimed much of the coastline and the southern reaches. The north is still left untamed.

950 BCF
*An Age of Peace and Enlightenment begins
*The Elven Emperor agreed to a treaty with the Dwarves of Stonehaven. The treaty called for an indefinite end to the constant war, the opening of ambassadors to both capitals, and the possibility of trade.

947 BCF
*The Elven Emperor agreed to a treaty with The Great Northern Kingdom of the Molndai. The treaty called for the open exchange of ambassadors and the cease to any hostilities.

827 BCF
*Under pressure from the Dwarves of Stonehaven the Hill Dwarves signed a peace agreement with the Elves ending centuries of hostilities.

765 BCF
*The Elven Emperor Ieyusu Yoritomo IX granted some freedoms to the Supau under Elven law.

654 BCF
*A multiracial council was formed with representatives from each kingdom. The council was formed to keep the peace of the last three centuries.

*The centuries that followed were marked by peaceful trade with little or no conflict. During this time many great pieces of art and music were created by all cultures. This was also a time of great prosperity for all races. The age of peace lasted until the coming of the Arapesh

*The Arapesh arrived on sailing ships to trade with the mainland. They were technologically farther ahead than the mainlanders. The Elves received them as allies and invited an ambassador to the Elven Capital.

1 CF
*The Arapesh saw the weakness of the Elves and also the resources that they possessed. The Arapesh desperately needed the resources of the mainland for their island nation. Frustrated with trading constantly for goods, they decided to conquer the mainland. Farther ahead in weaponry and armor they attacked with their mighty war galleys and superior numbers. Slowly over the next 25 years they pushed the elves back into their forest. Along the way they liberated the Supau and convinced them to join in the fight against the elves. During this period the Arapesh inflicted many atrocities on the elves.

30 CF
*The Alisandric Knights helped the Arapesh gain total control over fallen elven lands. They began setting up provincial governments over the areas. They negotiated a neutrality treaty with the Molndai to the north.

49 CF
*A knighthood, The Order of Gahalatine, was formed to protect all races from injustice

64 CF
*The Arapesh began to build up a continental army and a network of strongholds along the frontier and forest. The Arapesh King Edward Lanceor IV sent his favorite knights to the continent and gave them baronies.

78 CF
*The Arapesh granted the Supau full rights under the law (still considered second class citizens)

79 CF
*The Arapesh and Hill Dwarves had conflicts in the Drifts. A treaty is signed after three years of war.

83 CF
The Arapesh signed a treaty with the Shire.

93 CF
*An Alisandric Knight rebels against the Arapesh and forms The Knights of Brie, named for his beloved wife who was accused of a crime and executed in the Kings High Court. With the assistance of the Druid Cedric Willowcrist they forged the Sword of Brie.
The sword, said to have magical powers, is used to win a war against the Arapesh.

*Having won the war, Sir Alec Silchester and his Knights of Brie set up a frontier kingdom called The Gran March of Brie. Building the capital at the mouth of the Aesir River and also naming it Brie.

96 CF
*After the loss of territory to Brie, King Keil Lanceor I decided to send two of his closest cousins to the continent to rule a set of Duchies. Creating the Duchy of Albion and Balcarres.

100 CF
*The Arapesh celebrated their first one hundred years of rule.

119 CF
*King Keil Lanceor I is assassinated mysteriously, no one is caught. The Elves are blamed.

*143 CF *
*The Duchy of Balcarres is awarded the status of Gran Duchy.

*182 CF *
*The Dwarves began to trade with the Arapesh outposts, mostly Hill Dwarves.

203 CF
*The Theocracy of Duhn was formed for the study of the gods.

*276 CF *
*The Alisandric Knights and the Arapesh lay waste to the Great Southern Swamp and extended the Arapesh Kingdom to the Jungle of the Horn.

297 CF
*The Dwarves of Stonehaven and the Drifts held a council with the Arapesh.

302 CF
*The Order of Gahalatine mysteriously disappeared.

316 CF
*The birth of Darr Wrymslayer, adventuring companion of Theodocia Sheehan.

318 CF
*Roryn Truesteele was born to the Stoneshield clan.

340 CF
*X, the Mystic was born in Trinidad. He was the wizard companion of Horatio Hellpop.

*343 CF *
*Birth of Pippen Proudfoot, hobbit hero and companion to Horatio Hellpop.

*354 CF *
*Birth of Horatio Hellpop, legendary adventurer & founder of the Bay of the Moon tavern.

362 CF
*Birth of the De Covelet brothers – Asher, Aaron, and Amon

371 CF
*Birth of Fujimoto Nakatori, The Six Fingered Warrior Priest of Miyamoto Musashi.

375 CF
*The time of the legendary Horatio’s Happy Band.
*The birth of Akira Nausica, legendary elven warrior-priest.

382 CF
*The death of Haplo, Priest of Morganti.

383 CF
*Cercius, doomed knight is born.

390 CF
*The Arapesh crowned Christopher Lanceor the Great. The first ruler given the title Emperor of the Arapesh.

402 CF
*Elves met with the Arapesh Emperor. A formal treaty was drawn and official apologies were made to the Elven people. Even with the treaty elves were rarely seen in the lands of man and the old prejudices remained.

*Traveling as a young man in the Grand Duchy Balcarres, Sir Asher de Covelet recovers a lost shipment of gold near the town of Sturnheim.

415 CF
*The time of the Arch-Mage Theodocia Sheehan

422 CF
*The death of Arapesh King Christopher the Great.

*Ian the First is crowned as Emperor and then set out to change most of his father’s policies to reflect his less tolerant attitude toward non-Arapesh.

436 CF
*The birth of dwarven legend Mongoth, Blood of Blackstarr.

437 CF
*Due to massive losses on the battlefield the Shield Knights ceased to exist.

442 CF
*The Dwarves of Stonehaven declared a territorial war on the Molndai settlements close to Widow Rock.

*The Gnomes signed a trade treaty with the Gran March of Brie.

444 CF
*The hobbit adventurer, Pippen Proudfoot dies of old age at the Bay of the Moon tavern.

*447 CF *
*The birth of Baldur Bloodstone, companion of Fujimoto Nakatori and Sir Asher de Covelet.

*449 CF *
*The Dwarves of Stonehaven lost control of Widow Rock, considered a holy place by almost all dwarves. The low dwarven birthrate was blamed, a problem no one seemed to know the cure for.

453 CF
*The death of the renown mage, X the mystic

454 CF
*Birth of Sieboldiana Elegans, Arch-Mage and demi-god of ambitious mages, betrayal and treachery.

459 CF
Death of Horatio Hellpop at his tavern near the Wizard Hills.

467 CF
*The birth of Serenia Short-toe, halfling burglar from Meadow Brook in the Shire.

*470 CF *
*The Makkah are first encountered in the southern reaches. These strange tattooed dark-skinned humans came from a advanced civilization across the Great Desert. They attacked several Arapesh outposts and a war erupted between the two kingdoms.

472 CF
The birth of the Mage “Nutt” Falconne, who later became the Unseeing Eye.

477 CF
*The birth of Lady Aerial Silchester, daughter of Maximillian Silchester. She was a Knight of Gahalatine and adventurer.

483 CF
*Prince Maximillian Silchester was made King of the Gran March of Brie. His rule would be a tragic one that would see the assassination of both he and his daughter along with death of the entire Silchester line. His weak abilities as a leader led to corrupt officials taking power from him and causing the eventual loss of Brie as an independent kingdom.

490 CF
*Arapesh issued new coins with faces of past rulers on them. The money is declared the only legal money within the Kingdom. All other money must be exchanged.

492 CF
*Swarms of locust destroyed much of the year’s crops and as result many starve.
*Ian the First, Emperor of the Arapesh dies in his sleep- the cause of death was said to have been overeating- gluttony.
*Cercius, last Knight of the Shield, dies.

493 CF
*The long awaited coronation of Christopher Lanceor II, Emperor of the Arapesh. Unlike his namesake he doesn’t follow a wise course instead he continues his father’s policies of racial intolerance and hatred. His reign does bring prosperity to the people and the kingdom of Brie back to the Empire.

*Sir Asher de Covelet becomes Knight Champion to the Emperor, but on that very evening he murders his wife, Arianna, in a mad rage. Then a duel with his brother, Aaron, almost results in his own death. He is later rescued by an Eye of the Conclave and taken to the mainland. From here he disappears for nearly a decade.

495 CF
*Blizzards dominated the weather all winter and into spring.
*Birth of Bailey Raynar, companion of Fujimoto Nakatori and Sir Asher de Covelet.

*497 CF *
*The war between the Dwarves of Stonehaven and the Molndai had ended with the Molndai gaining more land and wealth.

*498 CF *
*Royal marriage of Christopher II and his new Queen.

500 CF
*The time of adventuring by the legends Akira, Aerial, Mongoth, Falconne, Serenia, Snorin, and Daggoth.

501 CF
*The King of Brie is kidnapped by the Slave Lords, who are later destroyed by a group of adventurers led by his daughter Aerial Silchester and the dwarf Mongoth.

*In the king’s absence, Queen Abique Moonbeam, his second wife and a secret member of the Slave Lords, rules the council. She disbands and exiles the Knights of Brie and hires the mercenary company called the Knights of the Skull to act as an army. General conscription is used to fill the lower ranks of the new militia.

*Sir Asher de Covelet and Sieboldiana escape from their imprisonment by giants. They begin careers adventuring together that would eventually lead them to meeting Fujimoto Nakatori and Bailey Raynar.

502 CF
*A plague swept the Southlands, its cure is brought by the mage Falconne, who recovered it from the Great Desert.

*Abique Moonbeam, a former Slave Lord, uses her charms as well as magic on the King of Brie and assumes control of Brie from behind the throne. The Skull Knight Mercenary Company is used to maintain order.

503 CF
*Late in the year the Skull Knights of Brie swept south to the outskirts of Wexford before the Arapesh can mobilize a defense.
*The lost Sword of Galantine is recovered by Lady Aerial Silchester.
*The Knightly Order of Galantine was reestablished by Aerial Silchester and Damian Darkblade. They immediately fought against the Skull Knights of Brie.
*Near Wexford at the battle of Arnheim Creek, Damian Darkblade single handily led a small force of knights to drive back the Skull Knights and break the siege on the city.

504 CF
*The Knights of Gahalatine lead the spring campaign against the Skull Knights of Brie, after many battles they pushed them back behind the borders of Brie. By the end of spring a multiracial force waited to drive directly to the City of Brie and reclaim it for the good King Silchester.

*The Dwarves of Stonehaven are plagued by Giants of all types raiding their strongholds and territory. It was later found the giants had joined forces with the drow in a plan to destroy the good races of the surface.

*The Thanes of the Blackstarr, Stonehammer, and DeepMountain Clans are all slain in the Battle of the Old Oak by a united force of Giants.

*504 CF *
*A group of soldiers lead by the dwarf Mongoth, Blood of Blackstarr defeated the giants and drow that had plagued the dwarves. Mongoth, Serenia Short-toe and Aerial Silchester were all badly wounded in their fight. The mage Falconne rescued them but all four were forced to give up the hard life of adventuring.

*A group of elite dwarven soldiers was dispatched in late summer to aid in the assault on Brie.

505 CF
*Early in the year combined forces were able to conquer Brie and defeat Abique Moonbeam after a year long siege. Her Skull Knights were scattered and crushed. The Gran March of Brie was returned to the powers of good and the people began to rebuild.

506 CF
*Myrriden, Priest of Emrys died after a long life. He was a companion of The Arch-Mage Theodocia Sheehan.

*Lady Aerial Silchester steps down from the command of the Knights of Gahalatine and gave the command to Sir Damian Darkblade, hero of the Battle of Arnheim Creek. Aerial also passed on the Sword of Gahalatine to him. She now carried a reforged Sword of Brie. Aerial returned home to Brie to care for her aging father and learn the responsibilities of being a ruler.

*Arapesh Emperor Christopher II, signed into effect several sets of New Laws to govern his ever growing empire.

*A huge Black Dragon terrorized the countryside and laid waste to the Hamlet of Endurance, far North of the Civilized Lands. The dragon was killed by Sir Asher de Covelet, Fujimoto Nakatori, Sieboldiana, and Bailey Raynar.

  • The Elven Soul Gem of Winter was found by the Elder Eye, head of the Conclave.

507 CF
*On New Year’s Day a comet appeared, it was believed to be a falling god and was viewed as a bad omen for the year.

*The time of adventuring of Fujimoto Nakatori, Sir Asher de Covelet and Bailey Raynar.

*The King Of Brie, Maximillian Silchester, died in his sleep after a long illness which resulted from a hunting accident. The Gran March entered a period of mourning. His daughter, Aerial, traveled to the Shrine of Nevron. The pilgrimage was considered a rite of passage for all the future rulers of Brie. Until she returned the Gran March would be ruled by a Council of Regents

*Lady Aerial Silchester, former Knight of Gahalatine, was killed by an assassin. The assassin was never caught. Her Uncle, Lord Edrin Silchester, was later exposed in an attempt to seize the throne

*In Brie the legendary warrior, Sir Asher de Covelet defeated Lord Edrin on the jousting field saving Brie from his tyrannical rule.

*A distant cousin of the late Aerial Silchester, Edmund, is crowned at the age of sixteen to lead the Gran March of Brie. He was the last of the Silchester family.

*As a fugitive in Arapesh lands, Sir Asher, fled with his companions across the continent with the Elven Gem of Winter as the Arapesh Emperor had his secret knighthood sweeping the countryside looking for them.

*War was declared by the Arapesh on the men of Brie and the elves of the Forbidden Forest. The Arapesh began burning the outskirts of the forest.

*The Arapesh began searching for the Soul Gem of Domination, hidden in the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. The Elder Eye enlisted the help of Fujimoto Nakatori and his companions to find it before the Arapesh.

*The Soul Gem of Domination is recovered by Fujimoto Nakatori and his companions

*The Wild Elves, once slaves of the Celestial and Wood Elves, are set free after helping defend the Celestial Forest from the Arapesh armies. This move by the Emperor opened up a great debate within the ranks of the noble families. Many sided against the Emperor.

*Under the wise leadership of Jantzen the Wild Elves attempted to form an independent kingdom in the forest.

*The Arapesh Grand Knight and advisor to the Emperor himself, Lord Aaron de Covelet, was slain by his brother, Sir Asher, during the battle. Later that evening he was given unlife by the dark and sinister god Nubius.

508 CF
*The Age of Sorrow begins

*The Dwarves from Stonehaven that had been working on the King’s Palace were expelled from the city of Brie and the Gran March itself. King Edmund accused them of plotting to steal the March’s gold.

*Malachi Lethbridge, feared assassin, killed Sir McMakurian in Brie, later he slayed the young hero, Bailey Raynar in a duel to the death. Lethbridge returned the mysterious “Ebonstone” to Xantheon, Court Wizard of Edmund Silchester

*Edmund Silchester, King of Brie, was killed by Sieboldiana the Betrayer after being kidnapped from the royal palace.

*Xantheon crafted the Ebonstone Sword from the mystical ore and gave it to the Drow for their help in destroying the elves.

*After the death of King Edmund Silchester the powerful mage, Xantheon took power in Brie. He forged a peace treaty with the Arapesh. The people of Brie were led to believe the dwarves and elves were plotting against the Gran March, for protection the Arapesh arrived and a new alliance was formed to fight the hated non-humans.

*Fearing overwhelming odds the elves sealed the borders to the Eternal City and called for all elves to move within its borders. Secretly the Emperor orders an evacuation to a fabled land east of the Great Barrier Mountains, known only as The Land Beyond The Rising Sun.

*The Soul Gems and the Demonicon of Iggwilv were stolen from the Tower of Sorcery in The Eternal City. They disappear and are not seen again.

*With revenge on their minds, the Dwarves of Stonehaven marched to Brie. They are led by the mighty Mongoth, blood of Blackstarr. The dwarves laid waste to the northern areas of Brie as they marched to the city. Both sides lost in the end. The combined forces of Briean and Arapesh crushed the dwarves against the walls of the city. Along with Mongoth only 42 dwarves are taken prisoner, the rest are killed in battle.(over 6,000). But the short war also took a great toll on the Briean people and the land was left devastated. The Dwarves call this the Battle of the Four Clans.

*Fujimoto Nakatori, Baldur Bloodstone, and Kimbel Dhostar are betrayed and murdered while trying to recapture the Ebonstone sword from the Drow. Only Sir Asher de Covelet and Serenia Short-toe were able to escape from the Egg of Lolth and the ambush of drow. Later it is learned that their once companion, Sieboldiana, betrayed them to the High Priestess of Lolth in exchange for power and influence.

*The drow presented the Ebonstone sword to Lolth and her High Priestess. The Drow then planed to attack the elves of the Celestial Forest and destroy them.

*The drow attack the heart of the elven homeland. The High Priestess of Lolth used the Ebonsword to absorb the magic of the barrier surrounding the Eternal City. Because the elves had left to The Land Beyond the Rising Sun most of city stood empty except for a small force of Elven Warriors that held the huge drow army off for nearly 3 months before the last of them fell in an almost continuous battle. The drow were unable to follow the elves so they crept back under the earth after they pillaged the city and destroyed its wondrous works of art.

*The Wild Elven attempt to unify failed when the Arapesh began launching deadly assaults into the forest fringes. The Wild Elves soon returned to their tribal ways and disappeared into the darkness of the forest.

*The Sir Asher de Covelet disappeared in the south after having spent a brief time in the Shire.

*The Arapesh declared that all non-humans must carry identification papers while traveling within the Empire’s borders. Traveling without these papers would lead to imprisonment.

*The Molndai ravaged the northern march of Brie, exploiting the weakness of the march. Goblinoid armies also raided towns and the city of Brie from the Brokenlands.

*On the last day of the year the mage, Falconne, killed Xantheon in a magical duel above the city of Brie. With no leader in Brie the Arapesh assumed control with a military force until the Emperor decided what to do.

509 CF
*In the early months of the year and a result of the costly wars and the death of the Silchester line, the Briean people agreed to join the Empire once more, ending 416 years of independence. The Arapesh immediately sent troops to occupy the troubled Briean borders.

*Lord Aaron de Covelet was named Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Brie, now a part of the Arapesh Empire

*Christopher II, Arapesh Emperor, declared that all non-humans found inside Arapesh controlled lands would be subject to arrest and imprisonment.

*With Brie now controlled by the Arapesh, the Molndai turned their attention to defeating the hated dwarves once more. A war erupts once again and the dwarves begin to lose more ancestral land.

*Birth of Aishimora Nakatori, only daughter of Fujimoto Nakatori.

510 CF
*The Gahalatine Knights were driven underground by the Arapesh and forced to work in secrecy in the north.

*511 CF *
*With Arapesh prisons overflowing with non-human prisoners the Empire began a policy of slave labor. Now non-humans were used in many hard labor camps and mines.

*Gnomish vessels leaving the Seascape mountains were attacked regularly by the Arapesh who attempted to cut off the trade route of the non-humans

513 CF
*The dreaded mage, Theodocia Sheehan died.
*A powerful snake cult terrorized the upper reaches of the Gilamesh Forest.

515 CF
Many of the city-states of the Southlands organized a weak defensive alliance against the Arapesh.

518 CF
*The leader of the Knights of Gahalatine, Sir Damian Darkblade, was captured by the Arapesh in Wessex and sent to the slave pits of Kali-Turen. He was never seen again.

523 CF
*Sieboldiana the Betrayer, left the Underdark after becoming an Arch-Mage with enough power to rival the greatest mages of Tellus-Aboreah. He traveled to his castle in northern Brie and began to study once again. Shortly after his arrival he began to attract a body of followers, a variety of mages, warriors, priests, and rogues. Most wished to study with a great master while others wanted to help form a small kingdom. With his followers help he carved out a large portion of Brie, wrestling it away from the Arapesh. He soon declared the Arcanian Reich to be his domain, ruled from the Castle of the Magi and the Theurgists Throne. His early successes caused the wizard’s popularity and followers to swell, making the young country incredibly powerful.

527 CF
*Mongoth, Blood of Blackstarr escaped from the dungeons beneath Brie and returned home to Stonehaven.

*530 CF *
*The Emperor passed strict laws on what could be said or printed in the Empire. All derogatory remarks about the government or its officials were among the illegal subjects.

*532 CF *
*This year saw more programs to control the people of the Empire he raised gangs of zealous youths to march through the streets shouting praises to the Emperor and enforcing the new laws of censorship. The gangs were known for beating the old and very young.

548 CF
*Birth of Dwalin, Blood of Baldur, Grandson of Baldur Bloodstone.

*549 CF *
*The Betrayer, Sieboldiana, began to be venerated by dark mages and priests. A temple was built in the city below the Castle of the Magus. Many of the gods and goddesses, especially Isisi, grew jealous but Sieboldiana was not stopped and he only grew stronger.

*561 CF *
*Passed the bounds of natural life, Sieboldiana the Betrayer, refused to die. He entered the Abyss, passed through the Gate of Hades and used the Ebonstone Sword to defeat the god Nubius in battle, forcing Nubius to grant him demi-god status. He then returned to Tellus-Aboreah an immortal with true priests of The Betrayer.

574 CF
*Birth of Brice Balthas, companion to Sir Asher de Covelet and Aishimora Nakatori. A Brother of Brie.

577 CF
*Mongoth, Blood of Blackstarr led a small group of Dwarves into the capital of Grimstad and killed the Volstagg and the entire royal family along with many war chieftains. They escaped without losing a single warrior and returned to Stonehaven great heroes. The Molndai in the confusion sued for peace of which the dwarves gave none. Instead, they pushed the humans back and reclaimed Widow Rock.

*Mongoth, Blood of Blackstarr was made Great Thane of the High Council.
He was only the second Blackstarr clan member to hold the honored position, the first was the clan’s namesake, Blackstarr.

*580 CF *
*Elves are no longer seen in the west, except an occasional Wild Elf that wandered to close to the edge of the forest.

*587 CF *
The Unseeing Eye, “Nutt” Falconne, died at the age of 115 while cooking up a huge pot of his famous soup.

588 CF
*Birth of Kostan Kosich, Priest of Telperion, Brother of Brie and companion to Asher de Covelet and Aishimora Nakatori

594 CF
The legendary hobbit adventuring hero, Serenia Short-toe died at the ripe old age of 127.

602 CF
*Mongoth, Blood of Blackstarr steps down as Great Thane of the Dwarven Council. His son, Thordin, becomes the Thane of the clan.

*611 CF *
*Aishimora Nakatori leaves the Land Beyond the Rising Sun in search of her father’s lost swords.
*Aishimora, Kostan Kosich, Hot Black Dezzy Otto, and their companions rescue the town of Orlane from a snake cult.
*Aishimora and her companions are captured by Malachi Lethbridge and sold to the Arapesh as slaves. They are sent to the slave pits of Kali-Turen.
*Sir Damian Darkblade was killed in the mines of Kali-Turen when he helped Aishimora and her companions escape from the prison.

*Sir Asher de Covelet emerges from the Shire and leads Aishimora and her companions to the Wheel of Time. Brice Balthas and the dwarf Dwalin, both brothers of Brie join the quest.

*The Wheel of Time is found by Sir Asher de Covelet and the other Brothers of Brie. It tells of a prophecy by which a dead king would rise from death and bring a new order in Brie. The Brothers then set out to complete the prophecy.

*Kostan Kosich and Brice Balthas recover the long lost Scepter of Brie from a rogue’s treasure trove in Westport.

*Rexor Notch-Ear steals the Crown of Brie from Aaron de Covelet’s head. In the battle Rexor is killed but not before Aishimora makes off with the crown. Hot Black Dezzy Otto is captured by de Covelet’s soldiers before he could escape from the Castle.

Fujimoto Nakatori returns from death when his daughter wished him to return. He is seen near the city of Brie and then at the Castle when he gained audience with Duke de Covelet.

*Two nights of violence at Castle Brie result in Sir Asher de Covelet defeating his brother, Duke Aaron de Covelet in a duel a top the castle. In the aftermath Brie itself was thrown into turmoil. Large parts of the city burned and many citizens left Brie to live outside the walls in the countryside.

*Sir Asher once more disappeared escaping into the wilderness with his companions.

Rumors of the Prophecy of Brie spread among the populace. Many also claimed that Aaron de Covelet had been an undead and kept prisoners locked away in the castle.

*Before the turmoil in Brie large numbers of troops had been arriving by ship. The troops took control of the city in the name of the Emperor.

Hot Black Dezzy Otto was rescued from the dungeons beneath the Castle. His rescuer was unidentified but some claimed it was none other than the long dead Bailey Raynar.

*The giants of the Deadwood forest renewed attacks against the dwarves of Stonehaven

*Fujimoto Nakatori, and Sir Asher de Covelet travel to the capital of the Arcanian Reich in search of fabled Sword of Brie. They forge a deal with the Betrayer, who possesses the sword, to exchange it for the life of the assassin Malachi Lethbridge. Accepting the deal the party travels north towards Lethbridge’s last whereabouts. Along the way they are rescued from Ankhegs by Mongoth, Blood of Blackstarr and his hunting party – which included his nephew – Taldor. Together they track Malachi all the way to the Hells and back before they slay him. They fulfilled the deal with Sieboldiana and secure the sword.

*With the sword, crown and scepter they complete the prophecy at the Wheel of Time. Loring Silchester returns to Tellus-Aboreah to become the future King of Brie. Fujimoto entrusts the small baby into the care of Ian Hawksmoor and his family.

*The ruling Arapesh Council in Brie discovers the new child and moves to seize it. Hawksmoor wisely moves his followers to Shimazaki’s old cave network. The Arapesh Army moves to attack and lays siege.

*A great battle is fought between the Arapesh forces and the Brothers of Brie. “The Battle of Hawksmoor Hills” was won by the Briean forces when the Warriors of the Moon rode onto the battle field and routed the remaining Arapesh forces.

*After the great battle the forces of Brie fell back to a more defensible position where they could rebuild and rally the people to their cause. The were led by the elves to the City of Sunsets along the fringe of the Forbidden Forest where a great pillar of rock known as the “farewell stone” provided an excellent protection.

*Desperate for help the Briean forces send emissaries to both the dwarves and elves hoping to gather strength to push against the Arapesh. The rest were left to train and weather the winter in camp.

*High King Balrock Firehand of the Hill Dwarves remains neutral in the dispute as do his people.
*Great Thane Ruthgar Darksteele answers the call after his rival, Mongoth Blackstarr, proves his loyalty by helping the Thane with a “dwarven” problem.

*Mongoth Blackstarr, Fujimoto Nakatori, Sir Asher de Covelet, and Brice Balthas recover the fabled Axe of the Dwarvish Lords to seal the treaty with the dwarves of Stonehaven. Mongoth loses an arm to the Axe during his last great adventure.

612 CF
For the first time in centuries the combined forces of Elves, Dwarves, and Men marched together in battle. The Second Battle of Brie was fought just outside the city walls. It saw the triumph of the Briean forces and the surrender of the Arapesh Council. The battle also claimed the life of heroic knight, Sir Asher de Covelet, moments after meeting his son for the first time.

*The Gran March of Brie was reclaimed and the Arapesh driven to the sea. A council of Regents was set up to govern until Loring Silchester was fit to rule. Ian Hawksmoor is named the head of the council and accepts the title, Regent of Brie.

*Ashton de Covelet left with the hobbits Hot Black Dezzy Otto and Seamus Longwind for Kostan Kosich’s farm near Orlane in the Southlands.

*The legend Fujimoto Nakatori returned to the Land Beyond the Rising Sun and to the arms of his wife.

*618 CF *
*The knight Sir Augustus of Calderwood defeats and attempt to kidnap Ian Hawksmoor’s nephew. He is awarded a Yeomanary in the border region.

620 CF
*Death of dwarven warrior and companion of Horatio Hellpop, Roryn Truesteel.

623 CF
*Loring Silchester uncovers an elven tomb beneath castle Brie with his companions, Gruell and Ashton.

624 CF
*Loring Silchester II disappears with the regent’s stepson, Ashton.

*Ian Hawksmoor forced to step down as regent of Brie, Lord Boric is named his successor.
Jack Grimm is arrested at the Gates of Brie and charged with the murder of Loring Silchester and imprisoned in the dungeons.

*The Sword of Brie is recovered, mended and then implanted into the stone of the Wheel of Time by the Elder Eye. It is widely excepted that only the true ruler of Brie will be able to draw it forth.

634 CF
*Lord Boric, Regent of Brie, dies of old age leaving the council with out a leader.

635 CF
*Jack Grimm and his followers escape the dungeons of Brie.

*A bright glowing star is seen on the horizon, it appears early in the year and stays on the horizon, drawing ever closer to Tellus-Aboreah. Sages claim it heralds dark times.

636 CF
*In the summer of the year two constellations disappear, the Cup of Bragi and the Shield of Heimdall.
*The town of Blasingdell in northern Brie is saved from a plague of wererats by the bandit Jack Grimm, he becomes a local hero in Eor after he stops the raids on trade caravans along the Great Swamp. Then he disappears, not be seen again. It was rumored he headed east in the Spring to find the fabled lost village of Ossington.

*Fujimoto Nakatori is seen at the Bay of the Moon Tavern traveling with a strange group of companions.

*Some one claiming to be the lost prince, Loring, appears at the Imperium Invicta in Westport. He and his followers win several of the competitions before disappearing during the Test of Valor. He traveled with a pair of dwarves, a large half-orc, and two Arapeshian warriors.

*A falling star smashes the Arapeshian capital, Trinidad, and causes it to sink into the sea; the after shock causes tidal waves and flooding along the coast as far north as the Seascape Mountains. The Emperor is lost at sea, returning to the capital from the Imperium Invicta.

*Mongoth, Blood of Blackstarr, the greatest dwarven hero of Tellus-Aboreah, dies in an epic battle with forces of the Betrayer in a battle on the outskirts of Endurance. He pasted on his darksteele arm to Kelgor Stonecrusher, who was with him at the end of the battle and over saw his burial in a hidden crypt deep within the earth.

*Aishimora Nakatori, daughter of Fujimoto, dies in battle with forces of the Betrayer on the outskirts of Endurance. Her blade was broken in the battle and later reforged and given to Inmardovil by her father. Her companions gave her a traditional warrior’s burial at sea on a burning raft.

637 CF
*Kelgor Stonecrusher announced his new title – Lord of Darksteele Keep at the yearly trade moot in the Frozen Wastelands.

A mysterious assassin attempted to kill the Volstagg at the yearly trade moot. The attempt was foiled, but the assassins escaped when a wizard appeared and teleported them away.

*The Volstagg and Molndai form an alliance with the Arcanian Reich to attack the Gran March of Brie in the spring.

Morenwyn gives birth to a son Valandil Half-Elven, son of Inmardovil.

Fujimoto travels with Inmardovil and Kelgor Stonecrusher to a prison realm created by Sieboldiana. There they freed Loring Silchester II who had been imprisoned there after being trapped by Acerack the Black when his soul was captured. It is learned that all of companions had died fighting the lich.

By the end of the year Loring has gathered an army of men loyal to him and plans to fight for his return to the throne.


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