As the goddess of magic she is one of the most powerful in the entire pantheon. Isis gave the gift of magic to the elves; she later allowed them to teach the humans about magic and its power. She helped established the Conclave.

Isis alignment is Neutral; her followers can be from any alignment. Her symbol is a red magic circle with a pentagram inscribe in the center.

Isis appears as a beautiful woman in sheer black robes that are far from modest. She has dark features including long black hair.

Isis is the goddess of magic and because of that she is venerated by most wizards as well as others that use magic or magical items daily. She is claimed to weigh and judge each new spell or magical item to determine whether it should be permitted in the world. The seeking of knowledge and power are the core of her ethos.

The hierarchy of Isis includes all forms of spell casters, including priests, wizards, and bards. Only her chosen priests gain their spells directly from her, but all are welcome within the hierarchy. Wizards primarily venerate Isis.

Priests of Isis wear purple robes. 


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