Lolth is the principle deity of the drow race and drow society. Her priestesses’ rule drow society and no drow deity would dare to oppose Lolth. She is an elemental force of darkness and evil, a true ancient demon of might.

Despite her chaotic alignment, Lolth is very careful to prevent wide spread open strife among the drow. For example, the priestess led noble houses would be in constant struggle for superiority, which could be highly destructive. Lolth wishes struggle; it strengthens and improves the drow. But, to prevent it getting out of hand, if one noble house wishes to eliminate another this must be done in one swift, massive, utterly decimating attack. Continual sniping, assassinations, and long term attacks are frowned on, and a conclave of noble houses will combine to destroy the offending house. Periodic shifts in power, and continual planning for this, are what Lolth wishes; waste of energy in running battles weakens the drow, and Lolth may act decisively to end this.

Lolth has laid down two cardinal goals for the drow. The first is the ruler ship of the realms of the Underdark. Weaker races can be eliminated; stronger ones can wait until the drow have gained in strength. Drow may be chaotic, but they are very intelligent, acutely sensitive with and senses, and good strategists, all qualities which Lolth has taught and developed in them. The second goal is the extermination of surface elves and the conquest of their lands, although the latter is really only symbolic. The magical powers of drow fade on the surface lands, and they would not really wish to settle the homelands of Corellon’s people; Lolth herself does not wish this.

Lolth’s avatars appear moderately frequently. They are present at great magical rituals and sacrifices by priestesses, which occur yearly (in most drow cities). They may appear at the ceremonies of transformation for creating driders, if these are large scale. Avatars may prowl the Underdark on scouting and spying missions, and for the pleasure of consorting with intelligent arachnids, which may be taken back to Lolth’s vast web-complex in a layer of the Abyss. Lolth’s omens to her priestesses are usually given as direct revelations during divinatory rituals, communing and the like. Arachnidomancy (divination from spider behavior, including the behavior of driders cut apart to examine their entrails for omens) is practiced. Lolth will sometimes spontaneously affect spider activity (especially swarming) to send messages to priestesses.

Lolth’s avatar appears in two forms: She can either appear as a beautiful female dark elf, or as a huge spider with a female drow’s head (she changes from one to the other form at will, needing one round to effect transformation). She uses spells
The priesthood of Lolth is exclusively female, and is organized into noble houses, with the highest level priestess ruling the house. Younger priestesses follow in order of age. The priesthood is the absolute rulers in Lolth’s name; they are the rulers, police, judges, juries and executioners of drow society. They are manipulative, fear engendering, and very powerful.


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