There are many races in Tellus-Aboreah. Most are in direct competition with one another for land, food, and survival. Humankind has been the most successful race having spread across the entire continent. Their grip on the continent is not perfectly secure. They share the world with many intelligent and benevolent races (elves, hobbits, etc.) These races are always threatened by the power of the goblinoids and other under world beings.

This section details many of races important to Tellus – Aboreah. It is not meant to be all-inclusive and other races may exist that aren’t documented with in these pages. These races are all open to players who wish to create a character for our on going campaigns. The use of a Players Handbook will be needed as this section often refers to material found with it. Some of the information in this section will not or shouldn’t be known by the characters even though the player has the information – some sections will mention this and it should be adhered to during game sessions

Race and Age
Average Height and Weight

Racial Descriptions
The following section contains descriptions of each race. The main body covers history, culture, and physical appearance. After the main body three underlined sections detail more game mechanic oriented information.

Languages covers what automatic language(s) each race receives – superseding what is printed in the PHB. And a selection of other languages earned because of high Intelligence.
Region gives a list of geographic areas this race or ethnic group would be found.
Names: gives a list of well-known names and suggests where a player could find others.
Special Rules: gives the game mechanic for the race. This section will list any changes to the standard traits listed in the PHB.

Two types of dwarves live in Tellus-Aboreah: Mountain and Hill. Both are named for the geographic area that they call home. Once all the dwarves lived together, but now many differences in culture keep them apart. Both types are given separate entries below.

Mountain Dwarf
Hill Dwarf

Tellus- Aboreah is home to two groups of Elves that still exist with full elven blood, the Celestial and Sylvan. A third group, the Aborean Elves have become interbred with Arapeshian blood and can be found in the Arapeshian section. Each has a great deal of difference when compared to each other. Each is detailed in its own section below. At the end of each section is a list of rules that have been changed or replaced from the PHB.

Celestial Elf
Sylvan Elf (Wood and Wild Elf)

Other Non-Human Races

Hobbits (Halflings)

There are many different kinds of humans in Tellus-Aboreah and each is described below. Each of the human ethnic groups uses the Human Racial Traits found on pg. of the PHB. When choosing to play a human an ethnic group should also be chosen. Each has a small cultural bonus.



The only half-breeds in Tellus-Aboreah are the Half-Orc and Half-Elf. Both have small sections below as nearly everything listed in the PHB works perfectly for the campaign world.

A player thinking about making his character a half-breed should read the PHB entry first and then review the changes below. The player should also select the human (and elf in some cases) ethnic group that makes up half of the characters parent. The half-breed doesn’t get any of the human culture bonuses. The selection also determines what languages can be chosen for extra slots available. The character should use the background information listed above for the “half” they plan to have as more of an influence in their lives.

It isn’t known why other races can’t interbreed, it simple doesn’t happen. For instance, when dwarves crossbreed with humans the result is always a dwarf. Other races have had similar results or no offspring at all.


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