The Faiths and Cults of Tellus-Aboreah

Tellus-Aboreah has many different pantheons for the non-human races. Each one is listed below. You will find information on how each race views the creation of the world and who the primary gods are of the pantheon.

There is also an index of the major deities found in Tellus-Aboreah. Of course there could be many other religions practices in far off places that aren’t listed here.

You will also find a section dedicated to the Dream Road.

Pantheons of Tellus-Aboreah

Creation Myth

Celestial Elves Pantheon
Wood and Wild Elves Pantheon
Dwarven Pantheon

Cult of the One True God

Dream Road

The Major Deities of Tellus-Aboreah

Abbathor (dwarven god of Greed)
Aedon, the Light Bringer (The Creator or One True God)
Amaterasu Omikami (goddess of the Sun, Patron of the Celestial Elves)
Anhur (god of War)
Ares (god of War)
Belenus (god of Light and Energy)
Berronar Truesilver (dwarven deity of Healing)
Bragi (god of Poetry and Song)
Brandobaris (Master of Adventure and Misadventure)
Clangeddin Silverbeard Father of Battle (dwarven god of war)
Corellon Larethian (Patron of the elves)
Crom (god of Mountains, Earth, Sky, and River)
Dagdha Great Father of the Earth (god of agriculture and weather)
Dumanthion (Keeper of Secret Under the Mountain)
Forseti (god of Justice)
Gruumsh (Patron of the Orcs)
Haela Bright-Axe (Lady of the Fray, Luck in Battle, patron of Dwarves)
Hanali Celanil (goddess of Romance, Beauty, and Love)
Heimdall (god of Guardianship and Protection)
Isis (goddess of Magic)
Loki (god of Mischief and Trickery)
Lolth (Patron of the Drow]]
Marthammor Duin (Finder of Trails, protector of Adventurers, Travelers, and Dwarves)
Melkor (god of Darkness, Loss and Pain)
Mercion (goddess of Healing)
Mitra (goddess of Nature)
Miyamoto Musashi (Great Swordsman of the Gods]
Moradin (The Soul Forger)
Morganti (god of Loyalty and Obedience)
Morrigan (god of Destruction)
Nubius (god of Death and the Underworld)
Oghma (god of Literature, Knowledge, and Art)
Sieboldiana the Betrayer (god of Ambitious Mages, Betrayal, Lies, and Tyranny)
Silvanus (god of the Forests)
Solonor Thelandria (The Great Archer, elven god of Hunting, Archery, and Survival)
Telperion (god of the Sun)
Ulmo (god of Oceans, Waves, and Storms)
Varda Elentari (goddess of Dreams, Far Journey’s, Light)
Vergadain (Patron of Dwarven Merchants)
Yondalla (Patron of the Hobbits)

Deity Powers
All deities will be divided into four groups: greater, intermediate, lesser, and demipowers. The basis of this broad distinction is as follows:

Greater Powers: These are distant powers, far removed from most mortal affairs. Some may be held to be creator powers of the multiverse or Tellus- Aboreah. They typically have many spheres of concern, or are absolute masters of just one sphere.

Intermediate Powers: While lacking the great creative force of Greater Powers, they are still very powerful and hold major sway over one or two spheres of concern. In some nations, they may be held as patron powers, even above a Greater Power.

Lesser Powers: A lesser power may serve greater ones as a messenger or aide, may be an outcast or solitary power, or may hold sway over a very narrow sphere of concern. Some Lesser Powers may be declining from exalted status or ascending to a greater force.

Demipowers: These are the least powerful and in many ways similar to the Lesser Powers. Some may be mortals who have undergone divine ascension.

Deities Not Covered
These listed and the following descriptions of the powers doesn’t cover some of the lesser-known humanoid powers. This list also leaves out cults and small religions among the humans and demi-humans that may be encountered while adventuring. This list is also ever changing: deities wane in power, while others increase.


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