Sieboldiana the Betrayer

Sieboldiana, The Betrayer, is a new god. He is at the core evil and twisted – chaotic evil alignment. He took his power from Nubius, supposedly absorbing part of Melkor’s old divine essence. He resides on Tellus-Aboreah in a fortress of unspeakable evil. He lusts for more power and is constantly looking for ways to better his situation. He attracts followers with similar goals. They can be of any alignment- so long as they pay homage to him. The other gods are jealous of his new found power and worshipers, but do nothing out of fear of the Ebonstone Sword.

Sieboldiana’s symbol is a hand, fingers spread out with flames shooting from the finger tips. A large open eye rests in the palm of the hand.

Sieboldiana takes on many forms but he typically appears as a man with along white beard wearing rumbled blue robes and a wizard hat.

Sieboldiana’s faith uses all means necessary to control his followers. Lies and tyranny are used to spread his word. He is venerated by mages and other types that will stop at nothing for their own personal gain. He has the power to hear his name spoken any where on Tellus-Aboreah plane. He listens for cries of devotion and will often respond to requests for help- if in the end he gains power.

The priesthood is cruel, barbaric, and sadistic. The priests revel in cruelty and inflicting fear on those weaker than themselves; and they forever try to outdo each other. More exalted members become The Betrayer’s personal guard. Senior priests rule small provinces in the Arcanian Reich. The clergy wear robes of black and red.

Sieboldiana the Betrayer

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