They are an olive skinned people that live in the southern reaches of the known world. They live the life of a farmer and their culture is based on the ideal of hard work and sacrifice. Among the Southlanders are many clerics as they keep close ties to religion. Mages often frequent the Southlands for pupils, known for their dedication to learning they make excellent apprentice. Southlanders care little for war or politics and they are a not a part of the Arapesh Kingdom. The governments of the south are simple city-states that each govern themselves and the nearby land. They get along with most races but rarely travel because of the interference with work.

The average Southlander is of standard human weight and height. They possess a deeper skin tone than the Arapesh or Brieans, most have dark brown or black hair and deep brown eyes. Their clothing is always practical and simple to make. Near towns and cities are the only places Southlanders can be seen wearing recent fashions or flashy garb.

Southlanders follow the Arapesh Pantheon of gods. They also use the calendar and celebrate many of the same holidays.

They believe in freedom of choice and have stayed clear of being a part of the Arapesh government. Instead of massive kingdoms they are governed by city-states that tend to the needs of the residents inside and nearby the city. Many Southlanders live far from any city and are independent of any government. Because of this and the strong work ethic most Southlanders are Neutral Good or Lawful Good.

The influence of the Arapesh is always on the minds of the Southlanders who fear that one day the mighty empire will turn its eyes toward them, but for now their greatest enemy comes from the south – the Makkah. The Makkah aren’t openly hostile, not yet at least, but they bring strange new ideas to the Southlands. Most Southlanders distrust the Makkah and fear that these new ideas will change their way of life.

Special Rules: Because the Southlander is so independent and strong willed they receive at +1 to Saving Throws to Mind Affecting Spells and effects.

Languages: Automatic- Common and Lineac. Additional Languages: Any

Regions: Theocracy of Duhn, Pirate Isles, Great Southern Swamp, the Southlands, Druidwood and Duchy of Albion.

Names: Baldermero, Evatisto, Isabella, Marcela, Maximo, and Bartolo.
Surnames – De la Cruz, Valerio, Montoya, and Amador. More can be found in The Everyone, Everywhere List on page 18. Also see the Book of Names under Spain.


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