World Overview


Welcome to Tellus-Aboreah…..
Tellus-Aboreah is a large continent in the northeastern hemisphere of the third planet in a single sun galaxy. The majority of planet is unexplored by the learned minds of the civilized lands, and they assume that they are the only such people. The vast stretches of land on the continent have meant that no one yet has cared to seriously document the lands to the east beyond the great mountains or to the west over the great seas. The concept of a round world is generally accepted by all but the must ignorant people, but it is also believed that the sun is actually a god that circles the globe and the concept of solar systems and universes is beyond their understanding. The most learned know of other worlds accessed by magic that lie in far off planes, homes to strange cultures and powerful beings.

The sun is fire red in color on the fringes and a warm yellow towards the center. A trio of moons circles overhead, but on most nights only one can be seen, except on a small number of nights when they disappear or appear together. All of those nights are occasions for celebrations by some and suspicion by others. Appearing with the moons each night are the many constellations. Each star formation is believed to a far off plane of existence where the gods and goddesses rule, all of them have specific names that vary with the culture.

The continent ranges from the far north where it comes to an end near a frozen sea beyond a chain of great mountains, to the south where a massive desert stretches to a warm southern sea. A great ocean lies to the west, rumors of other lands abound, as do many small islands. Few know, outside of the Aborean elves, about the shattered land beyond the ocean. In the east a mountain chain of towering peaks divides the other side from the majority of western Tellus-Aboreah, it is said that rolling grasslands and a virgin paradise lay beyond the mountains.

Much of the center of the continent is covered with heavy forests. Mountains ring the western edge of the continent and several large river systems can be found across the grasslands and hills. Two great desolate areas exist in the western lands – the warm desert in the south and a frozen wasteland in the north.

World Overview

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