Welcome to Tellus-Aboreah!

Tellus-Aboreah is world created in 1990 as a rough sketch on a single sheet of paper. By 1992 a list of deities and realms had been compiled and a small section of the world fleshed out for use in the 1st Campaign.

Now 24 years later Tellus-Aboreah is home to its 8th Campaign. Like those before it the adventures are filled with heroes and villains.

The Year is 658 CF and A New Age has dawned for the ancient world.

The Great War has ended and the forces of the Arcanian Reich have been scattered. The evil Demi-god, Sieboldiana defeated by Fujimoto Nakatori and his companions. In the aftermath, the rightful king was restored to the throne of Brie and a new Emperor now wields power over the Arapeshian Empire.

Some heroes have disappeared, whereabouts unknown, while new champions have risen to battle the forces of evil that threaten Tellus-Aboreah.

There is life in the old world of Tellus-Aboreah once again. Many adventures and mysteries await to be discovered….


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