A Murder Most Foul

Rain...Rats...and Raving Mad..

Dagdha 3rd, 638 CF

After escaping the Westport the party recuperated from the tower expedition on the Black Talon. The ship was heading northward along the coast toward the city of Brie. It was to be a short trip according to the Captain, Guy Rialle, who estimated a late night arrival on the 4th.

Most of the company took to ship life well, spending time on deck or resting in their quarters. Forg, however, did not. He grumbled and fussed while making his way to the hold where his ale was stored. He then set about consuming it in large quantities until he passed out.

Dagdha 4th, 638 CF

The entire crew was roused when the alarm was sounded that a ship had been spotted following the Black Talon.

It was decided that because they were not in Arapeshian waters the Talon would continue on with out slowing. All morning the second ship gained on them. It was an Arapeshian War Galley and it was using rowers to move itself closer and closer to the Black Talon.

It was the Heart of Oak under the command of Augustus Brodis.

Rialle and the party decided to not go asking for a fight and let the Arapeshian come along side and send over a landing party.

Rialle and the party soon realized that the Arapesh were hunting for them. Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a group of non-humans leaving the scene of the tower destruction and the harbor master reported a ship left quickly close to midnight with out any warning.

Osk, Rialle, and Augustus went to the captain’s chambers to inspect the log books. Relations between the Arapesh and Osk grew more tense with each passing moment…)one wonders why the party allows the 9 Charisma Dwarf to be a spokesperson…ever..). It was obvious to Rialle and Osk that the Arapesh meant to arrest any “fugitives” they found as well as take any “contraband”. Before Augustus could order his men to do so, Rialle slipped behind him and sprang a sneak attack on him. Osk then quickly reacted and used the power’s of Haela to paralyze Augustus like a piece of rigid iron.

Osk then ran out of the cabin and cut the rope connecting the two ships and a battle commenced. Crossbow bolts rained down on both sides and each crew exchanged ballista fire. The Black Talon began taking on water. Dozens of sailors on both sides were cut down. Brak bravely grabbed hold of the slack line that connected the ships and swung over to the Heart of Oak. He punched a swath of destruction threw the hapless crew on his way to the helm. Sariya and Osk used spells to harm and paralysis the attackers. By the time Brak had made his way to the First Mate at the helm the battle was close to over. Several vicious jabs from the Half-Orc later they remaining crew surrendered.

The Heart of Oak was scuttled and burned. The remaining Arapeshian crew was placed on a pair of life boats and told to row.

With repairs made to the hull and the Black Talon finished the trip to Brie.

Once in Brie the party each went there separate ways.

Forg went to visit his father’s smithy.

Krett went to see his father, Sariya decided to come along.

Osk took Phariss and Brak to see his old friend, the King.

Farrokh went in search of missionaries from his order.

They decided to meet later at the Hilt and the Hammer.

Forg found that one of his adopted brothers had inherited his father’s smithy after Taelon decided retire at the new year. He learned that his father was living on a cottage at the Hawksmoor estate in the hills above Brie.

Krett was turned away at the gate to his father’s estate, his gate man relaying a message from Ashton that “he didn’t wish to see his lesser son until his true heir returned, and that the sight of Krett only reminded him of everything he had lost.” If Krett was hurt he didn’t say and Sariya kept what she saw to herself. Krett would only tell the others that his father did not have time to see him.

Osk, Phariss, and Brak enjoyed a fine breakfast with Loring in the Great Hall of the Castle. Osk and the King reminisced and Loring invited Osk and his friends to a festival he was hosting at the castle on the night of the Blood Moon. Although Osk enjoyed seeing his old friend he found the King pre-occupied with the many duties of his station.

Later the reunited party,( minus Farrokh, where the devil was he??) decided to first see the Elder Eye but only after enjoying a meal at the Hilt and the Hammer. Forg’s old friend and tutor, Dormga Battlehammer treated the party to authentic dwarven dasbarbacue.

Dormga Battlehammer

While walking through the city they noticed a group of rats choking a sewer drain filled with slime and run off.

At the Tower of Sorcery they meet with the Elder Eye. The wizard thanked them for their mighty efforts at the Tower before they discussed the oracle’s answer. The answer troubled him and he decided to call a conclave to discuss the matter before anything should be done, also pointing out that sometimes prophesies and oracle’s must me studied to arrive at the proper answer. It may be that Sieboldiana can remain imprisoned and the ebonstone be destroyed. For now he reassured the party that the three shards we safely hidden away.

Tower of high sorcery ii
Tower of Sorcery in Brie

The party left the tower and decided to collect on Phariss’s inheritance. Along the way they witnessed a horrific attack. Two men came from a darkened alley covered with blood and fought in the street right before them, one literally trying to eat the other. Brak pulled them apart and the city watch was called. It disturbed everyone, even Osk.

Giles Colke

At the Scales of Justice, Phariss found that he had inherited not one but two pieces of property. One in the city and a second along the coast. But of even greater importance he learned something of his family. A middle aged, balding gentlemen named Giles Colke introduced himself as a friend of Phariss’s grandfather, Sir Rycard Rend. Giles told him that his grandfather had served many years in the King’s Warders, a secretive group that kept an eye out for things happening in the kingdom, both in the city and in the country side. They answered directly to the king himself. Phariss learned from Giles that his grandfather’s death was sudden and suspicious, that just a day before being found dead he had told his friend that he had learned something disturbing from one of his contacts in the city. Rend hoped to get an audience with the King. Giles offered his assistance and confided that he and Magnus hoped the presence of Rycard’s heir would pressure the constables to look into the death.

100px tretorri rende
Stone Column at Rend Estate Entrance

With this news the group traveled to Phariss’s estate in the city. They found it in the High Court Ward, nestled among other large estates. It had perhaps 3 to 6 acres of walled property, dominated by a two story stone house as well as several out buildings including a cottage. There they met Drober, the groundsman and supervisor for the property. He gave them a tour and filled in as many details as he could. They met the housekeeper, Alanya too.

Medieval butler 300x283

Along with learning that indeed Phariss was “rich”,( at least in land and old furniture and wall hangings) that their was some reason to suspect foul play. Rend had been found dead in his den, laid out on his sofa after enjoying his usual night cap and book. One of his servants, Edwan Kyne, had disappeared the same morning he was found, and supposedly was with a woman when he slipped away. In Edwan’s room they found a women’s platinum earring in the shape of a fang behind the wardrobe in a rat hole. Phariss found a note in his office with the name Ales Foxe scribbled on it and Sariya found a book on his shelf that was bookmarked to a section on the Abyss.

Forg left the party for the evening and ventured up into the hills to see his father.
Farrouk still hadn’t returned.

The party decided to sleep on it. Osk and some others stayed at the inn while Phariss stayed at his estate.

Dagdha 5th, 638 CF

The next morning the party journeyed down to the Sea Ward, minus Forg who was away with his father and minus Farrouk who hadn’t shown up. On the way through the market they witnessed a fight break out between commoners that had to be broken up by the watch.

Osk, Phariss, and Brak found the Blue Dragon and sent word through the bar keep that they wanted to speak with Giles. They also heard some tales of the rats being especially bad this year.

Sariya and Krett (Kalf was back at the estate working on his Morganti mantra) hoped to find out some information about was going on in the city and perhaps even find a contact in the underground. You couldn’t have asked for a less skilled pair for a mission that required combing the underbelly of a large city, Sariya the naive wood elf and Krett with his shining breastplate emblazoned with a knighthood’s heraldry. Despite their inexperience they did speak with a fruit vendor who claimed to be part of the thieves gui….errr…Brotherhood… and gave them the name of Ales Foxe, who ran a local brothel, the Foxe House.

Together once again at the estate they put their clues together. Forg arrived back from visiting his father and shopping in the market with dogs he hoped to train.

Phariss questioned Drober about Edwan and found that the boy’s father owned a tailor shop near the docks. They also learned that Edwan liked to play cards and drink at a local tavern called the Laughing Cock.

Giles came by and encouraged Phariss to find Edwan while promising to look into himself.

The party set out for Edwan’s father’s shop with plans to go to the Foxe House afterwards. They convinced the paladin to stay behind, fearing his reaction at the house of prostitution.

They found the tailor shop locked and closed despite every other business being open at that hour. The decided to go around to the alley and force their way inside. Phariss opened the locked door with a few magical words and a wave of his hand.

Inside they found Edwan and his father dead from apparent poisoning, three pewter goblets were nearby and the table showed signs of wine being spilled.

Brak went outside to call the watch. The watch didn’t come but a group of armed thugs did. Eight men dressed in leather jerkins and armed with swords, hoods drawn up came down the alley in both directions. Brak was unarmed but attacked with his fists. Osk once again brought down the wrath of Haela on them, paralyzing six of them in two separate attacks. It was good that his goddess answered his call because these were not mere brigands, they were were-creatures. Once the battle commenced each of them transformed before the party into hulking rats. Normal weapons seemed to be useless against them, only Forg’s broadsword seemed to bite into their tough fur hides.

Soon the alley and the party was drenched in blood and eight bodies lay strewn about…hearts still pounding in chests the party looks around to see if it is over…or could others be waiting to pounce…..


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