The Blood Moon Festival

A Night of Poisoned Knives and Betrayal

Dagdha 9th

From the dust covered hallway the party ventured into a large chamber with a vaulted ceiling. Three sets of stairs led up and away from the chamber. Along the southern wall was a raised dais and a plaster covered bricked over archway.

While Forg helped Krett remove his mud caked armor the party scanned the room. They inspected the halls and found that one was filled with debris while the other two ascended upwards.

After Krett had strapped on his plate armor the party inspected the dais and plastered archway. Elven runes decorated the entire surface of the plastered area. Sariya leaned in close to read them..Overlord Yukio, Master of Corruption, Countess Shinjo, Mistress of Death, Baron Akira, the Defiler, Ukita, Prince of Lies, Princess Okano, the Seducer….

When she pushed away the cobwebs to get a better view of the plaster runes five stones that marked the corners and the keystone of the archway began to glow. Sariya deduced that a name could be tapped out onto the glowing stones. The two dwarves and Phariss stepped back as she tapped out Okano on the five glowing stones.

When she was done the plaster cracked and the bricks dropped down into the floor revealing a yawning portal filled with stale air. In the darkness lay a single figure in elven great armor on top of a marble slab. Krett detected evil with in the darkened vault and then advanced forward. Everyone but Sariya followed him into the burial chamber.

The solitary figure rose from the slab as they entered. It wore the armor of a great celestial elf, including a great helm and face mask of leering black demon. It drew a pair of elven blades, one which burst into flame. It then ran up the wall to the ceiling where it launched a flurry of attacks at Krett.

Forg drew forth his broadsword and leapt to the top of the marble slab so he could reach the creature. He was soon joined by Phariss. Brak struck with his large axe and Krett landed several hammering blows with his two blades.

Osk called on Haela to hold the undead creature but it had no effect, however his prayer spell was answered and of much use. Sariya cast a Slow spell, hoping to help the party but instead ended up slowing several members down….

When the vampire was slain the party removed its head and filled it’s mouth with holy water, they also drove a stake into its heart. Then set about plundering the crypt.

Phariss took the vampire’s flaming katana and matching wakizashi. Sariya took the black cloak with silver runes and Forg took some of the armor. The dwarf strapped on the elven mail with plans to replace it soon.

From the crypt the party followed one of the passage ways up and out of the underground, emerging into another crypt. A rusted set of iron rungs led up to a trap door into a family crypt.

The crypt was covered in cobwebs and dust. Interred bodies were all around, shrouded and lifeless. A set of footprints in the dust led to a fresh corpse of a young fair skinned boy.

Bailey Raynar

The companions gathered around and prodded the body, wary after their last encounter. The boys eyes suddenly sprung open and a smile creased his face. He explained that he was not dead and in fact he was quite alive. He introduced himself as Bailey Raynar and explained that he often napped in the crypt because nobody ever disturbed him here. To the horror of the party the boy explained that the crypt belonged to the Elegans family, of which Sieboldiana was a member.

After that news settled in they found out that the boy had recently escaped his keeper, none other than Krett’s grandfather, Sir Asher. It happened just after the battle against the Betrayer’s army last year. Since then he has made his way south trying to stay out of trouble. He showed the party to the door and explained that the city was nearby and that they were in the Cairn Hills just outside the city walls.

He suggested that they use the West Gate to the city and if needed they could bribe a guard by the name of Cyrus there to gain entry.

Fascinated by the map carrying Half-Orc he decided to travel with the party until they neared the city before taking leave and disappearing into the trees off the main road.

Dagdha 10th, 638 CF

At the city gates the party found themselves placed under arrest on charges of murder. Apparently Balrinnim Hisvit’s grain warehouse had burned and several bodies were found inside and the party were the chief suspects in the case.

Deciding that running or fighting was dishonorable they surrendered their weapons and under protest were locked in a cell at the bottom of one of the gate towers.

Phariss avoided capture by disappearing. After making plans with the rest of the party he headed off to his estate to get word to Magnus Mott and Giles Colke that the city and the King were at risk because of Balrinnim Hisvit’s plan to use the Chaos seed.

Phariss found his estate under guard but slipped by unnoticed and found Magnus in his cottage. Magnus agreed to help; promising to get word to Colke as well as the King or one of his officials. Magnus also agreed to look after Kalf.

Phariss left the estate and journeyed back to his imprisoned companions.

In the mean time, the companions had managed to bribe the guard, despite the protest’s of Krett who refused to deal with the dishonest man-at-arms. Instead Krett promised to bring him to justice.

Before the guard could spring them Phariss returned and Sariya’s pet squirrel brought them the jailer’s keys.

When Cyrus had retrieved their weapons Osk used Haela’s powers to turn the stone into a small tunnel which they escaped. Not before Krett grabbed Cyrus and locked him up.

The party dashed into the alley behind the tower and soon disappeared into the Sea Ward streets.

As wanted fugitives they traveled to Ales Foxe’s bordello to seek information and a place to hide from the city watch.

Morgan freeman by point taken

Ales Foxe

Foxe was more than accommodating to Phariss and the others, claiming it was a small gesture to return the long friendship he had shared with Phariss’s grandfather, Sir Rycard.

Foxe agreed to help them sneak into the Castle of Brie during Loring’s mock Blood Moon festival the next evening.

Dagdha 11th, 638 CF

They spend the day preparing for that evening and when it arrives travel to the castle as part of Foxe’s entourage.

When they enter the castle they find the party in full swing. Loring is seen sitting on his throne with his lady, Eileena.

As the party made there way towards Loring, Giles Colke approaches them and asks to speak in private.

They accompany him to a small private chapel on the second floor.

When the door shuts behind them Giles mutters a weak apology as assassins step forth from the shadows with drawn poisoned daggers.

A battle ensues. Osk commands some to stand as iron. Sariya slows a few more and the warriors charge forward. Phariss spins around and faces Giles. Before he can finish the turncoat he is cut down and falls into an unconscious stupor.

The assassins are no match for the party and soon all of them are killed including Giles.

The party hurries from the room and as they draw nearer to Loring, Osk casts a dispel magic spell upon him breaking the charm that had held him enthralled to Eileena.

As the guards close in on the party Loring hears the shouts from his friend Osk and waves them off. Osk points out that Eileena has duped him and that his entire city is a risk.

Eileena attempts to escape but is held by Osk. Loring orders his guard to find Balrinnim Hisvit at once as well as bring him his sword!


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