The Sewers Await....

What is the large metal creature that stands before us?

Dagdha 5th, 638 CF

In the aftermath of the battle with the were-rat thugs the city watch arrived and began to investigate. They rounded up the characters after finding them in the bloody alley filled with the bodies of the slain thieves.

Fearing what might happen Sariya journeyed up stairs into the second story of the tailor shop and hide in a wardrobe cabinet.

Outside the party, except for Osk, cooperated with the watch as they asked questions and looked over the scene of the battle. Osk grew more and more impatient and soon found himself under arrest, along with Brak, who was cooperating, was arrested as well.

That left Forg and Phariss with the watch who soon concluded that the companions were telling the truth. They let them go and upon finding out the Osk was friends with the King, dispatched a rider to the jail to see that Osk was set free.

Forg and Phariss found Sariya in the tailor shop and learned from the guard outside that one of the bandits was Dolnaz, a local trouble maker. Apparently these thugs were not part of the thieves guild in Brie, the Brother of the Black Hart, though two appeared to be former members. Dolnaz and his gang were independents that worked out of a dilapidated building in the Cutthroat alley neighborhood of the Sea Ward.

Forg, Sariya, and Phariss retrieve Osk and Brak from the city jail and head back to the Rend Estate to confer with Krett.

Dagdha 6th, 638 CF

The entire party journey’s to the Sea Ward to visit Ales Foxe, owner of the Foxe House, a local bordello. Foxe tells them that he and Rycard Rend were friends and helped each other rise to the top of their respective organizations. Rend used Foxe as a contact in the city while working for the King’s Warders. Foxe had just recently given Rend information about a shipment of Chaos Seed that entered into the city aboard the Red Scorn, a sailing ship with the power to travel to other planes. Chaos Seed was rumored to only come from the dusty fields of the Abyss and was known to cause madness in men. The ship’s captain was a man named Vexx.

Cot bp black pearlfigurehead
The Red Scorn

The party decides to pay Vexx a visit and heads to the docks where they find him in the Pirate’s Eye Patch. He takes them to his ship, a large three masted galleon with a strange worn red paint and an angelic female mast head. He tells the party that his ship is hired to those that can pay with no questions ask. He reluctantly gives the party the name of the man that he delivered the seed to, one Dolnaz Vlashsnik, a rogue that operates out of the Cutthroat alley neighborhood.

It seems that fate is leading the party to Cutthroat alley. The party leaves the docks and spends the day preparing to venture to the alley that evening to look for Dolnaz’s hideout in an abandoned building, rumored to be a warehouse.

Arthur   the warrior king by tiobolasdoro
Brother Marcus of Morganti

Krett spends time at the Temple of Morganti discussing private matters with Brother Marcus.

They pick up newly silvered weapons at dusk and head towards Cuttthroat alley.
Arriving after dark at the alley they snoop around the shadowy alleys and back streets, moving silently as possible in the gloom.

When a drunk happens to exit a local dive bar they latch onto the old coot and pay him handsomely to show them Dolnez’s head quarters. The old drunk leads them to a cul-de-sac with an abandoned tenement building at the far end. The building is boarded up and is in a heavy state of decay. Doubting the old man they decide to check the place out before turning him loose. Brak kicks in the front door and releases a pit trap that he and Sariya fall into. Neither is killed but both are wounded.

The interior of the tenement house is filled was debris from the walls and ceilings. Stairs lead to and second floor, but the party chooses to follow a rude path through the rubble with Brak leading the way. Brak is struck by a scything blade as he enters into a long hall. He angrily rips the trap from its gears and tosses it to the side.

The party is convinced that they are in the right place, despite it not being a warehouse. Perhaps the warehouse lays hidden somewhere else on the property.

The search through the rubble uncovers several more traps as well as a nest of giant rats that storm out and attack the party. Brak and Sariya quickly kill and drive off the rats before they can infect anyone with a diseased bite.

At the back of the tenement house the party finds a pair of cellar stairs descending to a lower level. Krett triggers a spear trap as he walked down the stairs, but soon he and the rest of the party are at the bottom.

A search reveals a hidden door along the brick wall that opened up into the sewers beneath the city. The only way to proceed is to walk along the edge of a narrow ledge, while the sewage sweeps by carried by the current.

The sewers
The Sewers of Brie

After gathering themselves to gather and forming up ranks the party cautiously travels down the ledge.

At the far end of the first tunnel, just as it bends to the left the party is attacked by a strange tentacled beast that is hidden in the sewer water. The creature lashes out with its long tentacles and pull them into its maw.

Moscow underground tunnels 6
The Creature lay just at the bend…

A battle ensues. Brak is picked up by the beast and tossed about before Sariya rescues him by enlarging the half orc. The party rains done blows on the creature soon defeating it.

The party spends a great deal of time searching all of the sewage tunnels, including what appeared to be an abandoned storage area.

After traveling all through the tunnels they discovered another secret door that lead to and interior set of passages.

A clanking noise drew the parties attention to a massive metal clockwork creature armed with long barbed chains.


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