Acererak the Black

Mage 20th (Aborean Elf)


He lived in ancient times, was part of the Aborean elves that broke off from the main group and established a separate kingdom on a mysterious island in the Dreaming Sea. The kingdom worshipped the ancient wryms that once ruled Tellus-Aboreah before the civilized races tamed it. They had possession of the mighty artifact known as the “Eye of the Serpent”, said to be a flawless gem made from the essesse of heart of the First Wyrm. He coveted the artifact until his death at the hands of the other Aboreans. The cult turned on themselves as there minds and bodies became perverted by the powerful magic of the Eye of the Serpent. Acererack locked himself away in a terrible maze to prevent anyone from gaining control of the Eye of the Serpent and then took the steps to grant himself unlife, so that he could permanently possess the great gem.


Acererak the Black

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