Baileator "Bailey" Raynar

The Most Dangeous Youngster in the Realm


16th Level Thief (1996-2008)
Player: Jon McIntrye


The boy of 1,000 lives, Bailey was as lucky as they come in life and in death. He met Fujimoto and Sir Asher near Endurance and journeyed with them for the rest of his short life. He was an expert in stealth and cunning, as well as with darts and daggers. His innocent appearance often fooled his surprised victims. Bailey clashed with his companions, especially Fujimoto Nakatori. In the end his luck finally ran out and he died far too young, but not before traveling to the hells, piloting a magical boat in Stygian waters, dueling Malachi Lethbridge, out smarting both The Betrayer and the Lord of Death, Nubius, leaving stashes of valuables all over the countryside, . Bailey did it all. He is venerated by young thieves to this day.
He now dwells with Miyamoto in the Timeless Halls and travels with his old companion Sir Asher. He has taken to calling himself a “Herald of Miyamoto” and has an interesting relationship with his god and Benefactor.
 Half Arapeshian, Half Wild Elf.

Baileator "Bailey" Raynar

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