Fujimoto Nakatori

Priest of Miyamoto Musashi


15th Level Specialty Priest (1996 to 2008)
Player: Dabney Bowen


Fujimoto is one of the greatest heroes of Tellus-Aboreah. He was raised on his families Lotus wine plantation and taught the arts of swordsmanship as well as the skills needed to be a suitor at court. Although he was an expert swordsman, he was terrible at etiquette and so he father saw fit to enter him into the service of a temple. He became a follower of the Great Swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi, and found his true calling in life.
 He later married; Sarayoshi and the two had a child Aishimora. After his marriage he went into the world to learn wisdom, there he met Sir Asher DeCovelet, his closest human friend. They became part of a famed adventuring group that included Sieboldiana and Bailey Raynar. Sieboldiana went on to become his most hated enemy, while Bailey was one of his biggest failures, as he could never teach the young boy the proper way to behave. He was betrayed and killed in the Egg of Lolth only to have his daughter call upon the gods and have him return to save Brie, though he could not save his own people. He and his companions unlocked the Prophecy of Brie and returned Loring Silchester to the realm, then led the free men and women of Brie in a war that saw the Arapesh driven out and the rightful regents returned to power. Fujimoto played a pivotal role in the battle riding with the Warriors of the Moon, the elite elven horsemen. 

After the war he trained with the other elves and men and then departed for the Land Beyond the Rising Sun with his wife and daughter. Many years later when the Betrayers evil began to grip the land he returned along with his daughter to Tellus-Aboreah. It was said that he was forbidden from ever returning to the Garden, and though now immortal was forever to remain in Tellus-Aboreah. On his return he reunited with Ian Hawksmoor and Ashton DeCovelet and sought out Loring Silchester. Later he would lead the search for the lost king on a prison realm of the Betrayer. Once again returning the future king , Loring, to the world and then rode with him into battle against enemies of Brie and those that were making claims on the throne. He once again played a heroes role and saw the young king crowned. Fujimoto then retired to a small community of elves and spent many years in mediation and training. The location of his sanctuary is only known to a few people and his followers guard the secret of this place. 

He has lived through the destruction of his people and his homeland. He has lived through being betrayed by a close companion. He has survived dying by his own hand. He has even endured the the death of his only child. Through those trials he has risen to legendary status and is sought out for his wisdom on important matters.

Fujimoto Nakatori

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