Sir Asher DeCovelet

Legendary Knight and Arapeshian Noble. Friend of Fujimoto Nakatori


17th Level Fighter and Hero of Tellus-Aboreah (1996-Current)
Player: Mark Stubbs


Age: 274
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Weight: 220
Height: 6’2"
Handiness: Right
Gender: Male
Homeland: Isle of the Arapesh, Barony of De Covelet
Birth Date: Deepwinter 22nd, 363 cf
Social Class: Hero of Morganti

Mannerisms: Prone to moments of hilarity, such as the time he nearly killed himself while attempting to draw his sword in an out house. Moments are usually do to a lack of thought. Renown for his uplifting yet very depressing sermons, toasts, and speeches.

General Appearance:
 White hair kept in pony tail. Sometimes has a closely cropped white beard. Well muscled and in great shape. Very distinguished looking face.

Background: Oldest brother of a set of triplets (Asher, Amon, and Aaron). Husband of Arianna, father of Ashton. Once friend to Sieboldiana. A Traveling companion of Fujimoto Nakatori. Mentor of Bailey Raynar. Died after the Battle of Brie in 612 CF. Now serves his lord, Morganti, in Valinor. His current assignment is to tutor young Bailey and to keep him out of trouble as much as possible.

Sir Asher DeCovelet

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